Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: The world is designed to distract

So within the last month I was reminded just how much the world is setup to distract and confuse. I moved to another area at work where the use of a radio is not as big as an issue from my previous work area. The old did have radio usage time to time, but the new area it is constant, and blaring. It made it hard for me to follow Christ’s commandment to Love God with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind.
The music literally overwhelmed my senses to the point that to actually try to get beyond the music would leave me physically drained from the effort. I mentioned the loudness to a co-worker and he suggested not only ear plugs, which I had been using, but also ear muffs. Luckily my company does provide these for me and so I got some.
It was like night and day. Yes the music was still there to a degree, but I could easily filter it out and allow my mind to once again be God focused. The distraction of the world was gone. I could perform my duties and at the same time pray and comp tinplate God and the Bible. This enabled me to once again feel the Lord’s insight into His Holy Word and understanding resumed.
While I was being distracted I could see worldly things distract me in other areas and times in my life. It is through me using my hands in the making of an item of important use and thinking upon the wonders and glory of our Creator that I could focus myself upon my goal of attempting to be a true and accurate reflection of Christ.
It allowed me to see this very act of the influence that Satan has in the most minewt elements in the world that they turn us away from where we should be focused.
How jealous of us is he that causing the littlest of things to be used to keep us from where our sight should be looking upon. How weak our human nature is, even though our soul is born-again.
We must remember that when Jesus Himself made it clear that all sin comes from within us. Yes the world will distract. Yes the world will tempt, but ultimately it is our own actions, our own thoughts that are the ultimate stumbling block. For though we are saved we still live within a corrupt and evil body and so it shall remain until we are called up in the Rapture if we are so fortunate and then given our pure and incorruptible body. It will only be then that we can truly live a sin free live.
However, though we do live in a corrupt body, which does not give us the right to remain in sin. For the Bible makes it clear that we must repent. To turn away from our sins and strive to never live in sin again.

You cannot change a world through policies

It can only change if you change the way someone thinks.
But how is this done?
In the book of Mark it is made clear that the heart of humans is corrupt and that only evil can come from it.
Then how can you change the way someone thinks if only corruption can be found within them?
They must be willing to ask something better than themselves into their hearts, but what is it that can be better than a human?
Other people? No, for all humans are corrupt.
Laws made by humans? No, for it came from humans.
At this point many say then there is nothing left.
Sorry, wrong answer.
God is real, His teachings are real, His Son is real and He walked amongst us so that He could first hand understand just how corrupt we humans are.
He never sinned even though He felt their temptation. He died in our place. For every single person that wishes to accept Him as their Savior, and once they have done so we change. We are born again. Not into a new body, but within our very soul.
No longer is the self the top priority, but those about us are and only after God. For placing God first we understand that we must place all others before ourselves and when doing so the self becomes unimportant.
And so the world can start to change.
What is sad is that more and more refuse to listen to this. More and more embrace their own desires, their own lusts and so in some cases terrible thinks to place. Murders, theft, the killing of the innocent. All because most only think of and care only for themselves.
Selfishness is as the core of all the evils humans are capable of, and only Jesus Christ can change that and thus the world.
Turn from your sins, repent and turn away to live in sin no more and learn how to think in a new and glorious way that give honor unto the creator of everything — God.

There is nothing wrong with being a happy Christian…….. but…

There are those that are teaching that you will always be joyous “if you keep God within.”
First off, God cannot be in us. We are the corrupt and the uncorrupt cannot come into that which is corrupted. We will always be corrupt until the moment of the rapture when that which is corrupt will be replaced with the incorrupt (1 Corinthians Chapter 15:53). At that moment, we will be able to truly stand in the presence of God. His presence though will be so great that all will bend down in awe and worship of His Glory.
Next, God will test us. Most test require a struggle. Some struggles will be so taxing upon us that we will weep and cry (Matthew Chapter 5:4). Therefore, those that teach you will always be joyous are not be faithful to the Gospel and are perverting it for their own satisfaction and reward.
As for rewards. Those that teach this message that you will always be joyful for the most part also teach that you will receive rewards for your joy and good deeds (donations to them). We are promised no rewards upon this earth. If we are given a reward, once we pray upon it and feel it is truly a reward given of God then we can give all praise and glory unto to God for only He is worth. If you say, it is for your good works and you pat yourself on the back then you have denied God. Also know that since we are not promised a reward upon this earth then who actually “gave’ us this reward and at what cost. For the world is not of God. (Luke 6:23-25)
Then why bother; someone will say when he or she read these words. This is one of the things I have been trying to get people to understand. This life. A life that could last over one hundred years is nothing when compared to the life we are promised by Jesus. God through the salvation of Jesus has promised us an eternal body. Pure and perfect. He has promised rewards that could never be matched. No matter how much money you have. In fact it states clearly in the Bible . That those that are rich here on earth have already received their reward and will weep when they live their eternal life.
How glorious this reward will be. This is the reward, this is the joy, this is the happiness we should always seek every day. It is something that is so glorious, wondrous and immense that you by natural desire wish to share it with others. For this is so much it is beyond measure and able to be shared with all.
This is the joy and happiness that you should seek after for once you know that no matter what happens in this life. No matter how horrid, sad, or miserable it is that you will be given this great prize.
All that is asked is that you worship God, acknowledge His Son as the Messiah and go through each day of this temporary life giving glory to God until He calls us up to begin the next journey of our existence that will last for an eternity.

The Blindness of humans

Due to the corrupt nature of humans, most cannot accept, that there was ever a being that could perform miracles, like causing the lame to walk or even a man blind since birth the ability to see. Jesus through His sacrifice upon the cross gave us the ability to overcome our base nature. Yet there are many that say humans can overcome themselves. Just listen to that sentence in your head. How can someone defeat himself or herself? It is impossible.
Yet through Christ with His sacrifice, humans can overcome their base nature. It is through this salvation that the world of humans still exists. For without Christianity and Judaism humans base nature would have destroyed itself most likely during the dark ages. It was believe in God and the teachings of Jesus that the humans still walk this earth today.
Nonetheless, again a time of corruption rears its head. Once again, the human race is threatened by itself. They force God from the world and chaos has erupted in its place. However, there are those in the “wilderness” shouting out and saying, “Turn to the light of Christ!”
Mark 7: 20 And he said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man. 21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: 23 All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.