Chaos is not the way

How is it possible to go through life in a world that is always in chaos? Each day is something different. Each encounter is always different. Someone that is friendly today is mean to you the next. To me not having something solid to stand upon leaves you vulnerable and weak. You are pulled with the latest fad. In today’s world it spirals ever faster. Not giving you time to think. You are exposed to others that are going through the same thing. How has the human race lasted so long?
I know the answer, but most either do not want to hear it, have turned away from it or downright hate it. They live in their little worlds. In some cases, they let the world overwhelm them. They ask over and over is there more, but due to other in the world, the “more” is being torn away so they do not see it. Places where the “more” could easily be found is void of the “more” even being there. All because they think they know more than the “more” does.
The “more” is the only true constant in reality of the world about us all. Many say the only true constant is chaos, even I have said that, but there is something that is truly constant. It is so constant that it stays in one place, just waiting for you to find it.
What is this constant? It is God, and you can find Him through His Son Jesus Christ who took your sins, your sorrows, your pains upon Himself Just so you can have something that is constant, true, and unyielding. THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. The creator of the universe and of you.

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