We are to compare all we hear to the Bible for it is the words of the Groom

When you accept Christianity and ask Jesus Christ to be your Savior you are entering into a covenant. Christians are described as the bride of Christ. It is a marriage. When you look at the relationship of marriage between humanity within the Bible it states that those marrying will depart from the parents and join together to be one. To be of one mind and one flesh.
To be of one mind we must know how the other person thinks and feels. How do we do this with Jesus Christ? The answer to that is simple we read the Bible.
Now many use the excuse that they do not have time to read the Bible. Other say that they go to church and listen their pastor, priest, minister. Neither of these methods is acceptable. For it is up to those that asked Jesus into their hearts to learn and have a personal relationship with Him. This can only be accomplished by knowing the Word of God ourselves. That way we cannot be led astray when someone says something that is not Biblical.
Yet millions call themselves “Christian” and have no idea of the true teachings of the Bible.
In James they are called what they truly are: adulterers, for they have betrayed their vow unto the Lord and have embraced the here and the now. The objects and places within this temporal world. They lust after that which will be eaten by moths and rust into nothingness. For that is truly what it is nothing.
They crave the momentary satisfaction over the eternal and everlasting.
Yet if you confront them with the truth you are the villain, you are the enemy, and you are the evil one for you cannot be right. Yet your foundation is the Bible. Your firmament is the Son of God. So if we are the villain and we are evil, yet we are of Christ, who are they calling the villain and evil? It is not us, but Christ Himself. Any that calls Christ the enemy has a different master and lover. That master only desires to tear you down and destroy you yet all the time sweetly talking to you and lulling you into weakness so you can be overwhelmed and destroyed.

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