Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the letter

What is to follow is a letter I just sent to someone I consider a friend. The names have been removed from the person and the church to protect those involved:

It has been a year and a half since I severed my ties to the {omitted}. Many, not just you, were listed on my friends list in Facebook. I have also removed them form my friends list just this last week.
{Omitted} cut me off from receiving my post soon after (unfriended), because in his eyes I became too “radical” in my thoughts soon after I left the church.
As I delved ever deeper into the word of God I found I could not live in a grey or as Christ put it a “lukewarm” existence. As the Bible states it can only lead to one point, removal from God’s blessing and salvation. This was made clear by John the Baptist in Luke 3, reinforced by Christ Himself in John 15 and made perfectly clear in Revelation 3:15-16 by the Glorified Jesus Christ.
A lukewarm existence will lead away from God and His eternal love and blessing and those that live it are seen as even worse than those that deny God outright.
When I received posts on Facebook, what few there were. The trend was never toward God, but further and further away from God.
Watching people I care for deeply falling further and further away from Christ just got me to a point of complete sorrow and I even started entering into depression.
I know I cannot save everyone, but it was my personal attachment to those from the {omitted} that just made it unbearable to continue to watch those I considered friends to be heading not toward God, but away and into certain loss.
It is made very clear within the Bible. It is love God or love the world. You cannot be both.
I have reach out to those that would hear, you being one of them, but still I could not watch the descent any longer, it was too heartbreaking.
There are those like {omitted} that thought it was due to politics, this was never the point. Even though it was the behavior of many during this election that showed where their true state of understanding the Bible and God stood.
These times we are in are truly the end of times for human rule of this planet, and any support of sin, no matter how minor it may seem is actually an acceptance of the world and a rejection of God.
Those of the {omitted} like yourself are in my prayers and it is never too late to awaken from the downward spiral. A spiral I myself was in at one point but awakened only when God placed me through the harsh trial I had gone through in 2013.
Since that awakening I have been coming closer and closer to God through Christ, I wish those I call my friends not to have to go through such a harsh pruning has I had to experience.
If you wish to be friends still I will friend you again in Facebook, but understand I may get harsher in my rhetoric.

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