Jesus Christ

Black and White

I was recently told that we must look at the world in multi-colors not black and white since people are complex beings and not all sin is washed away immediately. Yet that is not what the Bible teaches. More than once in the New Testament statements are made not only by the writers of the books within it but by Jesus Christ Himself that it must be black and white.
Why is this? In my opinion it is due to the fact that we are surrounded by a multi-colored world. Where people in power can lie and they are still allowed to stay in power. It is because the world is imperfect that we must try and reach a level of black and white. It is the ultimate goal that all must aspire to reach. In Revelation 3 the glorified Christ made it perfectly clear. He said He would rather see you cold toward Him than to be lukewarm.
Do you understand the importance of that statement? It is not when Jesus is walking amongst us but after He has risen into heaven that He makes this clear for all to know and read. You cannot be lukewarm or grey or multicolored. It is this mentality that is not only going throughout the world but the church itself that is causing an unclear message to grow which allows church groups to embrace that which is called a sin within the Bible.
It is imperative that we return to the true dichotomy system of you either follow God or you deny Him. You deny Him when you place all else before God. For we are told to place God first and everyone else second and then we can look to ourselves. It is of all import that we do not coddle those that choose to live in sin. Yes by all mean love them as the saying goes: “Hate the sin love the sinner.” Proverbs also say “Spare the rod hate the child.”
We need to make people uncomfortable again. We need to make them feel guilt again, and if they don’t feel guilt then they wish to be in the cold or the black. That is their choice, but as long as we teach there is only grey or multi-colored or lukewarm then we are teaching them to be rejected by God.
Revelation 3: 15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. 16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth

You didn’t “like” Jesus?

The goal of my blog is actually to reach those that call themselves Christian yet are not truly living Christian. If by chance, I reach those that have not asked Jesus into their life the more the merrier.
Am I perfect? No.
Is it my calling from Christ? Yes.
Have I been successful? I honestly do not know.
Each day I struggle with real life events. Some are heartbreaking. Some just challenge me. Yet I continue on seeking my best to serve my Savior. Do I stumble? Most definitely.
We are told to be hot for God and His Son Jesus. To be one with Him and to do as He taught within the Bible.
If you are not hot for God, Jesus clearly states that He would rather you be cold for Him then to be lukewarm for God.
This simple description states why I seek to help those others that call themselves Christian.
Per Jesus if you do not abide with Him, He would rather you deny Him then be someone that says they believe and little else. For those that are lukewarm will be cast from Him. In John 15, it makes it clear without saying so that these people will be cast into a fire.
In the eternal there is only one place that fits this description. It is some place I do not wish to see any have to partake of. Be one with Christ. Live DAILY in His teachings and ways. Love thy neighbor as thy self, for when you do you will be bless by God.
I find it interesting how when I challenge people to their standing with Jesus I do not get any or few “likes.”
The Bible is very clear when read correctly on how our relationship with God and His Son should be. It is sad that so few actually live as directed.
As I stated above, am I perfect? Again, I say no.
Am I judging? Very much no.
I am simply stating what is written within the Bible itself. Have you read it?
Two times Christ states that you must have a strong relationship directly with Him and both times, He states that if you do not you can be cast away from the Body. (John 15:1-11, Revelation 3: 14-22 KJV)
I did not say it. Jesus said it, yet people do not “like” what Christ said. This is heart-rending and revealing. It shows that their relationship may be lacking. I know mine is.
In the Bible, it states that there must be two witnesses against you when accused. Again two times Christ personally makes statements for those reading the Bible to be as witnesses to our relationship with Christ Himself.
This is no accident; this is God laying down the foundation for the White Throne Judgment. A time when many that thought themselves Christian will find themselves not being a part of the Rapture and then the thousand-year reign of Jesus Christ upon earth. They instead will be amongst the dead risen to stand before God upon the White Throne receiving His judgment. Will there be Biblical scholars among them? Perhaps. Will they say, “Where are my two witnesses?” Then God will reply with John 15 and Revelation 3.

Why is the world such a mess and why can I not find any satisfaction from life? (If you have asked these questions please read)

I know these are questions many ask. Why? Because I have asked them myself. I have searched many venues seeking the answers. All safe one have come up short.
Just so you have some insight into where I am coming from. I am about to enter into my third marriage. I have two natural born sons and I am a grandfather. In my teens I was seeking these answers through reading philosophy books, Science Fiction, Fantasy. I sought after the answer through sex and even experiments with marijuana as well as alcohol. I bet I have at least hit on one area you the reader can relate too. All these things left me empty, wanting, still searching and I bet you feel the same way.
I had hit upon the answer slightly throughout my early years. I would go there on my own at eight. You see it was safe for someone of eight to go places on their own back then. Why? Because the answer was known to all back then, even though many were just starting their war against it, they still knew it.
It’s removal from society at large is why violence and unrest have risen to the point where death and cruelty are now the common instead of the uncommon.
“What is this answer?” you are asking. Please bear with me just a bit longer. You have to understand that because it has been removed for the most part is why society is in the state it is today. It is true that it cannot remove all your worries, but it is there to help you through the tough times. It can help you understand that life even though mundane at times is something worth living through and for.
You could be considering suicide at this very moment, but it is not the answer. You could be considering to take a drug to give you a temporary escape, but reality will be there once the buzz is gone.
You could be considering robbing a store or hurting someone. This again will not stop the pain, and in fact will make you feel worse.
These are all the things you do when you wish to runaway, but running is not the answer.
Confronting is part of the answer. Taking accountability for your actions and behavior.
Moreover, there is something that can help you with this. It is the Bible and from that it is God and from Him it is Jesus Christ who died upon the cross for your sins and then came back to life acknowledging that your sins are forgiven and you can live a life that will lead to eternal happiness.
Will this life always be happy and joyous once you accept Jesus? No.
In fact, we are told in the Bible that we will be tested time to time and made stronger and better so we can make it to the ultimate goal of living a life that will last billions upon billions of years. We will be able to see all the glories and creations of God the creator of the universe and you can see it all in person and alive.
Find a church near you. Call them or go in and ask them to teach you about God and the Bible and Jesus Christ your savior.

To deny why Christ went upon the cross is to deny Him

Within the book of Leviticus is the laws Moses received from God upon Mount Sinai. Each sin is listed and every type of sacrifice is named according to each sin from minor offerings to even the death of the person. These sin are why Jesus Christ went to the cross and the sacrifice He made from being beaten, whipped, nailed to the cross and even His death were why Leviticus was written and why Christ did what he did.
Many in today’s world though do not acknowledge the book of Leviticus. They use the statement “Jesus died for our sin this book is now moot.”
I say, if you do not know what is a sin how can you know you are clean of it? All of the Bible is relevant and important:
2 Timothy 3: 16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.
If you deny any part of the Bible you are in essence denying Jesus Christ.
Matthew 10: 33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.
So I challenge all to read the book of Leviticus and accept what is written within it. If it is called a sin within that book then it is a sin. If it is still a part of your life and you feel no remorse in committing these sins or sin then are you in denial?

The hippie Jesus is alive and well but the true Christ is hard to find.

People have this misconception of Jesus Christ. They think He is all love and tolerance. This is a false narrative. It is a narrative designed to allow people to do as they please and think they are one with God when in reality they are not. Jesus said this about who he is:
Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.
Yet today many think that He came to destroy the law. They believe that to live in sin is fine and dandy. Not giving up anything that was called a sin in the Old Testament, but if Christ truly came to fulfill the law and the prophets then we must still adhere to what is written in the Old Testament.
Yet that is not how most think, feel or behave. I am once again reminded of 1 Peter 2 and my heart is saddened and I do not know what to do other then write these words. Hoping and praying they will allow the scales to fall from the eyes of someone and to see the truth.
A truth that is a painful pill to swallow, but a truth that must be said and given. The other day I mentioned Leviticus to someone and they did not understand. Yes it is true that there is no longer a need to make the blood sacrifices as were shown within that book for yes Jesus Christ taking our place upon the cross made that no longer necessary, but the list of actual sins has not gone away. They are still present for human beings are still corrupt and we shall remain so until we are given our new and eternal bodies.
Yet people go about thinking they are now within these bodies just because they asked Jesus into their heart. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Time and again we are warned with the New Testament to watch our steps and to keep God ever present and first above all else.
When you place God first you must follow what is taught by His Son. Do not sin, turn from sin. I have mentioned John 15, I have mentioned 1 Peter 2 and I have shown people Revelation 3:14-22.
Yet people still come back and say “It is not black and white.” I am sorry to once again say this, but yes it is. Christ Himself, within His glorified body told this to John:
“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”
So if Christ Himself says that you must be cold (black) or hot (white), then how can you possibly tell me it is not what Christ Himself said it should be?

True faith in God results in Love

The true message of the Bible. The true message of Jesus. The true message of the Bible is truly love.
The theme of Christ’s teachings was to love all. This is not the teaching others say. This is not the teachings even those within the church teach.
Many teach that self-glorification and self-satisfaction is the road to God. However, this is not the truth at all.
To truly love you must be willing to place all others before yourself. If you do not or cannot do this, than is what you believe really of God? The answer is no.
Do you take what men say the Bible says to be real? Have you truly read the Bible yourself?
Then how can you tell who is telling you the truth. I challenge you to pick up a Bible and read it. I challenge you to see that the words I now type are those based upon the teaching of the true Bible. I encourage you to see that what I say is true. That it is filled with the love of God and His Son Jesus Christ the living Savior of all that come to understand and accept the true. That to truly love yourself means to place ALL others before yourself and to love them no matter what they say or do.
Start with the New Testament. Once you read that then expand to the rest of the Bible. For the entire Bible aims you toward Jesus Christ.

The basics you need to know about Christianity

The most important is that there really is a God. That Jesus is alive and rose from the dead.
The next thing you need to realize is that saying you are Christian and being Christian are two completely different things.
To truly be Christian you must admit there is a God and that Jesus is His son. In addition, that Jesus did not sin and was placed upon the cross in your place for your sins. Your own sins that can be found and listed within the Bible, sins you will try not commit any longer for you will know they are wrong. When Jesus rose from the dead, He had just returned from hell where he took the keys of that place from Satan because humankind could once again stand clean before God through the bloodshed upon that cross.
When you truly come to understand the teaching of Christ, you will come to understand that being a Christian is something that is not easy to do.
You will strive not to use curse words, yet you will and it will leave you feeling shame afterwards. You will come to place all others before yourself, but many times, you will be selfish and self-serving. Then you will realize you have sinned once again.
Being truly Christian, you will become aware of this feeling of guilt more than any other emotion, because being Christian is not easy.
There are those that teach that within you is your salvation, but this is a lie. For all that is within you is you. You can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit for that is the part of the Holy Trinity that comes in physical contact with all that accept Christ as their savior. Inside you through your soul you will come to know that the thought that comes to you to help you did not come from inside you but from outside and above.
Is it an angel? Is it Jesus? Is it even God talking to you? We do not know at this time, but someday we will. It is important though to realize is that it is not inside us but above us and can work through us for we are the body of Christ upon this world.
In time, we will learn that material possession and money are of the world and so have no true meaning to those that call themselves Christian. They will be just something that is necessary to get by in this world, but you will not go out seeking more and more. For if you do you are seeking your reward here upon this earth, which is not promised to us. For our reward will come in the next life. It states in the Bible that if you are rich your reward well be less in the Next life, but if you are poor, greater will be your reward in the time to come.
This last sentence brings me to the most important part of being a Christian. Within the Bible, it teaches that all humanity is promised an immortal body, but it is to those that truly sought after being a child of God will the promised reward be given unto us. Jesus taught that greater would be our reward within this immortal and perfect body. God created an entire universe. It is there just too look at from this planet called Earth? I do not believe so. I believe the entire universe will be opened onto to those that accept that there is a God and accept that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.
This life is meant to be hard and harsh for those that say God is real. For if we endure and keep to that believe then we will be given this ultimate reward, which is to explore all that was created by God.

If it were easy, everyone would do it.

We are taught that it is a narrow and rough road that leads to salvation. The road is full of potholes and rocks. If it were a real road, only the strongest build 4×4 could handle it. That is what those that turn to Christ are.
What I am about to type is something that need to be understood. Most in the United States of America are raised Christian, but that does not mean they are Christian.
To truly be called Christian you will turn to Jesus and ask him into your life; when you do this you will not want to sin. Sure, time to time, you will, but it will shortly after doing so make you feel guilt. You will be remorseful. You will turn to Christ and ask His forgiveness, once again because you have hit a rock or a pothole.
It is through studying the Bible that you learn what is right and wrong. It is not what other humans say is right, but God, through His Son, Jesus Christ.
It is time many start to realize that saying and being a Christian are two different paths. Jesus calls most in the United States “lukewarm” in the third chapter of Revelation. You are neither hot nor cold toward God. He clearly states that He would prefer you “cold,” but most especially “hot” for God. Therefore, those that call themselves “Atheist” have better standing with God than those that are “lukewarm.” That is a shocking realization when you think upon it.
Even though as I have witnessed the logic atheist use, which is warped and flawed, but God places them higher than most who use the name “Christian,” inaccurately, for themselves.
If you are selfish, self-centered, and arrogant, if you believe that the laws of the land do not pertain to you. Like for example the simple law of going the speed limit. Then you are not truly Christian. You may say that you are, but really, you are not. Wake up, turn to Christ and ask Him into your life. Read the Bible and learn your faith that you say you are.

The Journey of Salvation

The quest for salvation begins with an understanding that we as human beings are corrupt. We all sin, but there are degrees of sin. Those sins that actually change the path of our existence are the worst of these sins.
Sins like taking the life of another human being. Sins like choosing to be with someone of the same sex instead of the opposite sex. These sins turn you down a path that is hard to turn from, but that must be turned away from.
At the core of all sin is the desire to satisfy yourself. Your wants and desires.
In the Bible, we are taught that removing the “self” is a core element to do in the journey toward salvation. However, how can we ever get there on our own? We cannot. We must turn to the only person that was perfect. For only something pure and clean can remove the impure and filthy. Do you not use a clean rag and water when cleaning a mess?
Who is this perfect being? It is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Can you still come to God once you have committed the worst of sin? Yes you can, but it will cost you dearly. You must emotionally suffer greatly as you go through the rest of your life, but realize this life we now live is temporal. Our true rewards are promised us not in this life, but in the next and eternal life.
You will be tempted to return to your previous lusts and desires. You may falter, but turn away and repent and then strive forward toward God. All you need do is ask Jesus into your life, and to read the Bible. It will already be difficult, but if you do not ask Jesus’s help or learn from the Bible the struggle may tear you apart from the inside. In many ways, it already will especially when turning from a major sin. It must be done so you can one day as you explore the universe say to yourself:
“I am here because of Jesus.”