Live on Forever

This is partly inspired by The Afters “Live on Forever.”

What many have forgotten or were never told is that this life we now live in is not the end. There is life beyond this temporal world we now live within. No matter what you’ve been told. No matter what story has been fed to you. The truth is all that is here is not the endgame not the goal.
We are standing before the starting line stretching out muscles. Many have stopped stretching our soul muscles though. Many have stopped stretching and are seeking after the rewards before the race has ever begun.
What is the reward when you never run the race? The answer is nothing. An overly large house, a fancy car, fancy clothes and physical pleasures. All these things are nothing they will turn to dust. Are the Pharaohs still around? Are the Caesars? No they are gone, dust, nothing.
Then what is the purpose of this life? It is a testing, a purging. It is a world designed to weed out the weak, the worthless, the nothing, for nothing seeks after nothing. All the temptations that we go through are designed to see if we will overcome them and win, but can we do it alone? No, for all humanity is built to fail. For within us there is nothing but corruption and decay, there is nothing. Nothing of any true value.
Through Christ our real selves are revealed. Our real purpose is shown to those that listen. Our true life begins when we leave this reality. We truly are meant for more. We are to bow our knees to God as it should be for He is our Creator, but we are to be His tools throughout the universe. We are only answerable to the Divine Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. We are meant to lead, to be governors, tasked with whatever God asks of us to do for all will result in His glory.
There is truly an eternal life that is promised to all. It is not for some distant mythical progeny thousands of years from now, but you, me, and everyone.
The thing is many have chosen this life for this is all they believe that there is. Laughing at my words, thinking me and those like me that know there is a God and know that His Son Jesus is the true Messiah. Born at the time required, and then raised from the dead at the time required to cleanse us of our sin. To give our souls the rebirth mandatory to know that this live is needed to forge us into His tools. That will last for all eternity which will then live on forever.

Immortal continued

In previous posts, I have mentioned that we all will live an immortal life. It is one of those things that is not mentioned much in Christian circles and I really do not know why. It may be they cannot get their head wrapped around such a huge bit of information. In the Bible, it is a fact that we are all promised a perfect and immortal body. As I have stated before as well is how we act in this temporary life will determine how things go beyond that point. What follows this will be speculation, but those that study science know there must be speculation as long as there are some basic facts to follow. Therefore, I will stick to the facts given and then speculate from those facts. I will not name where in the Bible I am getting this. If you really want to know, I suggest you get a Bible and start reading. (NOTE: there will be those that state that the Bible is not fact, but many elements within it have been proven through science. More so then many other theories being thrown about has fact when they are actually nothing but concepts given life because someone with a doctorate said so.)
I will start with the basics, which is humanity survives beyond Armageddon. People will continue to live their life have children and help the devastated world to recover from what just transpired. Nations will either continue or come into being and all will know that God is real as is His Son Jesus, the latter of which they will be able to see and hear in person.
Those that are called “the first resurrection” will become leaders and priest to those that are upon the earth and will do so for one thousand years and work directly with and for Jesus. This is the next step in becoming accustom to being able to live forever.
Many have lived lives upon this earth being taught and believing that this is all the life we will ever have. To me this is one of the saddest things to have ever happened. If people had been taught that through living a good life. Following the teaching of Christ and living a life, that turns you from sin. No matter which sin it was. No matter how great that sin was that if you endured through temptation. That if you were tempted to look upon those of the same sex that if you were tempted to look upon your neighbors’ wife. That if you fought this temptation and overcame it you would be considered worthy to live as a priest right beside Jesus, but not just for twenty year, not just forty, not even one hundred year, but for a thousand years. Alive, breathing, talking, living a live where the sun rises and the sets, living a life where you play with your pets, cook food for those that you love, be with someone you love.
Just think on that. You have a body that does not age. A body that does not suffer from pains of age. A body that does not fail you. That is what we are promised. Every single person that has ever lived. That is alive this very moment IS promised this body.
However, what is the catch? Well there is one. God wants your name to be written in the book of life. If it is, you have millions of years to look forward too. If it is not you still have millions of years to look forward to, but at a terrible cost. It is a cost I do not wish any to have to suffer through; please I ask you not allow yourself to miss out of the wonders that lie before all of us.
Wonders of the birth of a planet. Wonders of the beauties that lie billions upon billions of miles away from where you sit or stand at this very moment. Wonders that can only be reached by accepting the one that gave His life just so you COULD and SHOULD be able to enjoy it. Because God found that all humans are special. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that He will take upon Himself our sins so that we can STAND before GOD.