Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: other voices in the wilderness

For those that have been reading my blog time to time will note that there are times I get preachy, harsh and some even say I am an odd ball.
Well to be honest on the last description. I really don’t care if people choose to think that way about me.
Here is the thing that caused me to write this article.
Today I once again heard Rabbi Jonathan Cahn speak. He echoed everything I have been saying about this time in world history. He confirmed that too many are lukewarm. That many have slipped into apostasy. He spoke of signs and events, some of which I myself was unaware of yet solidly confirms we are in the last days.
He is another voice in the wilderness crying out for all to awaken and repent. However, he knows in his heart, as I know in mine, that most will not listen until it is too late.
He reaffirmed that it is through peoples visual actions that shows where they stand within their faith, or the lack of, for God.
To have my concerns and my own reasons for reaching out to the lukewarm corroborated tells me that I am truly gaining insight into the Word of God.
Yet at the same time due to my own sin nature I still fear I will miss the Rapture or even enter into the eternal service of God. However, I will continue to strive to be a true reflection of Christ, as best I can, even though I know the mirror is tarnished and dirty. I will continue to seek to overcome my sin with pray and supplication unto my Lord and Savior, and yearn it will suffice.
If you have never read my articles before I suggest you do so. Read, think and come to your own conclusions, but do not hesitate. For Christ will return like a thief in the night.
I know the time is not yet here, for there are still things that need to occur, but we are definitely in the beginning of the soon to come end of this civilization as we now know it.


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