It is hard listening to the blind

One of the saddest thinks for someone that is true to the Bible, Jesus Christ and His Father: God, is to hear the blind spouting out their words and hearing the echo of someone else coming from their mouth.
You know the source of the lie, you see the lie, yet the blind parrot the words nearly exactly. They so wish to have others do their thinking for them that they dare not listen to someone that holds the truth before them.
It would be like saying I have found Bigfoot and here he is as you point to the furring smelly man-ape beside you and they would insist it is someone in make-up. This is how it is for many that are true to God.
It is worse though when they see many that they call their friends and loved ones that still hold on to ideals and believes that have been proven to be falsehoods and lies, yet they are so entrenched in their comfortable world of lies they would rather reject you then to accept what is true. In many cases it must take something drastic to happen in their lives to even give you a second chance to try and explain what is true and real within the Bible.
They would rather call you judgmental then to understand that you are merely following the true teachings within the Bible that say we are to reprove, rebuke and then to exhort them to hear and understand.
So many sit upon the shoulder of those other humans they worship, Parroting over and over again the lies they are told. Eating upon the scraps that those they worship my toss by chance their way.
Our forefathers of this vary nation saw just how humanity was during their lifetimes. They saw those that would think for themselves and challenged the status quo and in so doing created a new nation. They also saw how easily many others were corrupted by greed and power and so within our very own governmental design placed within the ability to keep other powers in check. Their fear was the career politician. Their fear was a president that would think himself a king. Their fear was a supreme court that would try to govern through laws instead of allowing and supporting the laws created by the legislature.
Yet that is the world we live within today. All three branches corrupt and conspiring with each other. Each gaining more power as the common human just tries to stay alive. Most of which blindly echo the words of those in power that strive to remove the true authority over mankind as they seek to supplant God Himself. Not realizing there are condemning themselves as they do so as the lemmings blindly follow them into damnation.

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