If you don’t know what is morally right how can you be moral?

Here is an interesting question. In the Bible it states clearly that there will be those that will stand before God that had never heard of Him. Yet by their own conscience they will have led a moral life. What I also find interesting is in how the sentences were formulated. The implication is that these people were few and far between and that those that led amoral life’s far outnumbered them.
This is one reason I feel we have a Bible. A handbook of instructions of how we are to attempt to lead a good and moral life. The key book within the Bible is the book of Leviticus as I mentioned to a friend the other day that anything that requires a sacrifice in the early days of the Jewish faith after Mount Sinai can be called a sin and something that is not moral. There are also instances where a paragraph starts with (to paraphrase) God told Moses then fallowed a group of items not to do then ended with for “I am the Lord your God” or such, and that these things were also sins.
One reason for this is due to the fact that God did not want things that were taking place in Egypt and Canaan to enter into the lives of first the Jews and then those that would follow. Why? Because these sins were things that would lower and debase the human race which God does not desire.
The ultimate goal of God is for all of humankind to be second within the universe with only the trinity of God being greater. We are to be over the angels and we are to be given greater deeds and tasks for the glorification of God. Satan however does not wish to be ruled. In fact he desired to supplant God and in ways he still does for he seeks to have humans through the centuries worship him.
Many theories have been thrown out there as to how this is possible, but there is evidence not only in the Bible but throughout this planet that supports this. But I am getting off track.
What is necessary is that we read the Bible and especially the books like Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Proverbs and Psalms so we can see what is right and glorious in the eyes of God and in so doing do what is moral and right.

To deny why Christ went upon the cross is to deny Him

Within the book of Leviticus is the laws Moses received from God upon Mount Sinai. Each sin is listed and every type of sacrifice is named according to each sin from minor offerings to even the death of the person. These sin are why Jesus Christ went to the cross and the sacrifice He made from being beaten, whipped, nailed to the cross and even His death were why Leviticus was written and why Christ did what he did.
Many in today’s world though do not acknowledge the book of Leviticus. They use the statement “Jesus died for our sin this book is now moot.”
I say, if you do not know what is a sin how can you know you are clean of it? All of the Bible is relevant and important:
2 Timothy 3: 16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.
If you deny any part of the Bible you are in essence denying Jesus Christ.
Matthew 10: 33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.
So I challenge all to read the book of Leviticus and accept what is written within it. If it is called a sin within that book then it is a sin. If it is still a part of your life and you feel no remorse in committing these sins or sin then are you in denial?

What took Moses so long to return to the tribe of Israel as they waited for his return at the foot of Mt Sinai?

Those who have not read the Bible, will not realize, that the reason it took so long for Moses to return to those he had just saved from slavery in Egypt was due to him be given not just ten commandments but all the laws that the tribe of Israel and ultimately Christianity were to follow.
Now as I have said before due to free-will all have to choice to live as they so desire. That is their decision to live in sin if they so choose. That does not give them permission to change the laws that were first made upon that mountain those thousands of years ago.
Yet that is exactly what is being done. To the point that the former Presbyterian church this last year did two things in violation of these laws. First, they said they would no longer acknowledge Israel. Second, they allowed for same sex marriages.
Now again as I have stated elsewhere and above if you want to live this lifestyle that is your decision, I am not going to stop, but I am not going to condone your action either. I will personally think you are living in sin. If I knew I could get you to stop, I would do it.
My reason for this post is to state that when a church allows you to marry within their walls they are giving you the false believe that God approves of your lifestyle, which is the furthest thing from the truth. The new Presbyterian social club is no longer a church. They may say they are, but due to them denying Israel which is the first nation created by God then they are in fact denying God. So if you want to get married in a one of the clubhouse go for it, but do not think it is God saying it is ok.
One of the laws given to Moses on Sinai was that men should not lie with men as if one is a woman. (Lev 18:22). At one point the actions of a few men within the tribe of Benjamin resulted in nearly the entire tribe to be wiped out leaving only eleven tribes instead of twelve. All due to the fact that the tribe would not turn over these men for judgment due to their behavior. (Judges 19 & 20)
Also in Leviticus, it is explained that due to this type of behavior was one of the main reasons God was leading the Israelites into the lands that would become Israel due to this very behavior because the nations that occupied it at that time allowed this behavior.
Here is my point. Again if you wish to live this lifestyle do so, but do not force your lifestyle upon the rest of us. This nation, no matter what you were told was made for the freedom to worship God. Due to this original principle, it has been changed to allow those to worship or not worship as they see fit. As a result, this nation is in decline. If you read Leviticus, you will see that those nations Israel was going to replace were in decline because of this type of behavior being present.
If you insist on marrying, do not do so in a church have a civil ceremony.
As a Christian, it is my responsibility to inform you that your actions are a direct factor for the states of this nation as it is this moment. It is also due to abortion, but I will not stop a woman for doing it for that is her free-will choice as well. I am asking that you try to understand that your actions are wrong. Will you change your ways? I doubt it, but I hope you start to think. I hope you start to realize that this type of lifestyle has led to the destruction of many nations before this one. Realize that by forcing others to accept you is wrong, just as it is equally wrong for others like me to force you to stop if you do not want to. Leave the laws of this nation alone. If you do not like them because of your lifestyle choice Then you will just have to not like them. They were made because they were based on those laws given to Moses upon that mountain by God Himself. I wish to follow these laws, as should any that call themselves Christian. As such no church should welcome you unless you come to repent of your sin and leave it behind. I know it will be difficult, for I have had to struggle with it myself, but I overcame it and came to know that the traditional lifestyle is the true one.
I know the world does not revolve about me. Many think the world does revolve about them. This is also not true. God is the center for when you truly place God before all others you suddenly know and realize that all others are more important than you are. That is why I make this blog. It is what God has called me to do. This is my ministry, and through it, I wish to help awaken those that are walking through this world in a dream of their own making. A dream in which all is happiness, but in reality the world is falling apart about us due to these choices that are against God and the founding principles of this very nation. This nation which was the second nation created by God. It should be treated with the respect for which those that left the persecution of the Old World to come to this New World in the believe that they and their children, which we are, would worship God as if He still stood upon Mount Sinai at this very moment and obey the laws he had handed to Moses.