Why is the world such a mess and why can I not find any satisfaction from life? (If you have asked these questions please read)

I know these are questions many ask. Why? Because I have asked them myself. I have searched many venues seeking the answers. All safe one have come up short.
Just so you have some insight into where I am coming from. I am about to enter into my third marriage. I have two natural born sons and I am a grandfather. In my teens I was seeking these answers through reading philosophy books, Science Fiction, Fantasy. I sought after the answer through sex and even experiments with marijuana as well as alcohol. I bet I have at least hit on one area you the reader can relate too. All these things left me empty, wanting, still searching and I bet you feel the same way.
I had hit upon the answer slightly throughout my early years. I would go there on my own at eight. You see it was safe for someone of eight to go places on their own back then. Why? Because the answer was known to all back then, even though many were just starting their war against it, they still knew it.
It’s removal from society at large is why violence and unrest have risen to the point where death and cruelty are now the common instead of the uncommon.
“What is this answer?” you are asking. Please bear with me just a bit longer. You have to understand that because it has been removed for the most part is why society is in the state it is today. It is true that it cannot remove all your worries, but it is there to help you through the tough times. It can help you understand that life even though mundane at times is something worth living through and for.
You could be considering suicide at this very moment, but it is not the answer. You could be considering to take a drug to give you a temporary escape, but reality will be there once the buzz is gone.
You could be considering robbing a store or hurting someone. This again will not stop the pain, and in fact will make you feel worse.
These are all the things you do when you wish to runaway, but running is not the answer.
Confronting is part of the answer. Taking accountability for your actions and behavior.
Moreover, there is something that can help you with this. It is the Bible and from that it is God and from Him it is Jesus Christ who died upon the cross for your sins and then came back to life acknowledging that your sins are forgiven and you can live a life that will lead to eternal happiness.
Will this life always be happy and joyous once you accept Jesus? No.
In fact, we are told in the Bible that we will be tested time to time and made stronger and better so we can make it to the ultimate goal of living a life that will last billions upon billions of years. We will be able to see all the glories and creations of God the creator of the universe and you can see it all in person and alive.
Find a church near you. Call them or go in and ask them to teach you about God and the Bible and Jesus Christ your savior.

The next stage has begun

The day the Christians have dreaded has come. The once proud and beautiful United States of America has fallen. No the nation has not ceased to existed, but it has fallen from the blessing of God. When a child of God is sent to jail in the U.S. for standing by their faith and their beliefs then it is clear this nation is no longer under God protection but it is of the world and the world’s current master.
We have seen it coming. We have tried to get the message out, for this is what we have been taught to do within the Bible. We are to spread the word and we are to be persecuted for doing so. What is truly sad is those that oppose those that stand for God and still think they are one with Him. It is for these that those that truly profess to be of the Body through their actions showing what they truly are makes them weep and morn for the loss.
But what is lost?
The Bible makes it clear that those that are friends with the world and enemies of God. This is why we that know where we stand with God are driven to tears and sorrow and pain. For those that we love and those that we have befriended and those we have seen up close and afar have shown what and who is important to them and it is not God.
If you befriend a sinner and do not reprove, rebuke or exhort them to turn from their ways. Not only do they hate God but they hate those that they have so-called “befriended.” Yet they do not see it. They are blinded for they have embraced the world so tightly that they are unwilling to release it. They are totally unaware that the tighter they hold on to the world the more it ensnares and binds them to the chains of slavery called sin. A slavery that will not allow them to see the glory of God, but the wrath of God, for God is to be feared and to be loved. If you do not fear the consequences of your actions then you have not fear of God and instead of worshiping God you are daring God to do His worst to you.
The thing is, why would you challenge God in such a manner? We are but mere mortals whom he created. Who do you really think is going to win? It is not you, that is for sure, and thus you now understand the sorrow we feel.
This day is a day of true sorrow to the world, for another mark against it has been sealed. That is two within this very year, and you think the wrath of God is not far behind?

There is nothing wrong with being a happy Christian…….. but…

There are those that are teaching that you will always be joyous “if you keep God within.”
First off, God cannot be in us. We are the corrupt and the uncorrupt cannot come into that which is corrupted. We will always be corrupt until the moment of the rapture when that which is corrupt will be replaced with the incorrupt (1 Corinthians Chapter 15:53). At that moment, we will be able to truly stand in the presence of God. His presence though will be so great that all will bend down in awe and worship of His Glory.
Next, God will test us. Most test require a struggle. Some struggles will be so taxing upon us that we will weep and cry (Matthew Chapter 5:4). Therefore, those that teach you will always be joyous are not be faithful to the Gospel and are perverting it for their own satisfaction and reward.
As for rewards. Those that teach this message that you will always be joyful for the most part also teach that you will receive rewards for your joy and good deeds (donations to them). We are promised no rewards upon this earth. If we are given a reward, once we pray upon it and feel it is truly a reward given of God then we can give all praise and glory unto to God for only He is worth. If you say, it is for your good works and you pat yourself on the back then you have denied God. Also know that since we are not promised a reward upon this earth then who actually “gave’ us this reward and at what cost. For the world is not of God. (Luke 6:23-25)
Then why bother; someone will say when he or she read these words. This is one of the things I have been trying to get people to understand. This life. A life that could last over one hundred years is nothing when compared to the life we are promised by Jesus. God through the salvation of Jesus has promised us an eternal body. Pure and perfect. He has promised rewards that could never be matched. No matter how much money you have. In fact it states clearly in the Bible . That those that are rich here on earth have already received their reward and will weep when they live their eternal life.
How glorious this reward will be. This is the reward, this is the joy, this is the happiness we should always seek every day. It is something that is so glorious, wondrous and immense that you by natural desire wish to share it with others. For this is so much it is beyond measure and able to be shared with all.
This is the joy and happiness that you should seek after for once you know that no matter what happens in this life. No matter how horrid, sad, or miserable it is that you will be given this great prize.
All that is asked is that you worship God, acknowledge His Son as the Messiah and go through each day of this temporary life giving glory to God until He calls us up to begin the next journey of our existence that will last for an eternity.