Life choices

Events have transpired lately that reminded me of my past. Events of growth into maturity; and the challenges of finding our place within this world that we must traverse through as we are forged into instruments that can or cannot be used by God. What got me through this time of teenage confusion and messages being shouted at me from all side was the foundation my parents had given me. Of all the elements they did not give this one element they did is the element that finally led me down the path which turned me into a tool for God.
This one important item is an item that is not being given to most of our children. It is an element that is being removed from society and today’s parents for the most part are allowing it. Why? Because they did not receive it themselves. As a result our world as we know it is falling into to chaos and confusion. It is why sin and the acceptance of sin is on the rise. It is why school violence is now the common place instead of the unusual. Ultimately who is responsible for this? Each and every person that does not make it known that these values that were the foundation of the upbringing of generations of citizens of this country the United States of America that it allowed to prosper and grow.
There are those that wish to blame this item for the ills of the world. There are those that wish to say all evil acts that came from this nation were the result of this one item. That would be a lie. For only evil can cause evil and evil only exists when this item is not present to help counter it.
It is those that do not accept what this item offers and represent that cause evil to rise and destroy.
This item offers insight into the human soul. This items allows all to understand that being human is not something we should strive to be, but something that is greater than being human. To attempt, even though we will falter and fall, to reach for the divine and holy. For when you strive to reach for something so pure and wonderful that you yourself become something better than you would ever accomplish by just being human.
For we are taught that only evil emits from a human heart, and what is divine and wondrous can never be found there.
But how can we learn to be above the corruption of humanity? What is this item that can lead us to being better, happier and something to seek after?
It is the Bible and all the teaching that are within, especially those that come directly from Jesus Christ the Son of God who is the divine.

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