The rules didn’t go away they just got simplified

First and foremost, we must make this perfectly clear:
faith without works is dead (James 2:14-26)
Just as works alone is death, so is faith alone. It is a meeting in the middle of these practices that allows people to truly be called “Christian,” and alive.
In the Old Testament part of three books were dedicated to rules to follow to live ones live in service to God. Many if not most think these rules and regulations are now void. This is not true. They have just been simplified to be understood easier. While some of the more harsh rules have been taken out of the hands of humanity and returned to He that till sit upon the Great White Throne.
In the simplified version by loving God with all our heart, mind and soul first should totally remove selfish lust, desires or wants.
By treating our fellow humans as we would wish to be treated is the next most important rule.
The first removes the desire to commit suicide, so the second removes the desire to murder, for example.
It is made clear that nature in all its forms are of God. So any desire to go against nature is an act of rebellion against God and is seen as death.
The desire to horde our wealth and to seek after luxuries is called “of the world” and anything of the world is death. Yet most horde their wealth and seek after luxuries. When the Bible clearly states that if you have been given wealth you are to share it with these within the faith that are in need.
1 John 3:7 – If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion—how can God’s love be in that person?
All of these are in the Old Testament and were abridged by Jesus and His apostles. If it is called a sin in the old it still a sin in the new.
Thinking you can go through this temporal existence and say through faith you are saved. Yet make no effort to follow what the Bible teaches, you seek death.
So when you speed, you seek eternal death.
When you go against nature, you seek eternal death.
When you seek after wealth and fame. You seek eternal death.
When all you care for is only yourself no matter the cost to others. You seek eternal death.
The only grey zone in the Bible is living a faithful life and doing that through works. This is what is needed to show you know the simplified rules of the New Testament. Otherwise it is black and white. Death and life. This is I why the entire Bible counts. Not just the old and not just the new.
The old give you the specifics on most that still hold true as confirmed by the new. If this were not so, then Jesus died for nothing.

This is the testament of the last Christian

My name is unimportant for I am the last of my kind upon this planet. In a few hours I am to be the center piece of the show of shows. Cameras from around the world sit about the stage I am to be taken to.
How did I get to this point? It is a sad tale, but one which needs to be stated so I am writing it down before Elijah and Enoch arrive moments after what is to take place.
It was three and a half years ago that it all began. The time of horror and destruction. When all the children vanished under the age of thirteen. Not only them but many adults vanished as well.
To be honest I and many that went to church with me thought they too would have been called up upon that day, but that was not the case at all. Instead we found ourselves still here. Bewildered and shocked that we were left behind.
I have had these three and half years to think back upon my time before the vanishing. I now know that I was a hypocrite and a liar. I did go to church, but it was just an act, motions to not to help the world but my own selfishness. I look back upon my days away from those two hours on Sunday morning. How I sped down the road not caring for the laws of man even though now I know that all laws are from Him. I think back on how rude I was to others thinking them as lower than me, not realizing that it was my duty as a Christian to place all before myself. To care for them, to help them to know that God was real, but instead I now know my action and my words made many to turn from God and now many watch on from where they live in high anticipation for what is soon to come.
These three and half years have been life changing and world changing, but it quickly deteriorated for those that like myself that finally accepted God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. When the government implanted the chips into those that followed it and its master. It is then that the chaff was exposed leaving the few like myself striving to survive as best we could. It gets hard to go without, especially when you had become spoiled upon the world, but it can be done. At least for a time, but as I am a witness to even that reaches an end.
I will not take the mark, I will not take the chip. They already know this, but they want their show. Their show to show the world that their master is the real leader of all, but I know that he is not. For I now fully accept Christ and even though it shall be painful it will not be has long as He has to suffer upon the cross and soon I will be a martyr unto God Himself and I will serve Him directly as all martyrs are promised.
I hear the footsteps heading my way now. I hear some even laughing softly, most likely they have been watching me as I scribble these notes, even though I know none shall ever read them that will understand that Jesus was and is right and real for they have fallen for the lie and embraced it.