You made the baby now what are you going to do? (By the way this is not about giving birth, but about salvation)

Too many say we need to bring people to God. Why do I say too many? Because they don’t follow through.
So you lead someone to Jesus. They accept Him as their Savior and wish to learn how to be a good and honorable “Christian.”
I left the line blank for a reason. For those within the “Church” that just lead people to God and then nothing else is actually walking a dangerous path.
When someone come to accept God they are truly born again. They become a newborn babe to a faith they have no true understand of how it works. Most of the time they are left at this point alone and wondering. How do I know this? This is what happened to me in 1986. I was left to fend for myself. No one was there to lead me down the right path. No one was there to teach me the correct things I needed to do to grow in my faith.
First and foremost no one told me to read the Bible nor taught me how to read it and learn from it correctly. God does not instill this knowledge automatically to you it is the job of someone within the Body to tell you this. Yet most of the time what happens is people are left to try and learn all they need to know on their own.
This is something that needs to change immediately. When people are asked if they wish to have Jesus as their savior the pastor, preacher, priest needs to then say this.
“For those that just asked Jesus into your heart if you could please stay behind so that we can help you in your next steps toward servanthood as a child of God.”
Then a group within the church go one on one with those that did. They offer them a Bible and suggest they get a concordance and other tools that will help them grow. They should at this time also offer a Bible study class for the newly saved so they can learn as a group about their faith.
I have NEVER heard of this ever being done and all I can say is: Why not???

We are to compare all we hear to the Bible for it is the words of the Groom

When you accept Christianity and ask Jesus Christ to be your Savior you are entering into a covenant. Christians are described as the bride of Christ. It is a marriage. When you look at the relationship of marriage between humanity within the Bible it states that those marrying will depart from the parents and join together to be one. To be of one mind and one flesh.
To be of one mind we must know how the other person thinks and feels. How do we do this with Jesus Christ? The answer to that is simple we read the Bible.
Now many use the excuse that they do not have time to read the Bible. Other say that they go to church and listen their pastor, priest, minister. Neither of these methods is acceptable. For it is up to those that asked Jesus into their hearts to learn and have a personal relationship with Him. This can only be accomplished by knowing the Word of God ourselves. That way we cannot be led astray when someone says something that is not Biblical.
Yet millions call themselves “Christian” and have no idea of the true teachings of the Bible.
In James they are called what they truly are: adulterers, for they have betrayed their vow unto the Lord and have embraced the here and the now. The objects and places within this temporal world. They lust after that which will be eaten by moths and rust into nothingness. For that is truly what it is nothing.
They crave the momentary satisfaction over the eternal and everlasting.
Yet if you confront them with the truth you are the villain, you are the enemy, and you are the evil one for you cannot be right. Yet your foundation is the Bible. Your firmament is the Son of God. So if we are the villain and we are evil, yet we are of Christ, who are they calling the villain and evil? It is not us, but Christ Himself. Any that calls Christ the enemy has a different master and lover. That master only desires to tear you down and destroy you yet all the time sweetly talking to you and lulling you into weakness so you can be overwhelmed and destroyed.

Gain knowledge

One thing the Bible states is to teach your children the Bible so that they will be able to discern what is good and bad within the world. Now this also means that they must also understand what is going on in the world and you can only do that by being fully informed of what is going on.
At this time not only is knowledge of the Bible lacking but also an understanding of what is going on about us. Today’s society within the United States of America has become a blurb of words here or a picture there and that is all that any requires to know and understand. This is actually a form of ignorance. This is also the surrendering the very control of your life to someone other than yourself. Yet millions of people embrace this mentality. To a large degree it is due to the world moving so fast. Not only in transportation, but in forms of media as well. This is one reason why newspaper companies have diminished and many are not shifting to the internet rather than to actually print a newspaper.
This has also opened the door to false messages being sent out and none really challenge them. As children grow into adults they get to a point where they rebel against the parents. They no longer wish to listen to them and so they substitute one type of authority figure for another. Now if they were taught the Bible as we are told to do they know that the true authority is God and so the Bible is that source for insight and knowledge. This is no longer the case in most young adults’ lives now. So they go off to college and gain their freedom only to be ensnared into dogmas and doctrines that seek to cause chaos and anarchy within this nation.
Do you know that most young adults that go to colleges and universities come out atheist, liberal and haters of the very nation they live within? That is because they have switched from listening to their parent to listening to those they see as more knowledgeable than themselves, their professors, most of which are socialist and atheist.
So who is to blame for this? Their parents to a degree for not instill the word of God into their lives as the Bible instructs them to do. Also not truly researching the school they are sending their young adult off to. This why this nation is in such a poor situation and going downhill more and more every day.
Christians need to get out of their homes and out of their everyday lives and get involved with teaching God, Jesus and the Bible unto to all that are willing to listen. For soon things will get worse, but what is really worse is these young adults may find themselves cut off from God and that is a horror and shame that none should have to suffer. What many do not realize is that God most likely will hold people accountable for their lack of action in this department. Most likely covered under the sin of ignorance, but since you have just read this and you still do nothing there goes that excuse and it will be worse for you when the time comes if you did not make the Rapture, which is why far viewer will disappear from this planet upon this day.
So gain the knowledge of the Bible and spread it to all so that they will gain the knowledge and they too will pass it on and they will rejoice when they can freely stand before God their blemishes removed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

You can’t cherry pick God

Due to recent events I feel drawn to revisit this understanding of how to use a Bible. In 2 Timothy 3:16 it states that ALL scripture is inspired by God and is good for the development of those that wish to know and be one with God.
First let’s look at the 2 Timothy itself. When this was written it is just a letter sent out to those that called themselves “Christian.” It was not scripture then as it is now considered; in fact you can say that for the entire New Testament until it was formally called that by the commission of King James. So when this letter was written what was the scripture it was referring to? That would be the Old Testament. Jesus clearly states that he did not come to replace scripture but to fulfill it. If you do not read the Old Testament you do not know what it is He has come to fulfill. So all of the Old Testament is relevant and needs to be read and studied.
Now the entire Bible is considered scripture so it is now just as important to consider all part of it old and new.
I will tell you an event that happened in my life and I hope it brings the point home. I was eighteen and a Methodist church had opened directly behind my parents’ home which I was living in. So I said to myself what the heck I will give it a try. I go in and I try to adjust myself to the formal procedures that you must follow during one of their services. I thought to myself ok I can adjust to this, but I wasn’t fully comfortable having been raised in churches that weren’t so formal in their procedures. Then the minister started to talk. One of the first words out of his mouth was that that book of Revelation was a fairy tale. My jaw dropped. I knew 2 Timothy 3:16 and to hear a church leader say that a book in the Bible was just a story, a lie, I couldn’t believe my own ears. This belief on his part totally destroyed the need to even know this verse in the Bible. So why was he even in the pulpit? His job wasn’t needed per him so why even be there. Needless to say I never went back, but I wish I had the courage I now have and had gotten up and walked out of there the moment I heard him say that.
The thing is this minister is not alone out there, may-hap people that listened to him passed on these false teachings to others and a cascade effect has transpired to the resulting misunderstanding many that think themselves to be “Christian” now have of the Bible. They go to church hear someone in the pulpit mention this verse or that verse and they feel they are good to go for the week, or until such time as they decide to go back.
Well this is not how it was meant to be. We are required to know the entire Bible not this verse or that verse, which in turn can be misinterpret or stated out of context. We are required to know it so we can reprove those that do not teach the Bible correctly. Do we do this for all to hear? No we do not. For it even tells us in the Bible how to tell someone they are in error. We pull them aside and quietly try to straighten them out on the correct interpretation of the scripture. If they do not listen them we are to go with another person and if that fails we are to go to the elders of the church and get them to help fix the issue.
But now even these days that may not work, for many elders are afraid to confront their members that are in error. Afraid they may leave and take their money with them. This is not how it was meant to be. If God wishes the church to exist then it will. So the church leadership should do just that lead and yes confront the person that is in error for if they are allowed to continue in their error it can spread like a plague throughout the congregation and then it is nothing but a church in action not spirit and is dead to God.
It is important that all study the Bible and have a true understanding of what is written within it. Will we all have it memorized? No, but we will have a working knowledge of the scriptures that will carry us throughout our journey, growing ever stronger in our belief and love for God and His son the Lord Jesus Christ

True empathy

The definition of empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

This is something that many do not have. Many say they do, yet when it comes time to display empathy they stonewall, change the subject or even throw up words that act like chaff blinding the missile of truth from findings its mark.

Luke 10:27 And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.

If you love your neighbor as you love yourself is empathy. Yet this and other teachings of Christ are frowned upon. Why? Because they are teachings of Jesus. They are Christian.
Most in the United States have a huge misconception of the Bible and its teaching. Many that think they are Christian really are not. There are even those that deny God yet they do show empathy and other “Christian” traits and believes, yet they do not know this because they have been lied to by those that wish for them to deny God.
These people that are more “Christian” then many Christians have the foreknowledge that could lead them the Christ and become one of the counted. But will they have this opportunity? I do not know the answer to this question.
What is important is that we teach the Bible, that we show the love of Christ. That we show empathy and love for all humanity.
It is also important that those that believe themselves to be “Christian” search their souls and see if they are just a messed up Christian or a hypocrite.
I struggle with my faith constantly. I question myself and seek out answers. Am I perfect? NO!!!
But at least I am making more of an effort then many that do absolutely nothing and think that will get them into heaven when in reality it will not.

It is time to look at the bigger picture

Too many especially within Christendom limit God. It is something that is truly sad. God is more than a creator of a planet no bigger than a speck of dust within the universe. God created the entire universe. The imagery given us in the Bible shows how powerful and great God is. Not only is He the created of the universe but He also created multiple dimensions. At this point, many have stopped reading or are laughing, but think on it. Can you see Heaven? Yet it exists. That means it is in a different plain of existence, this means it is a different dimension. You see you limited God. This is my whole point. We have learned so much in the last hundred or so years. It is said in Daniel that our knowledge would increase as the return of Christ grew ever nearer and that we would be go to and fro.
For centuries, it was fine believing so limitedly, because the knowledge we had equaled it. At one time humans believed that this planet was the center of all then they found that the sun was the center. Later still, they found that this sun was on the edge of a huge galaxy. Now we know there are thousands of galaxies. This does not change the believing in God but confirms this believe. For in the very first verse of the Bible it states that God created the heavens and the earth. Earth has always been a minor character when compared to the heavens, but we have never been minor characters to God. For if we were God would have never sent us His Son so we could be able to fellowship with Him.
All humans have grown as beings created by God. As the centuries pass, we gain more and more knowledge, which allows us to know that God is real. Yet at the same time, there are those that still deny His existence yet the very fact that we have reached this stage shows of His truth and Glory.