About me

I am forced today to do something that I have not wanted to do. I take no pride or pleasure in what I am about to type. But my hand is being forced by those that believe I write these postings for my self-glorification, which is the furthest thing from the truth for I know I am in no way perfect or near perfect, but I will stick only to my faith and how it came to me as best I can.
Now I know I have mentioned events in my past, but I told them in a way to help those reading to identify with me so they could see the truth in what I was trying to tell them, and that is all it was meant to do. I accepted Jesus into my life when I was twenty-five, but I did not become born-again until June 25, 1986 when I felt the Holy Spirit pour into me. On that day I spoke in tongues, and from time to time I have since then. For the next two years as I poured through the Bible and learned more and more about faith I was given dreams by God (Acts 2:17). Some of these dreams made it into the book I wrote because of them most I did not. Some I have posted here in this blog. Many were meant solely for me to grow in my faith and so I will never share them. Others like knowing a full month before it was made public that Jimmy Swaggart was committing adultery I tried to tell others but fell upon deaf ears.
From about the early nineties I entered in the time of my faith that I feel many slip into. It is neither an improvement in your faith or a step away. It is this type of faith that I call the grey zone you are neither hot nor cold for God. Those that are called lukewarm. It is a faith that I feel most fall into and are not fully aware they have. It is these that I seek to speak to more than any other person for they are mentioned within the book of Revelation and Jesus said it is these that he would spew from his mouth. It is these that think they shall be taken in the Rapture, but shall instead find themselves still here upon this earth. It is a place I knew I was in and for all I know still may be, for only Jesus can answer that question at this time.
Then 2013 happened, my year of Job, my soon to be ex-wife had allowed my apartment to become that of a hoarders. I begged and pleaded for her to address it, but she refused, and since I was working full time was unable to address on my own, because once I did clean, I would find a mess twice as large replacing it the next day. Then she was arrested for shoplifting. Two days later, I was evicted from my apartment. Two week later the management of the apartment made it impossible for me to move any of my personal property out so I lost all of my personal possessions and items of importance like photo albums were forever lost to me. During the entire year, one tribulation after another took place until I finally placed everything before God and throw myself upon His mercy.
It was through this year of tribulation that I learned how selfish I truly was. Even though I was nowhere near as selfish as I had been before I came to be born-again. It was through these trials that I learned that all must go to God. That all else comes before me. God first, family second, the world third and then just maybe me. I was given a burden on my heart to start posting first in Facebook and then finally in this blog. Why? So that I can cause others to think about where they stand with God. About if they are being selfish. If they are willing to understand that it is God and His Son Jesus that we owe our very existence too. Since there have been many times throughout history that it was through God that humans still walk upon this planet this very day. It was through God that the nation of the United States even exists and that the way it was structured exists.
I can go no further with this post.

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