Most have the wrong image of how “Christians” are to act

We have the appeasers.
We have the love merchants.
We have the prosperity gurus.
All seek one goal to get humanity to come into their buildings called “churches.”
First off the “church of Christ” is not a building it is those that have accepted Christ as their Savior and strife to follow His teaches as best they can. Stumbling and falling, but growing stronger and ever forward are those that have accepted as their Savior, the Son of God.
Second, those that are the Body of Christ are to separate from those of the world. Not to mix and mingle with it, for the Bible states clearly the end result. Those of the Body re-enter the world. Now physically this is not something that can be done, but there is no need to get involved in the discussions about sports, celebrities or the latest fad. You simply state the truth, you have no interest and go on about your business.
Then who are we to fellowship with? The Bible makes it clear, we are to fellowship with each other. To be encouraged and up lifted by our fellow followers of Jesus. We are told time and again to do this, yet how many actually gather with those that are their fellows? Not enough I would gather and many that think just going to the buildings called “churches” is all they need do. They should seek to make friends from within the Body and seek to fellowship with them daily.
We are to be the light of the truth that shines into the darkness that is the world about us. Exposing sin into the light to shame and embarrass. Not with words, but with our actions. Not actions of looking down upon those that sin, but showing that we have no desire to partake of these sins ourselves. We are not to attack, berate or belittle, but to those willing to hear we are to reprove, rebuke and exhort when asked, but mainly we are to do it with our behavior and our attitude of not thinking we are better than those that sin, but their equals even though we do not partake of their actions, which are against God.
It is to be done in knowledge of what is within the Bible and knowing what is right and wrong. Then through right action we show those that are not doing right to at some point within their souls understand that they are wicked, weak and pitiful. For they will see you living in a way they thought impossible and will wonder and question their own lifestyles and behavior as it should be done.
Without knowledge of the Bible as well as the driving forces for sinful humanity you can give a false image, an image of hypocrisy.
Will all be able to accomplish a true image of our Savior? Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it is doable.
One of the main factors that drives people away from God is those that do seek to appease; those that do seek after only love; those that seek earthly rewards.
Yes Christ does seek after peace, but knows that as long as humanity is corrupt there shall never be peace, there will only be murder, hate and war. All driven by humanities selfish desires to say that only they can accomplish what is already promised unto them through the blood of Jesus Christ.
Yes Jesus does love, but the love is so great that He died for our sins to be washed away and never to be repeated.
Yes the Savior does promise rewards, but it is an eternal reward that will never be received here upon the earth, for only corruption comes from the earth and Christ Jesus our Savior is perfection and offers only perfect rewards that are beyond this failing and corrupt reality. Rewards that will last for billions upon billions of years once this reality has been replaced with the new reality yet to be. For God has said that once the testing of those in this reality is completed there will be a new universe and a new earth. One that will not see humanity as beings that walked upon this small planet in the corner of a small galaxy, but as servants of the Most High, the Creator of all there is and all there will be, God.

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