So we are all going to heaven???

Well that is what a recent poll states that says 69% of the Evangelicals surveyed stated.
There is just one big problem with this.
God made it clear that not all would enter into His service in the eternal life to come.
If fact the Bible makes it clear that more will reject God than accept God.
The road is wide and smooth to damnation and the narrow road is rough and hard for those that will find salvation.
Also, yes I agree there is a Heaven, but this concept that this is where those that do go there will stay there forever. This again is not stated in the Bible.
We are told that Paradise a.k.a. Heaven is there and in use in this time, but once Jesus Christ returns those that were seen as worthy servants will find themselves back upon this very planet helping to rule the nations for one thousand years in direct interaction with Jesus Christ Himself who will rule the entire planet in this time.
At the end of this thousand years will come the great White Throne Judgment. It is in this time that those that did not make it all the way will face the Judge, the Trinity.
Those that never knew God, those that denied God and those that rejected God will face their verdict.
They will either be accepted, or for the most part, might I add, rejected and sent into the pit of fire.
This is definitely not heaven.

“Don’t wear black.”

This is what I told my wife. Why? I told her this because I don’t want her to wear black to my funeral if I should be called to heaven before her. Now again why?
Sure there will be a bit of sorrow but only due to the separation from her, but that is not what we are told and promised. This is one of the things that I see as a misunderstanding that has never truly been addressed within the church. I have yet to see a truly happy and joyous funeral. This is not what I want if I do go before her.
This life is only temporary. This life is not our true goal. This life is not all there is. This is but a proving ground. A trial to see if we are truly worthy to honor and serve the creator of all there is, including us.
To be called to His presence is a time that should be celebrated not mourned over. Now if you do not know for sure where they are going once this life ends then yes by all means mourn and be sorrowful. For you do not know if you will ever see them again, but if you do know that Jesus is your Savior and those that love you are the same then celebrate and rejoice. For it is only a short parting that will go by quickly for the one that has been called before our Lord.
Think of how joyful they are to be standing within the light of God, to be talking to our Savior the Lord Jesus the Christ. Is that not something to want to throw a party about?

Heaven the holding ground

In 1 Peter 1:4 at the end of the verse it says “reserved in heaven for you.”
For those that have not read it Peter is referring to our live eternal that we were promised through Christ sacrifice for us upon the cross.
In particular I want to draw your attention to the word “reserved” of the King James Version of this verse. The actually meaning of the word in the Greek is to hold, preserve, and watch. Many have this image though not studying the Bible themselves that Heaven is all there is beyond this life we now live, but that is not what is promised us. Look at the first part of the verse: “To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away” The main thing I wish you to note is the statement “that fadeth not away.” It will last forever, but its time is not yet revealed to any and they are held over in Heaven until such time as God finishes what He is going to do with those upon this planet.
We know that we shall be in clean of our sins. We know we will live forever. Yet people even within Christendom go about as if this life, this short life is all that we are promised. Yet that is not what the Bible teaches. If people would truly read the Bible then they would learn what is true and what is real. All I can do is encourage them to do so, but it is up to them to do it.

Discomfort with and about God

People do not like situations that are beyond their control. As a result, they have learned to limit God. The true glory of God is too frightening to them. Consequently, they encapsulate Him to at the most the planet and the least they attempt to make Him into their personal genie. When doing this they get upset and blame Him for not living up to their desires, or God gives them a glimpse of how powerful He truly is which in turn makes them feel inadequate.
It challenges their believe that they must control how their live goes and works. As a result, they are repelled; Runaway; Deny. If they still believe they become lukewarm neither hot nor cold for God. If they don’t they become Atheist that still seek after the rewards promised to us by God, but instead say it is nature’s doing and it may take centuries to accomplish
I find it funny how those that say God is not real then look into space and say there are aliens. They bring forth theories that state there are multiple dimension. What I find funnier is that they think humankind by itself can grow to a point that they evolve into a higher and eternal life form.
Why do I find it so funny? It is that has they deny God they seek to be with God. Aliens are angels possibly. The idea that there is multiple dimensions is already well documented in the Bible. Earth is in one dimension while Heaven is another one. Last of all seeking to evolve into a higher eternal life form. Again, we are promised this within the Bible.
The only difference in their believe is that humankind will go through several generations to reach this goal. The Bible states that ALL that have ever lived will have an eternal body.
One major factor that may cause issue with them is the fact that only those that are amongst the count will be able to explore the universe as servants of God, while those that deny Him will end stuck on Earth in a VERY warm location that will be VERY uncomfortable. How unfortunate that they must deny Him.