Chaos and Order that is the question

Chaos can take many forms. In the entertainment industry like movies and TV shows it is usually depicted as wars or some type of conflict. In reality it can be more subtle, more deceiving.
The actual definition of “chaos” is this: a state of disorder and confusion.
In today’s world we are in a time of disorder and confusion on multiple levels. In some cases there is violence, but most of the disorder and confusion comes from everyday life itself.
The effects of order and chaos do correspond like a pendulum swinging from one side to the other. It has now swung to the side of chaos. So now we must deal with its affects and outcome of the damage that will come from it.
There are those that say chaos is good. Then there are those that know the truth and understand that chaos is always bad, and the degree to which the pendulum is allowed to swing deeper into the side of chaos demands an equal and opposite reaction of order to return the swing to go back the other way.
The last time the swing into chaos went too far it cost over 60 million deaths, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population. Then the swing of the pendulum went into the order side.
Here is a contrast to note. For the swing of the pendulum to swing away from order and back into chaos does not necessarily require deaths to cause it, but the minds of humanity to reject order. This started and took place in the 1960s. Now the Vietnam War was going on this time and an approximate total deaths of 1,313,000 took place in that war, but that was not a major factor in the change of people minds against order. Those that started the pendulum swing to chaos desired and even lusted for chaos, for sin. Not only in their hearts but their minds as well as they experimented with drugs like LSD and heroin.
They felt enslaved to order. They in their minds wished to have freedom from what they saw as constrains of order. Why this took place was a failing of those that were teaching order. Were teaching the doctrines from which order resides, the Bible for they themselves in most cases did understand the teachings of the Bible. Those teaching the Bible had become legalist, demanding order be followed, but to follow God is not something that can be demanded. It is something that is voluntary.
What is truly sad though is due to all the chaos we now live within. Those that seek after it and truly desire it for themselves have turned into that which they themselves hated. They have become legalist of chaos. Desiring to control all by demanding that all embrace the chaos and accept it as the truth and the all ending. Yet as has been shown the swing away from chaos back toward to order usually results in more deaths than it takes to swing from order toward chaos.
What I see in this is that through the love of Christ he desires us to stay within the constraints of a type of order, but not one dictated in legalism. However, in an order followed and given with love that can lead to an eternal life that has more to offer than this world we now live within could ever offer.
To follow the teachings of the Bible can seem confining, but that is a test of our love and our devotion to our Savior. Is that really so much to ask of us? I honestly don’t think so.

Why is the world such a mess and why can I not find any satisfaction from life? (If you have asked these questions please read)

I know these are questions many ask. Why? Because I have asked them myself. I have searched many venues seeking the answers. All safe one have come up short.
Just so you have some insight into where I am coming from. I am about to enter into my third marriage. I have two natural born sons and I am a grandfather. In my teens I was seeking these answers through reading philosophy books, Science Fiction, Fantasy. I sought after the answer through sex and even experiments with marijuana as well as alcohol. I bet I have at least hit on one area you the reader can relate too. All these things left me empty, wanting, still searching and I bet you feel the same way.
I had hit upon the answer slightly throughout my early years. I would go there on my own at eight. You see it was safe for someone of eight to go places on their own back then. Why? Because the answer was known to all back then, even though many were just starting their war against it, they still knew it.
It’s removal from society at large is why violence and unrest have risen to the point where death and cruelty are now the common instead of the uncommon.
“What is this answer?” you are asking. Please bear with me just a bit longer. You have to understand that because it has been removed for the most part is why society is in the state it is today. It is true that it cannot remove all your worries, but it is there to help you through the tough times. It can help you understand that life even though mundane at times is something worth living through and for.
You could be considering suicide at this very moment, but it is not the answer. You could be considering to take a drug to give you a temporary escape, but reality will be there once the buzz is gone.
You could be considering robbing a store or hurting someone. This again will not stop the pain, and in fact will make you feel worse.
These are all the things you do when you wish to runaway, but running is not the answer.
Confronting is part of the answer. Taking accountability for your actions and behavior.
Moreover, there is something that can help you with this. It is the Bible and from that it is God and from Him it is Jesus Christ who died upon the cross for your sins and then came back to life acknowledging that your sins are forgiven and you can live a life that will lead to eternal happiness.
Will this life always be happy and joyous once you accept Jesus? No.
In fact, we are told in the Bible that we will be tested time to time and made stronger and better so we can make it to the ultimate goal of living a life that will last billions upon billions of years. We will be able to see all the glories and creations of God the creator of the universe and you can see it all in person and alive.
Find a church near you. Call them or go in and ask them to teach you about God and the Bible and Jesus Christ your savior.

Life choices

Events have transpired lately that reminded me of my past. Events of growth into maturity; and the challenges of finding our place within this world that we must traverse through as we are forged into instruments that can or cannot be used by God. What got me through this time of teenage confusion and messages being shouted at me from all side was the foundation my parents had given me. Of all the elements they did not give this one element they did is the element that finally led me down the path which turned me into a tool for God.
This one important item is an item that is not being given to most of our children. It is an element that is being removed from society and today’s parents for the most part are allowing it. Why? Because they did not receive it themselves. As a result our world as we know it is falling into to chaos and confusion. It is why sin and the acceptance of sin is on the rise. It is why school violence is now the common place instead of the unusual. Ultimately who is responsible for this? Each and every person that does not make it known that these values that were the foundation of the upbringing of generations of citizens of this country the United States of America that it allowed to prosper and grow.
There are those that wish to blame this item for the ills of the world. There are those that wish to say all evil acts that came from this nation were the result of this one item. That would be a lie. For only evil can cause evil and evil only exists when this item is not present to help counter it.
It is those that do not accept what this item offers and represent that cause evil to rise and destroy.
This item offers insight into the human soul. This items allows all to understand that being human is not something we should strive to be, but something that is greater than being human. To attempt, even though we will falter and fall, to reach for the divine and holy. For when you strive to reach for something so pure and wonderful that you yourself become something better than you would ever accomplish by just being human.
For we are taught that only evil emits from a human heart, and what is divine and wondrous can never be found there.
But how can we learn to be above the corruption of humanity? What is this item that can lead us to being better, happier and something to seek after?
It is the Bible and all the teaching that are within, especially those that come directly from Jesus Christ the Son of God who is the divine.

The Blindness of humans

Due to the corrupt nature of humans, most cannot accept, that there was ever a being that could perform miracles, like causing the lame to walk or even a man blind since birth the ability to see. Jesus through His sacrifice upon the cross gave us the ability to overcome our base nature. Yet there are many that say humans can overcome themselves. Just listen to that sentence in your head. How can someone defeat himself or herself? It is impossible.
Yet through Christ with His sacrifice, humans can overcome their base nature. It is through this salvation that the world of humans still exists. For without Christianity and Judaism humans base nature would have destroyed itself most likely during the dark ages. It was believe in God and the teachings of Jesus that the humans still walk this earth today.
Nonetheless, again a time of corruption rears its head. Once again, the human race is threatened by itself. They force God from the world and chaos has erupted in its place. However, there are those in the “wilderness” shouting out and saying, “Turn to the light of Christ!”
Mark 7: 20 And he said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man. 21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: 23 All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.

What is a peacemaker?

In Strong’s Concordance, the word peacemaker means “pacificator” which is some that pacifies. Simply to bring or restore a state of peace per This means there is conflict that must be restored, but how is it restored?
You can only restore peace through strength, not only mental strength, but physical strength. Teddy Roosevelt had it stated perfectly: “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.”
Ronald Reagan showed this through action by creating a large military, which was rarely used. This resulted in the final downfall of Socialist Communism.
Now we are living in a time where the pacifist are practicing the opposite. They are shrinking the military and keep telling people they are not going to use it. As a result the military is more busy than ever and underpowered.
It is like saying not to spank a child, which results in the child rebelling, spoiled as in the saying spare the rod, and spoil the child. (BTW, NEVER USE A REED OR A BRANCH THAT IS JUST WRONG).
Jesus stated that the peacemakers are blessed. Does that mean that chaos makers are cursed?
I would say yes.

Chaos is not the way

How is it possible to go through life in a world that is always in chaos? Each day is something different. Each encounter is always different. Someone that is friendly today is mean to you the next. To me not having something solid to stand upon leaves you vulnerable and weak. You are pulled with the latest fad. In today’s world it spirals ever faster. Not giving you time to think. You are exposed to others that are going through the same thing. How has the human race lasted so long?
I know the answer, but most either do not want to hear it, have turned away from it or downright hate it. They live in their little worlds. In some cases, they let the world overwhelm them. They ask over and over is there more, but due to other in the world, the “more” is being torn away so they do not see it. Places where the “more” could easily be found is void of the “more” even being there. All because they think they know more than the “more” does.
The “more” is the only true constant in reality of the world about us all. Many say the only true constant is chaos, even I have said that, but there is something that is truly constant. It is so constant that it stays in one place, just waiting for you to find it.
What is this constant? It is God, and you can find Him through His Son Jesus Christ who took your sins, your sorrows, your pains upon Himself Just so you can have something that is constant, true, and unyielding. THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. The creator of the universe and of you.