Let’s not shake the boat… it might sink.

This is the mentality of many that call themselves “Christian.”
They are in a place of comfort. They are well off, well fed, and at easy in the place.
This is the home of the “lukewarm.” (Revelation 3: 15-16)
This is the home Jesus has made it clear you will be spit out by Him.
Yet here you sit saying: “Wow, glad this guy isn’t referring to me.”
Let’s let that last sentence sink in a moment.

God has made it clear that you MUST be HOT or even COLD, but you must never be “LUKEWARM” or “gray” as I call it.
A “gray” is someone who walks the middle ground neither embracing fully sin nor fully the commitment to Christ. Most that call themselves “Christian” in today’s world are in reality “grays.”
Your views to yourself condemn sins yet when it comes time to confront these sins you sit at home in a chair and complain and do nothing about it.
When it comes time since through your action to vote for example you say the words “I am a Christian” yet you either do not vote or vote for a group that has denied Jesus. (Matthew 10:33)
You just handed a victory to Satan, congratulations, good job.
When it comes time to follow the laws of the land as we are instructed to do in Titus 3:1 and you choose not to do so you are a “gray,” congratulations, good job.
When it comes time to get out of your chair and do something for God, you decide not to for someone else will do it instead.
No one does it as all, because it was you that was supposed to do it not someone else, you are a “gray,” congratulations, good job.
When the Rapture comes and you find yourself left behind and you begin to weep when you realize you failed God, you are a “gray,” good job.
When you find yourself getting you head sawed off with a dull knife you realize you are no longer a “gray” and are dying for your faith and believe in God. CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD ONCE AGAIN!!!!!

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