So we are all going to heaven???

Well that is what a recent poll states that says 69% of the Evangelicals surveyed stated.
There is just one big problem with this.
God made it clear that not all would enter into His service in the eternal life to come.
If fact the Bible makes it clear that more will reject God than accept God.
The road is wide and smooth to damnation and the narrow road is rough and hard for those that will find salvation.
Also, yes I agree there is a Heaven, but this concept that this is where those that do go there will stay there forever. This again is not stated in the Bible.
We are told that Paradise a.k.a. Heaven is there and in use in this time, but once Jesus Christ returns those that were seen as worthy servants will find themselves back upon this very planet helping to rule the nations for one thousand years in direct interaction with Jesus Christ Himself who will rule the entire planet in this time.
At the end of this thousand years will come the great White Throne Judgment. It is in this time that those that did not make it all the way will face the Judge, the Trinity.
Those that never knew God, those that denied God and those that rejected God will face their verdict.
They will either be accepted, or for the most part, might I add, rejected and sent into the pit of fire.
This is definitely not heaven.

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