God is not a genie

God is not our personal wish granter. Do not ask Him to help you win the lottery or to get you out of a financial bid you got yourself into. Do not ask Him to give you fame for He is not an agent.
Each person is responsible for their own actions and behavior. How they succeed in life or do not is their own responsibility. Why do I say this? It is called free will.
Jesus gave us a pray to say to God. Nowhere in it does it say make me a rock star or make me rich.
We are the servant to God FIRST, we are servants to all other SECOND, then just then we can think about ourselves. If God wishes us to receive rewards here in this temporal plain of existence then He will give it to us, but remember this the more we get here in this life, the less there will be for us in the eternal life.
100 years of riches to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of riches, which is the greater number?

Most have the wrong image of how “Christians” are to act

We have the appeasers.
We have the love merchants.
We have the prosperity gurus.
All seek one goal to get humanity to come into their buildings called “churches.”
First off the “church of Christ” is not a building it is those that have accepted Christ as their Savior and strife to follow His teaches as best they can. Stumbling and falling, but growing stronger and ever forward are those that have accepted as their Savior, the Son of God.
Second, those that are the Body of Christ are to separate from those of the world. Not to mix and mingle with it, for the Bible states clearly the end result. Those of the Body re-enter the world. Now physically this is not something that can be done, but there is no need to get involved in the discussions about sports, celebrities or the latest fad. You simply state the truth, you have no interest and go on about your business.
Then who are we to fellowship with? The Bible makes it clear, we are to fellowship with each other. To be encouraged and up lifted by our fellow followers of Jesus. We are told time and again to do this, yet how many actually gather with those that are their fellows? Not enough I would gather and many that think just going to the buildings called “churches” is all they need do. They should seek to make friends from within the Body and seek to fellowship with them daily.
We are to be the light of the truth that shines into the darkness that is the world about us. Exposing sin into the light to shame and embarrass. Not with words, but with our actions. Not actions of looking down upon those that sin, but showing that we have no desire to partake of these sins ourselves. We are not to attack, berate or belittle, but to those willing to hear we are to reprove, rebuke and exhort when asked, but mainly we are to do it with our behavior and our attitude of not thinking we are better than those that sin, but their equals even though we do not partake of their actions, which are against God.
It is to be done in knowledge of what is within the Bible and knowing what is right and wrong. Then through right action we show those that are not doing right to at some point within their souls understand that they are wicked, weak and pitiful. For they will see you living in a way they thought impossible and will wonder and question their own lifestyles and behavior as it should be done.
Without knowledge of the Bible as well as the driving forces for sinful humanity you can give a false image, an image of hypocrisy.
Will all be able to accomplish a true image of our Savior? Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it is doable.
One of the main factors that drives people away from God is those that do seek to appease; those that do seek after only love; those that seek earthly rewards.
Yes Christ does seek after peace, but knows that as long as humanity is corrupt there shall never be peace, there will only be murder, hate and war. All driven by humanities selfish desires to say that only they can accomplish what is already promised unto them through the blood of Jesus Christ.
Yes Jesus does love, but the love is so great that He died for our sins to be washed away and never to be repeated.
Yes the Savior does promise rewards, but it is an eternal reward that will never be received here upon the earth, for only corruption comes from the earth and Christ Jesus our Savior is perfection and offers only perfect rewards that are beyond this failing and corrupt reality. Rewards that will last for billions upon billions of years once this reality has been replaced with the new reality yet to be. For God has said that once the testing of those in this reality is completed there will be a new universe and a new earth. One that will not see humanity as beings that walked upon this small planet in the corner of a small galaxy, but as servants of the Most High, the Creator of all there is and all there will be, God.

Zombies the sequel

As I stated in the first post called “Zombies” was that the popularity of these shows was due to that fact that those watching were in fact themselves zombies.
Now you look at these shows and movies and you see dead and rotting bodies walking about wishing to kill those that are alive so they too can become zombies. What many do not realize is that how these zombies are portrayed in this ugly hideous manner is how millions will look one day and they will be able to see those about them looking just as horrifying
None want to hear or accept this as a reality, but per the Bible it is what the Pit of Fire will look like.
The rewards that are promised to us are of an eternal nature, but most in this world would rather seek the temporal rewards. They seek money, but gold has no value beyond this life we now live. There are those that have been paid millions of dollars but they have even squandered that and all for the glory of the self. While all about them children starve and go cold at night because most think only for themselves and not their fellow human beings who as the Bible calls them are our “neighbors.”
They seek fame and popularity, but the Bible teaches us to be humble. So why is there a need for fame? There is none and those that chase after it are doing so because somewhere deep inside themselves they see the zombies within. They seek after these temporal things thinking it will solve all their issues, but it reality it just makes them uglier.
They seek for a mansion here upon this earth, but what can be found today that was built two thousand years ago that is not falling apart or a ruin or even a mystery that they make up stories about to confuse and bewilder those that do not bother to read the Bible.
Could it be that people are accepting their fate? I hope not.
God’s wondrous rewards ARE worth waiting for. They are worth the pain that living this temporal life gives us. For each trail that we make it through makes us stronger. But we can only achieve true strength through the One who gives us this strength, and this is the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
To be one with Him you MUST repent of your sins and turn from them, no matter how painful doing so could be. Stop seeking after the “riches” of this world, for they are nothing. This life if you are lucky will last 100 years.
Our rewards promised us by God including eternal life will last 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years.
That long…. At least.
So do you really wish to be a zombie and look that horrifying for the large amount of time I just listed or a servant of God?

What is fruit?

In John 15 Christ talks about the fruit of the vine. In some circles some believe this to be materialist rewards from God. In other circles some say it is the number of those you have brought to God.
Both are wrong, but I have to say to some degree there is some truth in the latter example, but not really.
In actuality it is a combination of faith and works. Through faith the fruit gains it sweetness to God, but through our actions comes the size that is born of the fruit.
Through faith we know in our hearts to study the word of God. This is works, but from reading the word of God we go to the next step in works which is to live that which we have learned from the Bible. As we grow in our faith and in our knowledge of the Bible we gain deeper insight into the Word of God and gain a deeper understanding of how we are to live our lives. This is fruit.
Then as we actually apply what we have learned to our lives and live our faith through action, that is fruit. When we follow the speed limit, because in Titus it says we are to follow the laws of man and so obey the simple laws of the lands like this we give glory and honor to God, thus bearing fruit.
Now here I must add that if the laws of man go against what is written within the Bible it is those that follow the Bible to make ever peaceful effort to restore the balance by once again getting the laws of man to be in line with the Bible. This is fruit.
It is by refraining from sin and through our daily growth end those sins that have been in our lives and may no longer be, but then we find new sins in our lives and so we move ever forward striving to be a true reflection of Jesus Christ our Savior, that is fruit.
It is through acknowledging that all within the Bible is true and if things that are called sin are allowed to continue without informing those that commit these sins, yet profess to be one with Jesus, that they may forfeit their salvation since they are not bearing fruit.
It is by following the dictates of the Bible that says we are to reprove with the Bible, rebuke with the Bible and exhort those that wish to live in sin that is fruit.
Do you gain money? No for God says that those that are poor have a greater reward waiting for them in heaven then from those that are rich. For those that are rich upon the earth have been given their reward they seek and so their reward in the eternal will be sparse since it is not eternal fruit they were seeking but fruit that rots and spoils.
If by doing what we are taught in the Bible causes someone to awaken to the truth it is not we that did this, but God that allowed it to happen. This is not a reward to us, but to God. We are merely His tools and all glory and honor MUST go to God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ and so this is the ultimate fruit.

Which pain would you rather suffer?

Would you rather suffer emotional pain and anguish or eternal pain from burning and worms eating upon you?
Simple questions that only you can answer. Since many have not been raised with the correct mindset a major degree of emotional pain will be needed by many that awaken to the fact that they are living in sin. In turning from this sin many will need to leave someone they have chosen to love. The emotional pain required to leave that person will be tremendous but necessary. Yes necessary. You must choose God or the human, the eternal or the mortal.
But this life we now live is fleeting, temporary not eternal.
What is eternal is God’s rewards. Be they good rewards or bad, for God has promised both will be dealt out to each person’s personal measure. One thing is made perfectly clear if you choose the world then your rewards are here in the temporal and fleeting and few or none will be good for you in the eternal.
It is your choice and it is not a choice I envy you in any way.
Hebrews 11: 6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
Colossians 3: 22 Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God: 23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; 24 Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ. 25 But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons.

Where does God fit?

My pastor made an excellent point on facebook the other day. Where is the church when it comes to helping the poor and those in need? Gone are the large charity drives, gone are the charitable organizations that once flourished before World War II. Now most go to church seeking appeasement and stroking. Most that go to church live in expensive homes, drive fancy cars yet go about saying their life is terrible and a mess. Well that is why. Those that go to church have their priorities messed up. It is not “God give me give me.” It is “God what can I give what can I give.”
Today’s “Christians” have lost their way. They go to church on Sunday and believe that is all that is required of them to get into heaven. Well, per the Bible it is not. (Revelation 3:14-22; John 15 and 1 Peter 2).
Jesus made it clear it is harder for the rich to make it into heaven then it is for the poor. He also stated that if you seek your reward here in this temporal live less would be your reward in the eternal life still to come. Wouldn’t you rather have more for a few billion years then live wealthy and comfortably now for up to a hundred? I would rather have my reward come to me in the eternal life to come.
Again I must address this false teaching that has become the mainstay of most religions. Many have this image of going to heaven and sitting about doing nothing. Others have this believe that there is nothing beyond this temporal life. While even others believe you can fix your mistakes in purgatory or come back as another life form. These are all false.
If purgatory were real I would say you are living in purgatory this very minute. Are you trying to work through the sins you live with every day? Yes even though those that say they are saved still need to be ever aware that they are human and can sin for we are human and the human heart is corrupt. (Matthew 15:18-20).
Yes we are saved, but we are warned in 1 Peter 2 that we can fall back into sin and that it will be worse for us for having known Jesus’ love and salvation. I believe this with all my heart that is why I make these messages for I know there are sins still within me that need to be removed. I know that I am saved I know I am a child of God, but I listen to the word of God and know that it can be lost once again.
I do not ever wish to be a “Sunday Christian” and live in hypocrisy, thinking I am saved and going to be with God when I really am not. This however is how most that go to church are and is why charities have fallen on hard times. Why people are turning to the government and not God which is exactly what those that wish to rule over other wants. It is those that have power and wish to stay in power encourage. They love that the church no longer cares for those in need. They relish that people either do not go or once they leave forget that they have ever been till the next Sunday comes around and starts the cycle of hypocrisy all over again.
So to answer the question to the title of this post. God should be number one then everyone else second and then just maybe you. So stop trying to succeed in this life, but instead try to succeed in the life that is to come. The true existence that anyone that truly calls themselves “Christian” should seek after. Give to charities within the church, volunteer your time and money unto that which is precious to God and in return you will be given rewards beyond measure. Most likely not in this life but in the eternal life yet to come.

The “This is it” syndrome

Too many in the world and within “Christendom” have come to think that this world we now live in is all there is. Now many in the latter may challenge what I just said, but here is my challenge back at you.
Do you seek to advance yourself financially in this life? Do you seek a big house, a fancy car, and nice clothes?
Then you live in this world.
Sure we can get some items here, but once we go beyond what is necessary then you are seeking your reward from the world and not God.
Do you really need a $200,000 house in the suburbs? The answer is no you do not. Do you need to live off of a golf course? Again the answer is no you do not.
When you turn what you want into a need you are now seeking your reward here upon this earth in this temporal life. Can you take it with you to heaven, or will it go with you if by chance you make the Rapture? Again the answer is no.
Then you live in the “This is it” mentality. You have turned your back upon God and His promised rewards. That money you have is better spent elsewhere. Help feed those that are hungry not only all over the world but right down the street from where you live. Yet your fancy house is more important to you than that poor starving child. Not only starving for food, but the word of God and love.
We are to place all before ourselves. Am I perfect? By all means no. Am I guilty of making these errors myself? Yes I am, but I no longer think like that. I have learned to seek after only want is needed to shelter and care for my family. To feed them and cloth them. In time I will be able to give more and more unto those truly in need. Not a church asking for millions to build a better building, but unto those that truly are in need of it and God.
This world is not our reward and to seek out rewards here within it means we do not truly believe or have faith in God. This is something that all that call themselves need to understand. Can they truly do as the rich man was asked to do in Luke? To sell all their riches and to give it away? Even he could not do that for he has accepted this world as his reward and poor will be his reward in the eternal life to come, as yours might be as well

When God rewards you prepare for a storm.

As we grow in our faith time to time God will feel we are due a reward within this temporal life. As I am learning though with these rewards comes a new test. A test to see if we are still faithful unto Him. A test to see if we are ready for the new step in our growth with God.
He had just finished pruning your branch and you have borne Him fruit that glorifies Him and so the pruning stops for a short time. It is in this time that you receive your reward. Then new fruit begins to germinate and grow. It is here that He may decide to pluck these fruits for better ones and it will most likely hurt. Either emotionally, physically or both, yet we must go through this to be a better servant unto Him and to those that are in need of our example and witness that Christ is the Savior of all.

There is nothing wrong with being a happy Christian…….. but…

There are those that are teaching that you will always be joyous “if you keep God within.”
First off, God cannot be in us. We are the corrupt and the uncorrupt cannot come into that which is corrupted. We will always be corrupt until the moment of the rapture when that which is corrupt will be replaced with the incorrupt (1 Corinthians Chapter 15:53). At that moment, we will be able to truly stand in the presence of God. His presence though will be so great that all will bend down in awe and worship of His Glory.
Next, God will test us. Most test require a struggle. Some struggles will be so taxing upon us that we will weep and cry (Matthew Chapter 5:4). Therefore, those that teach you will always be joyous are not be faithful to the Gospel and are perverting it for their own satisfaction and reward.
As for rewards. Those that teach this message that you will always be joyful for the most part also teach that you will receive rewards for your joy and good deeds (donations to them). We are promised no rewards upon this earth. If we are given a reward, once we pray upon it and feel it is truly a reward given of God then we can give all praise and glory unto to God for only He is worth. If you say, it is for your good works and you pat yourself on the back then you have denied God. Also know that since we are not promised a reward upon this earth then who actually “gave’ us this reward and at what cost. For the world is not of God. (Luke 6:23-25)
Then why bother; someone will say when he or she read these words. This is one of the things I have been trying to get people to understand. This life. A life that could last over one hundred years is nothing when compared to the life we are promised by Jesus. God through the salvation of Jesus has promised us an eternal body. Pure and perfect. He has promised rewards that could never be matched. No matter how much money you have. In fact it states clearly in the Bible . That those that are rich here on earth have already received their reward and will weep when they live their eternal life.
How glorious this reward will be. This is the reward, this is the joy, this is the happiness we should always seek every day. It is something that is so glorious, wondrous and immense that you by natural desire wish to share it with others. For this is so much it is beyond measure and able to be shared with all.
This is the joy and happiness that you should seek after for once you know that no matter what happens in this life. No matter how horrid, sad, or miserable it is that you will be given this great prize.
All that is asked is that you worship God, acknowledge His Son as the Messiah and go through each day of this temporary life giving glory to God until He calls us up to begin the next journey of our existence that will last for an eternity.

Selflessness and the final reward

I witness daily the deterioration of a nation. I watch, as people show no true work ethic or common courtesy for their fellow people. When I was raised, I was taught to place others before myself. When you live this way, you do your best work because you are thinking of the person you are doing the task for. This allows you to make a quality product or give someone service that makes them feel you care for their satisfaction, which you do if you place others before yourself.

Now though I see that vanishing more and more. People only think of themselves and as a result, you get products that fall apart and customers who never return. Then people wonder why their businesses close or people start buying products from their competitor.

This is all due to the removal of God from our world. God is the focal point of ethics. Many try to say otherwise. Saying you can achieve the same goals without God, but as you examine these other ways you will see the ones that survive have at their core desire of placing others before themselves. Thus, people are living God’s rules without realizing they ever did.

However, here is the catch in today’s world. Most if not all in the United States has heard of God. Many deny Him. Many do not want to know Him. Many have forgotten Him. They in turn live a life where they seek self-satisfaction, and seek self-worth and most find it lacking. Therefore, they turn to drugs or some other form of an emotional quick fix, which gives them a short escape then they find they are even in worse shape than they were before they tried to escape.

Now I can tell you as a Christian there are times I feel I have not done enough, and my self-worth feels lacking. I turn to God and it gets me to the next moment. I also realize that through all the setbacks and trails I face now I know I will have a greater reward later.

Now here is an interesting area to deliberate: our future reward.

One thing that has always existed for as long as I have been alive; and what I have witnessed through reading history. All belief that once we die we go to heaven and that is it. I must also add that there are those that think there is nothing beyond death, which gives them power to live in sin.

Well I hate to destroy both of these images. Yes, at the moment those that have accepted God go to a heaven or paradise. Those that deny God go to a dark place. Is it on fire there? I do not think so.

What is certain is that once Jesus returns all those called before God, be it in death or the rapture, will return to earth in God’s army; right behind Jesus as he set foot upon the Mount of Olives. Will we return to heaven? If memory serves me, no. We will remain on earth, for a thousand years the earth will mend, and we will teach those that are born in this time of God and His Son.

Then as the Millennium starts to end Satan will be loosed upon the world once again. This will be the final perching of evil from earth. Once this is done, we will stand before God in the final judgment. It is here that the pit of hell comes into play. It is here that a new earth will come to be and those faithful to God will walk upon it ALIVE, not dead. Not on clouds or have wings; just new bodies, which were given before Jesus returned to Jerusalem.