Gain knowledge

One thing the Bible states is to teach your children the Bible so that they will be able to discern what is good and bad within the world. Now this also means that they must also understand what is going on in the world and you can only do that by being fully informed of what is going on.
At this time not only is knowledge of the Bible lacking but also an understanding of what is going on about us. Today’s society within the United States of America has become a blurb of words here or a picture there and that is all that any requires to know and understand. This is actually a form of ignorance. This is also the surrendering the very control of your life to someone other than yourself. Yet millions of people embrace this mentality. To a large degree it is due to the world moving so fast. Not only in transportation, but in forms of media as well. This is one reason why newspaper companies have diminished and many are not shifting to the internet rather than to actually print a newspaper.
This has also opened the door to false messages being sent out and none really challenge them. As children grow into adults they get to a point where they rebel against the parents. They no longer wish to listen to them and so they substitute one type of authority figure for another. Now if they were taught the Bible as we are told to do they know that the true authority is God and so the Bible is that source for insight and knowledge. This is no longer the case in most young adults’ lives now. So they go off to college and gain their freedom only to be ensnared into dogmas and doctrines that seek to cause chaos and anarchy within this nation.
Do you know that most young adults that go to colleges and universities come out atheist, liberal and haters of the very nation they live within? That is because they have switched from listening to their parent to listening to those they see as more knowledgeable than themselves, their professors, most of which are socialist and atheist.
So who is to blame for this? Their parents to a degree for not instill the word of God into their lives as the Bible instructs them to do. Also not truly researching the school they are sending their young adult off to. This why this nation is in such a poor situation and going downhill more and more every day.
Christians need to get out of their homes and out of their everyday lives and get involved with teaching God, Jesus and the Bible unto to all that are willing to listen. For soon things will get worse, but what is really worse is these young adults may find themselves cut off from God and that is a horror and shame that none should have to suffer. What many do not realize is that God most likely will hold people accountable for their lack of action in this department. Most likely covered under the sin of ignorance, but since you have just read this and you still do nothing there goes that excuse and it will be worse for you when the time comes if you did not make the Rapture, which is why far viewer will disappear from this planet upon this day.
So gain the knowledge of the Bible and spread it to all so that they will gain the knowledge and they too will pass it on and they will rejoice when they can freely stand before God their blemishes removed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

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