Why are you speeding your way away from God?

As I look about me more and more I see a falling away it is becoming a rarity to find a true servant of Christ. A prime example is on the roads we drive every day. As you look upon them as you drive down them you actually see a snapshot of faith and belief in God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
In Titus 3:1 we are instructed to follow ALL the laws of the land. Why? Because no power either good or bad is put into place without God’s approval. Some may cause horrors like Hitler, some may bring a time of peace and prosperity like Reagan. Will others snub their nose at God like Obama.
These are placed here by God to see how humanity will respond through their belief and faith in God. If they just roll over and allow things to happen that they know are against God like the Germans did in the 1930’s and as the American public is now doing. Then God will pass judgment upon them, either here and now or as well as when they stand before Him while He sets upon the Great White Throne.
But back to the main discourse: Obeying the laws of the land, no matter how minor or trivial they are.
Upon the interstate is a thing called a speed limit, this is actually a law that is placed for our safety and wellbeing. I be necessity go five miles over the speed limit. But why is it a necessity? For my own personal safety. Since I know there is someone out here that will use their car as a weapon or even have a gun and someday they may decide to use it because I am in their way and they have no desire to honor or even acknowledge God.
But why am I in their way? Because they have chosen to sin against God. The sin they are committing is by driving well beyond the law. They endanger all about them because they care for none others but themselves and their selfish desires to sleep in or watch a show to name two examples. They should leave earlier and allow for problems upon the road and work within the laws of the land. Laws even though made humans allowed by God. Their speeding is an outright rebellion against God. Yes I said rebellion.
This is why looking at the road is a snapshot on faith. Those that strive to follow the values set forth by God strive to serve God by following ALL the teaching within the Bible. Those that speed are snubbing their nose at God and saying He is not first in their lives.
As they run up my tail or flashing their lights at me. It is not me they are doing these things to. They are doing it to God, because I am trying to obey God.
This need to go fast is another way to ignore God. It is not just disobedience by disregarding the law, but it is an overall selfishness. Seeking only to please themselves and not God.
Now does this mean to support laws that go against God? No it does not, for we are told to place God first in ALL things. If a man-made law goes against God we are to strive to return it to that which reflects God’s will and desires.
When placing God first it must be done in ALL things, so you must plan your day out to not only pray to God but to honor God in all the things you do throughout the day. From speaking to simply showing common courtesy for we are told after placing God first in all that we do we are to love our fellow humans as we would love ourselves. Would you like it if someone was rude to you? Being rude, even on the road, for speeding is rudeness, for they are both sins against God.

The duel edge sword.

There are times we go through trials and tribulations. As I have said before some may be a pruning by God to allow you to become a better tool for His glory. There will be some trials that confound and confuse you because they come at you from a direction you did not expect. Usually in these instances, there is another party involved. Someone outside that you do not know how or why they crossed your path and sent you into a trail and tribulation. When there is others involved it is always a test upon both parties or all those involved.
In many cases, it will be something that is testing you to see if you grow in your faith, and let me say on a personal note, that all our faiths including mine own have room to grow.
Here is my point of this post. Even though we end up growing and become closer to God in this time of tribulation we may not be the may target. I could be the other person in the situation that is being tested. It may be the other person having their faith in God worked upon my Him.
Our responses and actions to this person might be something that God can use to make this other person realize they need to change and come closer to God. Or they may just need to go through this trial in their own way, but still your reaction is important.
An example:
The other day I was behind a person on the road that was driving erratically. I noticed that he was more interested in looking on the screen of his cellphone then upon the road. I come to this conclusion by the mere fact that he crossed the double yellow line and had to come to a near stop several time to make a simple corner. I have seen drunk drives drive better. So as I get to a stop light I start honking my horn.
He jumps out of his car comes running to my window and proceeds to curse and me.
My respond. “Yes I have a problem with you. You are texting. Read Titus 3:1”
This reference to the Bible made his eyes widen, step back and then turn and leave to his car, which he suddenly started running to as it rolled driverless toward the car in front of it.
Was I being given a trail? I would say yes, if you knew me before Christ you would understand.
Was he being tested? I would say definitely.

Eyes Wide Shut

Sorry to borrow this title, but it is fitting. This is about the lukewarm Christian (Rev. 3:14-22). These verses are a snapshot for the majority of those that call themselves Christian within the United States of America.
Jesus states that He will spew you from His mouth. There are those that believe that once you are saved you are always saved. This to me is one of two verses directly spoken by Christ that says otherwise.
The way people act through free-will is a direct bearing on where they stand with God. It is made clear in these verses that if you do not tend to your faith and believes that you can be cast out by God. He goes on to say that these people are rich monetarily, but spiritually they are poor. This again reflects those in the US when compared to the rest of the world.
But why are they poor in spirit? Because they are not being taught about God correctly if at all. People need to go to church. People need to read the Bible. People need to learn how to act their faith for most are hypocrites because of their behavior.
As an example, breaking the speed limit. I remember a car passing me going sixty in a forty-five only to see them turn into a church for services a few minutes later. Per Titus 3:1 , we are to obey the laws of the land and thus honor God.
People need to do as Jesus said in Revelation. Either to turn toward God and embrace that they are what they say “Christian.” Or turn from God and no longer call themselves Christian for in actuality they most likely are not and know that they will not be welcome in heaven, and then the eternal life that is beyond Christ’s return.