To live in sin is not to know God

This is basically what it says in 1 John 3:6.
Let me get you to understand how repentance works and yes I must use an extreme example to get my point across.
In Leviticus 20:13 we see one of the laws that Moses brought down for Mt. Sinai. (Once again people need to understand that it didn’t take forty days to bring down Ten Commandments but all the laws that are in Exodus through Leviticus.)
It clearly states that homosexuality is a sin so the other day when I saw a sign in front of the Supreme Court which said “I am gay and I am a Christian.” 1 John 3:6 shows that one of these statements is not true. Since the men live in sin they do not know God and so are not “Christian”
It is that simply. It is black and white. It is hot and cold. (Revelation 3:15-16)
You cannot live in a sin like this and say you know God. It is an impossibility.
Do I hate these men? By all means no I do not.
I actually pity them.
This believe they have that they can be both and thus “lukewarm” is leading them down a false and dangerous path to a fate I wish upon no one.
This message needs to get out there they need to see it more often. Then need to have this burden of this weigh upon them till they walk away from it if they truly do wish to know God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
We are told to turn from our sins not continue to live in them. Yet this is what these men are doing. Living in their sin thinking they know God when God at this time does not know them. If they leave their sin then yes He will know them and Jesus will acknowledge them, but as along as they chose the sin over God the latter will not know them at all.

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