Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: other voices in the wilderness

For those that have been reading my blog time to time will note that there are times I get preachy, harsh and some even say I am an odd ball.
Well to be honest on the last description. I really don’t care if people choose to think that way about me.
Here is the thing that caused me to write this article.
Today I once again heard Rabbi Jonathan Cahn speak. He echoed everything I have been saying about this time in world history. He confirmed that too many are lukewarm. That many have slipped into apostasy. He spoke of signs and events, some of which I myself was unaware of yet solidly confirms we are in the last days.
He is another voice in the wilderness crying out for all to awaken and repent. However, he knows in his heart, as I know in mine, that most will not listen until it is too late.
He reaffirmed that it is through peoples visual actions that shows where they stand within their faith, or the lack of, for God.
To have my concerns and my own reasons for reaching out to the lukewarm corroborated tells me that I am truly gaining insight into the Word of God.
Yet at the same time due to my own sin nature I still fear I will miss the Rapture or even enter into the eternal service of God. However, I will continue to strive to be a true reflection of Christ, as best I can, even though I know the mirror is tarnished and dirty. I will continue to seek to overcome my sin with pray and supplication unto my Lord and Savior, and yearn it will suffice.
If you have never read my articles before I suggest you do so. Read, think and come to your own conclusions, but do not hesitate. For Christ will return like a thief in the night.
I know the time is not yet here, for there are still things that need to occur, but we are definitely in the beginning of the soon to come end of this civilization as we now know it.


The Bible states that there will be signs that can be seen by those that know the Bible.
Now I don’t mean have the Bible memorized for those that follow the father of lies can know the Bible. This has been demonstrated many times throughout history and even in recent events. For someone that carries lies upon their lips follows him that causes all lies, yet they can quote from the Bible and make you believe they are a servant of God when by the mere fact that they spit out lies left and right shows themselves for who they really are.
To truly know the Bible first and foremost you must know God and accept that His Son the Lord Jesus Christ is the one and true Messiah. Now there are those that do accept this as well, but do not know the Bible. Why? Because they are allowing someone else to tell them what is written within it.
We are not to allow other humans to inform us what is and what is not within the Bible. This allows false prophets to rise up which is one of the signs that it is getting close to the return of Jesus.
There will be a great falling away due to those allowing others to tell them what and what is not. I encourage everyone to read the Bible and not to even take my word for what I say. Why? Because I am human. I am fallible, I can and have made mistakes. This is true of all humans for sin comes from within us not from an outside source once we reach the age of accountability. This is why it is important to not only teach ourselves the Bible but our children so that they too can see the signs and know that they must fix their ways before it is too late, especially when the age of accountability come into effect.
I know that at this time these words will fall upon deaf ears, but I feel the Holy Spirit is guiding my words today to be able to reach someone in a not too distant time where they will see one of the ultimate signs and wonder why they are still here upon this earth.
The answer to this is simple. They did not truly learn the Bible. They thought themselves prepared and ready yet they lived in sin. After the ultimate sign millions if not billions will awaken to the truth, but it will cost them dearly in what time they have left upon this current earth. They will suffer anguish and pain for that is the cost of their neglect in not learning the Bible that they must face.
So, to learn the signs you must learn the Bible. Learn what it means in the Greek for the New Testament and learn what it meant in the Hebrew for most of the Old Testament. Then come to realize that a sin is a sin if the Bible says it is and then repent of your sins, striving never to do them again, and pray unto God through the Lord Jesus Christ for your true salvation.

The road does not belong to just you (A reminder to follow the teaching of the Bible)

Daily, especially on the northeast coast many act as if the road they drive their car and motorcycle upon is their personal property. Yes, your vehicle is your property, but that is where it ends.
We live under laws and rules of the road that we must obey and follow. As Christians we are told to obey these laws and rules (Titus 3:1).
Just for a refresher course.
The double yellow lines mark different directions of traffic. You do not cross that line unless you are turning and then ONLY if no one in the opposing direction is heading toward you, even if the light has just changed.
The dashed white line is a dividing line for multiple lanes. Stay between them, unless you are switching lane, but make sure no one is in the lane you are going into; also just because there is enough room for your vehicle in an adjacent lane is not permission for you to go into it. It is there as a safety gap. Per the rules of the road for every 10 miles per hour you go you should allow 20 feet between you and the vehicle in front of you for braking purposes.
The “Yield” sign means to “yield RIGHT OF WAY” that means if someone is where you want to be you MUST allow them to go first. When a sign says for example “Right lane ends” that means those in the left lane has the right of way and you must yield this right of way to them. Once it is clear, you can then merge over to the left lane.
If you are in a forty-five mile per hour speed zone and it then reduces to thirty-five you slow down.

As Children of God, we are told in to Bible to honor these laws as referenced earlier. If you are not following them then not only are you disobeying these laws but God.