You can’t cherry pick God

Due to recent events I feel drawn to revisit this understanding of how to use a Bible. In 2 Timothy 3:16 it states that ALL scripture is inspired by God and is good for the development of those that wish to know and be one with God.
First let’s look at the 2 Timothy itself. When this was written it is just a letter sent out to those that called themselves “Christian.” It was not scripture then as it is now considered; in fact you can say that for the entire New Testament until it was formally called that by the commission of King James. So when this letter was written what was the scripture it was referring to? That would be the Old Testament. Jesus clearly states that he did not come to replace scripture but to fulfill it. If you do not read the Old Testament you do not know what it is He has come to fulfill. So all of the Old Testament is relevant and needs to be read and studied.
Now the entire Bible is considered scripture so it is now just as important to consider all part of it old and new.
I will tell you an event that happened in my life and I hope it brings the point home. I was eighteen and a Methodist church had opened directly behind my parents’ home which I was living in. So I said to myself what the heck I will give it a try. I go in and I try to adjust myself to the formal procedures that you must follow during one of their services. I thought to myself ok I can adjust to this, but I wasn’t fully comfortable having been raised in churches that weren’t so formal in their procedures. Then the minister started to talk. One of the first words out of his mouth was that that book of Revelation was a fairy tale. My jaw dropped. I knew 2 Timothy 3:16 and to hear a church leader say that a book in the Bible was just a story, a lie, I couldn’t believe my own ears. This belief on his part totally destroyed the need to even know this verse in the Bible. So why was he even in the pulpit? His job wasn’t needed per him so why even be there. Needless to say I never went back, but I wish I had the courage I now have and had gotten up and walked out of there the moment I heard him say that.
The thing is this minister is not alone out there, may-hap people that listened to him passed on these false teachings to others and a cascade effect has transpired to the resulting misunderstanding many that think themselves to be “Christian” now have of the Bible. They go to church hear someone in the pulpit mention this verse or that verse and they feel they are good to go for the week, or until such time as they decide to go back.
Well this is not how it was meant to be. We are required to know the entire Bible not this verse or that verse, which in turn can be misinterpret or stated out of context. We are required to know it so we can reprove those that do not teach the Bible correctly. Do we do this for all to hear? No we do not. For it even tells us in the Bible how to tell someone they are in error. We pull them aside and quietly try to straighten them out on the correct interpretation of the scripture. If they do not listen them we are to go with another person and if that fails we are to go to the elders of the church and get them to help fix the issue.
But now even these days that may not work, for many elders are afraid to confront their members that are in error. Afraid they may leave and take their money with them. This is not how it was meant to be. If God wishes the church to exist then it will. So the church leadership should do just that lead and yes confront the person that is in error for if they are allowed to continue in their error it can spread like a plague throughout the congregation and then it is nothing but a church in action not spirit and is dead to God.
It is important that all study the Bible and have a true understanding of what is written within it. Will we all have it memorized? No, but we will have a working knowledge of the scriptures that will carry us throughout our journey, growing ever stronger in our belief and love for God and His son the Lord Jesus Christ

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