Why are you speeding your way away from God?

As I look about me more and more I see a falling away it is becoming a rarity to find a true servant of Christ. A prime example is on the roads we drive every day. As you look upon them as you drive down them you actually see a snapshot of faith and belief in God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
In Titus 3:1 we are instructed to follow ALL the laws of the land. Why? Because no power either good or bad is put into place without God’s approval. Some may cause horrors like Hitler, some may bring a time of peace and prosperity like Reagan. Will others snub their nose at God like Obama.
These are placed here by God to see how humanity will respond through their belief and faith in God. If they just roll over and allow things to happen that they know are against God like the Germans did in the 1930’s and as the American public is now doing. Then God will pass judgment upon them, either here and now or as well as when they stand before Him while He sets upon the Great White Throne.
But back to the main discourse: Obeying the laws of the land, no matter how minor or trivial they are.
Upon the interstate is a thing called a speed limit, this is actually a law that is placed for our safety and wellbeing. I be necessity go five miles over the speed limit. But why is it a necessity? For my own personal safety. Since I know there is someone out here that will use their car as a weapon or even have a gun and someday they may decide to use it because I am in their way and they have no desire to honor or even acknowledge God.
But why am I in their way? Because they have chosen to sin against God. The sin they are committing is by driving well beyond the law. They endanger all about them because they care for none others but themselves and their selfish desires to sleep in or watch a show to name two examples. They should leave earlier and allow for problems upon the road and work within the laws of the land. Laws even though made humans allowed by God. Their speeding is an outright rebellion against God. Yes I said rebellion.
This is why looking at the road is a snapshot on faith. Those that strive to follow the values set forth by God strive to serve God by following ALL the teaching within the Bible. Those that speed are snubbing their nose at God and saying He is not first in their lives.
As they run up my tail or flashing their lights at me. It is not me they are doing these things to. They are doing it to God, because I am trying to obey God.
This need to go fast is another way to ignore God. It is not just disobedience by disregarding the law, but it is an overall selfishness. Seeking only to please themselves and not God.
Now does this mean to support laws that go against God? No it does not, for we are told to place God first in ALL things. If a man-made law goes against God we are to strive to return it to that which reflects God’s will and desires.
When placing God first it must be done in ALL things, so you must plan your day out to not only pray to God but to honor God in all the things you do throughout the day. From speaking to simply showing common courtesy for we are told after placing God first in all that we do we are to love our fellow humans as we would love ourselves. Would you like it if someone was rude to you? Being rude, even on the road, for speeding is rudeness, for they are both sins against God.

If it were easy, everyone would do it.

We are taught that it is a narrow and rough road that leads to salvation. The road is full of potholes and rocks. If it were a real road, only the strongest build 4×4 could handle it. That is what those that turn to Christ are.
What I am about to type is something that need to be understood. Most in the United States of America are raised Christian, but that does not mean they are Christian.
To truly be called Christian you will turn to Jesus and ask him into your life; when you do this you will not want to sin. Sure, time to time, you will, but it will shortly after doing so make you feel guilt. You will be remorseful. You will turn to Christ and ask His forgiveness, once again because you have hit a rock or a pothole.
It is through studying the Bible that you learn what is right and wrong. It is not what other humans say is right, but God, through His Son, Jesus Christ.
It is time many start to realize that saying and being a Christian are two different paths. Jesus calls most in the United States “lukewarm” in the third chapter of Revelation. You are neither hot nor cold toward God. He clearly states that He would prefer you “cold,” but most especially “hot” for God. Therefore, those that call themselves “Atheist” have better standing with God than those that are “lukewarm.” That is a shocking realization when you think upon it.
Even though as I have witnessed the logic atheist use, which is warped and flawed, but God places them higher than most who use the name “Christian,” inaccurately, for themselves.
If you are selfish, self-centered, and arrogant, if you believe that the laws of the land do not pertain to you. Like for example the simple law of going the speed limit. Then you are not truly Christian. You may say that you are, but really, you are not. Wake up, turn to Christ and ask Him into your life. Read the Bible and learn your faith that you say you are.

The road does not belong to just you (A reminder to follow the teaching of the Bible)

Daily, especially on the northeast coast many act as if the road they drive their car and motorcycle upon is their personal property. Yes, your vehicle is your property, but that is where it ends.
We live under laws and rules of the road that we must obey and follow. As Christians we are told to obey these laws and rules (Titus 3:1).
Just for a refresher course.
The double yellow lines mark different directions of traffic. You do not cross that line unless you are turning and then ONLY if no one in the opposing direction is heading toward you, even if the light has just changed.
The dashed white line is a dividing line for multiple lanes. Stay between them, unless you are switching lane, but make sure no one is in the lane you are going into; also just because there is enough room for your vehicle in an adjacent lane is not permission for you to go into it. It is there as a safety gap. Per the rules of the road for every 10 miles per hour you go you should allow 20 feet between you and the vehicle in front of you for braking purposes.
The “Yield” sign means to “yield RIGHT OF WAY” that means if someone is where you want to be you MUST allow them to go first. When a sign says for example “Right lane ends” that means those in the left lane has the right of way and you must yield this right of way to them. Once it is clear, you can then merge over to the left lane.
If you are in a forty-five mile per hour speed zone and it then reduces to thirty-five you slow down.

As Children of God, we are told in to Bible to honor these laws as referenced earlier. If you are not following them then not only are you disobeying these laws but God.