Month: May 2014

To the gentle people

How does someone try to show who he or she really are? It can take years to truly know someone. It can take longer if they hide their true self from you. Be it intentionally or out of fear. Those that do it out of fear, do it out of shame, usually, for some action that happened to them before they met the party that wishes to know who they are.
Then there are those tout there that truly desire to share, not only their past, be it good or bad, but their future as well. They look at the world with a child’s excitement, yet they remember getting their fingers burned figuratively speaking. This burning is impressed upon them, which makes them shy, stand offish, or slow to act when someone seeks to get to learn more about them. Kind caring people like that have the hardest time in the world.
Repeatedly they run into someone that tries to tear them down. Yet time and again they spring back for the most part. Sometimes they become jaded. Sometimes they start to become like those that attempt to tear them down.
It is times like this that they need to seek something more then themselves. Many seek out an escape through a diversion, or a substance. Many retreat into themselves. There is another option though; one that has been there longer then any of us.
It is something that will accept all as they are at this moment. Yet it will allow those that seek to return to the kind and gentle-person they started as.
In time when that person is ready within themselves it will ask them to change into someone who will stop thinking of themselves, and begin to reach out to others. Giving them a kindness that is within them which will cause others to wonder why this person before them is so gentle and compassionate.
Some of these may be the ones that caused the person to become jaded and they will look on in astonishment and start to think how this is possible.
They may ask the person that is kind and caring and this person will respond:
“It is God through His Son Jesus that I am as you see now.”

The P.C. police…. the killers of a nation

The challenges of being a Christian in today’s world is something that can be a struggle. An assault is going on. Not only in nations where Christianity is not the main venue of believe. It is also under attack within countries that say Christianity is the main faith.
In the United States, an ongoing molestation continues daily to remove any statement, simple, or action that identifies that this nation as Christian to is very roots are being removed for the sake of not hurting someone’s feelings. The main problem with this is their actions are hurting the feeling of the majority, but the majority, being Christian at their heart are placing these others before themselves, as it should be. The problem though is that this minority only cares for themselves and their desires.
Most that came to this nation in the early colonial years came here so they could worship God without the government’s involvement in how they practice their respective faiths. Why is this? Because King Henry VIII wanted to get a divorce, so he made the Church of England to be run by the government i.e. himself.
William Penn the founder of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia as well as many other towns and cities throughout that state, was a religious leader whose influence was still understood and felt by the founding fathers of this nation. This was a factor in picking Philadelphia for the constitutional congress. It is why Philadelphia was the capital of the United States for a short time until the District of Columbia was established.
The United States is the second nation created placing God over it. Israel is the first, which is why these two nations are so closely bound together.
Yet the P.C. police (“political correct” which is a total misnomer) seek every way to remove God from this United States. What this P.C. police do not realize is that they are acting like totalitarians. Their actions are not making the United States better, but they are destroying it. The thing is they can see this. Why? Because all they think about is themselves. Those that study the Bible know that those that wish to govern must be a servant to the people, not dictate to them. Being a servant to the people means, you do not think of yourself, but of the others, or this case the nation. Humbleness and scarifying self over the majority are what should be gained to further one’s self in the journey through faith. If someone thinks, “how will this affect ME” then this is the wrong method of thinking.
Millions of people died to protect the United States from fascism, socialism and communism.
Millions died to allow people to worship God or if they chose not to worship God. Yet today thousand say that the billions that now live in the U.S. cannot worship God as those that founded this country intended.
Those colonist; those in the military that went through hardship and horrors to allow all to live in a country where they could worship as they wish, talk as they wish. Yet the small group that seeks only to serve their own desires sue cities, schools and people just so they can worship the self. They say they are doing it for all, but most of those they are doing it for would rather honor God. For when you honor God, you place others before yourself. You make quality products. You teach children to be better than yourself. You created business to allow others to live better. Without God, you lead a nation toward destruction. Why? Because without God, you have those that are selfish and self-serving and all they will seek out is things to please themselves and not those about them. Therefore, all things will fall apart into decay.

True knowledge and growth (something some governements do not want you to learn)

The seeking of self is an ongoing journey. It is something you do your entire life. As you travel throughout your existence, you will notice a change in who you were and who you are now if you think upon it.
To me though, the greatest change comes when you realize that how you are at a particular moment is not who you want to be. This is something I know all deal with for it is placed in books and into movies. True most times when you come to this point are not so action filled to be worth turning in a movie. That does not diminish their import.
A key element to me is honor. I do not mean “honor” as a noun, but as a verb. The one that means: to observe, adhere to, be true to.
To observe the laws that govern you, be they the laws of the land or of your believes.
To adhere to them and follow them, no matter how minor or how great.
To be true to yourself and others.
To me placing others before myself. That is more gratifying, more satisfying then only seeking to please my own desires and wants. Most of the time I have gotten to the point where placing others first is simply a natural reflex then a conscious act.
A prime example: my work ethic. What I do can literally kill someone if I do not give my best effort. To do my job there are rules I must follow. If I do not follow these rules, the worst might happen. Many I work with do not have this work ethic, most are younger than me.
Why are the younger people less caring about the rules and or laws you may ask? To me it is due the removal of the fundamental rights, which I and those my age grew up being taught. My generation was the generation of the child of the war; be that the World War of the Korean War. Our fathers for the most part were men that had truly witnessed the horrors of war. So they instilled into their children the need to follow the laws, be they the laws of the land of the simply the ten commandments of the Bible. The latter of which was simply reduced to the saying: “Do unto others as you would have other do unto you.”

Now the horrors of war are upon us once again. May returning home missing limbs, many with brain damage, even more with emotional damage. Will this make them instill into their children the need to follow the rules? I can only hope. For at this time we are in a generation that has never truly experienced these horrors. In fact many of been desensitized to these very horrors through movies and televisions show that show extreme violence.
To a degree I was desensitized to it was well. Then one day I had a “brilliant” idea. I would watch the killing of one of the hostages that were being taken by Muslim extremists. I quickly become aware of the horrors of war that day as the dull knife was used to slowly cut the man’s head from his body. I could not even finish watching. I became unable for months after that to look at blood without wanting to vomit. Something I had never experienced before in my life.
This was another building block, which has helped to form the person that writes these thoughts down now. Was it a good one? NO!
Because there has been no ongoing or horrific war, the minds of people have become complacent. They allow other people to determine how they should think instead of doing the thinking themselves.
A prime example of this was Germany in the nineteen-thirties. People in the Germany that existed at that time had suffered through famine and privation due to world war one. Yet it was not these that were pursued by the Nazi party. It was the youth, but because many within the populous felt the surrender in nineteen-eighteen was unjust and unfair they too listened. Their minds were pliable to seeking what was better for the select, especially since those, which were not the select, contributed in their eyes to the suffering they had suffered in the past.
The cycle is repeating itself here in the United States. You have groups that were downtrodden in the past, but are now given the ability to prosper and yet they do not. They are taught from within and without that, it is due to others they are still failures. They are given gifts from the government that in turn keeps them downtrodden. Yet it is those that are prospering that are villains? To me, though, it is these government systems that are the problem and keeping them denigrated.
This country was formed under the promise that ALL are equal. Admittedly, it took too long for this to become the truth, but once it did, actions were taken to allow those that had been downtrodden to make something of themselves and many have.
Now though these rules are being used to make those it was meant to help and rise, into people that wish to dominate. Making themselves better than those, they see as the ones that oppressed them. The problem with that is that most that did this are dead. Those alive today had little to do with the oppression or were not even born. This is wrong to hold someone accountable for something they did not do.
Now as an example what occurred to those Americans of Japanese descent. These people were given a onetime monetary reward by the government for their treatment during World War II. That is how it should be done. A onetime recompense of money and then it is up to those that were affect to go from there. The continued dishing out of money to the point of making people depended upon the government is one of the ultimate wrongs that can happen.
The United States government was never meant to be as large as it is today. As it is stated in the Tenth Amendment in the Constitutions’ Bill of Rights:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”

The main power is to be kept to the States and if not the states the people, not the government. Today though, the government is guilty of taking the tenth amendment away from the people. Those that are career politician or career government employees need to be removed from office and in some cases even jailed for their actions.
Enough of the rant.
The main topic is growing to a complete person. Most would simply call it maturing. However, using the word “maturing” is not accurate. I now several people in their forties and fifties that are nowhere near being called mature. Then there are people in their teens I would call mature.
To me it is those that seek understanding in all things are the ones that seem to grow.
Those that reach a point that makes them comfortable; or allows themselves to live in a lifestyle that allows them to act in ways that are not correct; these are “immature and selfish.”
Therefore, we as the human race are encouraged to grow mentally, to seek out knowledge, to seek understanding of others so that we can grow. When someone or some group says not to do this, but to listen to them and only them for they have all the answers. Those that listen surrender their very worth has a member of the human race to be nothing more than a witless pawn that has no understanding or desire to know what is happening in the world about them. They become willing slaves to the mantra of thoughtlessness.
I encourage you to seek out knowledge, but make it a balanced knowledge. Understand the laws of land. Understand the rules of your believes within your respective faiths. See how the two are meant to work together. If you find they are not, then follow that which allows you to grow, not that which diminishes you. For if it lessens you as a human being do you truly deserve to be call a member of the human race?

The new “human sacrifices”

I find the irony of the description in Wikipedia that human sacrifice has “virtually disappeared” That has to be the biggest falsehood ever presented in Wikipedia which prides itself for making sure that the facts are posted.
While in all actuality, human sacrifice is actually at the highest it has ever been. It is just given a new name and people are being brainwashed into thinking it is fine. Yet also per Wikipedia, it states, “Most religions condemn the practice, and present-day secular laws treat it as murder. In a society which condemns human sacrifice, the term ritual murder is used”
Human sacrifice is the murdered of an innocent human to appease a god of idolatry. To allow for a good harvest. To allow for continued good living in the fashion people have become accustomed to. It is something that present-day secular law allows and does not treat it as murdered. In a society, which condemns human sacrifice when called that, and yet society defends strongly those that decide to commit today’s version of human sacrifice. A sacrifice raised up to the false gods of free living and convenience, as well the false god of selfishness, sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, lust and covetousness.
Yet if you even attempt to stop these new murdered you are called backward and locked in the past. Yet it is those that commit these human sacrifices are the truly backward and locked in the past.
In an article, I read recently a fetus of only 12 weeks was mummified. Simply, the ancient Egyptians felt that an unborn child is a living being. Yet here we are in a society that says otherwise and allows for the killing of this fetus.
I feel if an ancient Egyptian came to the present and saw this, that person would call this act barbaric.

Review: Godzilla (2014)

Having grown up watching the dubbed over Japanese Godzilla movies of the nineteen-sixties I was determined to go see this movie.
The moment I started watching it I felt I was watching one of these movies. The basic essence of that era of Godzilla movies was captured. The mystery of a huge monster going about unseen was shown once again.
The way things were presented you felt as though you were in the slightest way connect to that very first movie to feature this large creature within it. (Godzilla 1954). This is due to TOHO being fully involved in the production of the film unlike the last American version released in 1998.
The original look has been brought in the twenty-first century with the use of computer-generated effects. Gone are the days of the men in the rubber suits and Saber jets on wires sliding down to attack. Life has been given to the monster. A life he has never had before, to the very expression within his face and eyes.
In this one though I sensed a transition between these old movies and this new movie. They take you on a journey. A journey where the humans always opposed the creatures as they appeared from the sea and space to fight on the tortured islands of Japan. You are taken from just that island to the entire world being threatened. You see, in my opinion, humankind and the king of the monsters become allies to fight off the monsters that would wipe out all humanity. Possibly even Godzilla as well.

Base story I give: 4 swords out of 5 sword.
Acting I give: 4 swords out of 5 swords.
Special effects I give 5 swords out of 5 swords.
Overall rating is 4.33 swords

Pride in workmanship………..

That title to me is a misnomer. Why? Because that is something that is no longer present for the most part in the United States. Pride in workmanship is not something that just happens. It is something that is instilled into a person.
Pride, which is the key to the statement. Actual pride in what you do. The ability to do something that no one else can do. The ability to do something better then someone else; to make something that will endure; to me those are the hallmarks of pride.
Where someone gets the desire to seek this type of pride does not just appear when you are an adult though. That is why I stated it is something that is instilled into a person.
It is something that happens as someone grows into adulthood. It happens not only in the home, but also at school and even church (synagogue, mosque, temple, etc. etc.)
When I was in high school, I helped put together my schools literary magazine that we published once a year. I am a technical artist to a degree. I made a pen and ink drawing and used many techniques that are used in drafting. The picture was good enough to be voted to be the centerfold for the magazine. That instilled a lot of pride into me. That is just one example of how taking pride in the things I do was instilled into me.
It is event and other things that equal to this that happen in those impressionable years that help to make people take pride in what they do.
I mentioned in church one time that I knew how to make a house to a degree. The person I talked to asked when did work for a construction company. I told them I did not. I learned it on Junior High School. He was younger than I was, so I asked him did they not teach you stuff like that in school. His reply was no.
It is hearing statements like that, and hearing on the news on how they are no longer teaching our youth to succeed in the world. I then understand why products made in the United States fall apart. I stopped buying American autos in the early eighties because they literally fell apart in just over a year of purchasing them. The same can be said for electronic products made in the states as well. I went from praising General Motor and RCA to being a loyal buyer of Nissan and Samsung.
One of the best educational systems in the world is in Japan by the way. One of the worst is the United States, and it is getting worse since the implantation of Common Core. They are no longer teaching our child how to survive in the adult world, instead they really are not teaching them anything at all. Yet they are spending more money even with inflation’s adjustments. So for more money to teach our children we get less from it to the point of them going into the adult world unprepared or even filled with any type of pride within themselves?
In all actuality, it is schools that are destroying our children and not instilling pride any longer, but parents are at fault as well, but schools are worse.
In the past, one of the major strengths that marked this nation as great was the desire to educate all. Now we are witnessing the effects of not having this demand. One of the main issues is the teachers we have as this time. Not all of them as a point of fact, but still more then there should be. This is due, in a major part, to unions. Not only for teachers, but also for many major industries in this nation.
Within them, the need for pride has been pushed out the door, literally. So an attitude of none caring has saturated into those that have taught for many years within the system. When new teachers enter into the system, they still have pride and wish to pass this self-respect to their students. Unfortunately, due to how the system is setup these teachers in many cases find themselves pushed out the door and are no longer teachers. Why? Because they did not have enough seniority and those that need to be forced out are left within the schools to pass on their complacency instead of the pride the younger teachers wish to have past on to their pupils.
When an organization supports the destruction of a society it is something that should not be allowed to continue. If reforming these organizations is the fix then it needs to be done. If totally removing them needs to be done then it should be.
When a system supports the destruction of pride from our children it should be reformed into something that will restore bringing pride back into the minds and hearts of our children.
Without pride which gives someone self-worth, self-confidence, self-assurance and the desire in anything they do to be the best they can make of it. Then this nation will continue to diminish and become another Rome Empire. Another nation destroyed due to a corrupt system of government and education.

A comment on attempting to date in your 50’s

The wonders of having to start dating again in your mid-fifties. What I find the most amazing is how many people live in a fantasy world. Guys want a skinny woman with a hard body (Not me by the way). Women want men with six packs. Over fifty percent of men over fifty are overweight. From my own personal observation, a good deal of men that are not overweight have other issues that make them skinny. Me I am overweight. Am I proud of it? No, but it is fact.
Another thing is I am brutally honest, and a lot of ladies can’t seem to handle honesty.
Again this is all subjective, personal experiences.
I look forward to my retirement as it looms ahead of me. I know exactly how I wish to spend that retirement. I will see a lot of the nation again. That is something I really miss. I love to travel on the road. I thoroughly enjoy going into national parks and see bear, moose, elf, and bison roaming about within them. It is something that needs to be shared.
I try to impress this upon those I talk to and some get it, but known have gotten to the point of wishing to join me in these adventures.
Well I still have time. There is someone out there, and I look forward to meeting them.

The Journey of the Dreamer (Chapter 21) © copyright 1991


The Cross
:11:03 p.m.
Timothy is elated the entire day, and Christa is right beside him. She spends the rest of the day talking to her family about the events that took place at the church, and about the reaction Tim received from the people and from the pastor. He had asked for a copy of Timothy’s book and inquired if Tim could return again, which the younger man said he would.
Now Tim and Christa lie in bed still excited by the events of the past day. Slowly though, they both fall into a deep sleep.
The sun is bright as Tim finds himself at the rear of a large crowd, upon a hill, outside an ancient city.
“This is Jerusalem,” comes the voice of Gabriel from beside him, “and these people are gathered here to watch the spectacle of death.”
“Whose death?” Tim asks.
“Three individuals shall die this day, but one you know very well,” the angel says as Tim’s head snaps up to look at him.
“Yes…. Jesus.”
As Timothy looks back toward the crowd, he finds himself at its center. Here he is ringed by Roman troops as they hold back the excited mob. An opening forms on the side facing the city, and there before him he sees the Christ leading a large group of soldiers and three men with crosses.
“Oh my…,” come the words slowly and then are lost as he looks at the Savior’s battered form. Blood, both new and dried, cover His face. Most of it comes from the thorny crown upon His head; but some, Tim notices, comes from His nose and mouth. His clothes are torn and tattered, while His bare feet are dirty and brownish red from the mixture of blood and dirt.
When the Lord reaches the center of the circle, He falls to His knees revealing to Tim the hideous wounds upon His back. Timothy looks at the shredded skin of the Savior’s back. He looks into the still open, bleeding wounds; and he believes he sees the white of the spine and ribs. Tim turns away as nausea starts to overwhelm him.
“No, don’t turn away. You will not become sick.”
“But I feel as though…,” Tim begins to protest to Gabriel’s request.
“Don’t fear. It will not overwhelm you.”
With these words Tim returns his gaze to the sight before him. There he sees a man place the large cross near an already dug hole, which appears well used for its ominous purpose. The man’s face, shoulder and hands are covered with the blood of Jesus; and Tim can see that the man cries as he is pushed away.
Timothy’s attention turns to some movement near him. There he sees two soldiers grab up Jesus and drag His weakened form over to the cross, removing His clothes as they do. They throw Him upon it, which causes Him to arch his back in agony. One of the troops slams his foot down upon the Lord as four others grab His hands. Two of them hold His hands down as the remaining two places large nails at the base of his hands and begins to hammer them into His body and then into the wood. Once this is done, they take His legs, leaving each one slightly bent, and proceed to hammer a nail into each of His ankles. When they finish, the soldier stepping upon His chest moves. As he does this, they attach a guide-rope to the top of the cross. Then five of the troops grab the top of it and begin to raise it. When the wood form is too high for the men to push up farther without difficulty, two long poles are brought into play on each end of the horizontal beam. They use these to push the cross into its upright position as it slams down into the hole made for it. Timothy looks at Jesus’ face as this sudden downward movement ends and sees the pain written clearly upon it. He watches as the Savior lifts His bloody and battered face.
“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do,” Tim hears Jesus say. Tim looks at his guide.
“You hear the Lord’s words because this event is for all who follow Him in the past, the present, and the future and because He is God in human form,” Gabriel explains and then points back to the cross where the two see Jesus try to lift Himself to breathe. Tim looks on in anguish as he watches the nails in His feet begin to pour out more blood. He falls to his knees as he sees the torn flesh of the Lord’s back scraping against the rough wooden column. He looks on as large and small splinters are shoved into His already marred back.
Jesus’ head turns to His left, and Tim looks in that direction. He sees another cross there, and upon it is a man tied to it with ropes. Even though Tim does not hear the words, he knows the criminal is heckling the Lord, from his own point of death. He turns to see the other cross just behind and to the right of the Lord. He watches as the man there angrily speaks to the previous one.
“Truly I say to you, today you shall be with me in paradise,” Jesus says in an anguished way and then in pain relaxes His knees to send the pain shooting through His arms. Tim, unable to stand watching his Lord in so much agony, turns away for a moment.
When he returns his gaze to Jesus, he notices that it is growing darker. He looks up to see the cloud that must have moved in front of the sun and is shocked by what he sees. Above him throughout the sky he sees the ape-like creatures, like those from the battlefield, blocking out the blue sky. As hundreds, then thousands start to gather above the city, the light of day is soon blacked out as they watch with joy as Jesus suffers.
“My God,…my God,… why have you forsaken Me?” the Lord says in the light of the torches that have been lit.
Tim looks about him and sees that the crowd that was first there has dissipated. He can see a centurion and his troops, along with about twenty or so other people. Among them he sees three women and a young man holding one of the three, due to her weeping very deeply.
“Woman,” comes the pained voice of the Savior. “Behold your son!” The weeping woman looks toward Him and then turns to look at the young man holding her.
“Behold your mother!” Jesus spits out as his knees once again give way, sending s shudder of pain throughout his body. The young man hearing the words of Jesus, nods understanding that he is to care for Mary as if she were his own mother.
Tim, frozen in sorrow, cannot turn away any longer. He watches as the Lord raises Himself once again.
“I thirst,” the Savior says; and in response one of the guards shoves a liquid filled sponge into Jesus’ face. He turns His head away from the substance.
“Father,… it is done!” He shouts as His body clasps and becomes as limp as a marionette in a puppet show attached with strings to keep it up.
In shock Tim leaps from his bed and then falls to his knees as he begins to weep heavily. Christa, awakened by the abrupt action of her spouse, walks over to him and kneels down to hold him. She does not say a word as he buries his face into the side of her neck and engulfs her with his arms.


The entire novel can be found at:

Dream 4

Here is a recent reoccurring dream, one of my stranger one by the way. It takes place in the Gulf of California. How I know this is due to the type of animal life involved.

In this dream I see the squid that are found in the Gulf linking together to form complex geometric shapes. I also notice the grey whale, but cannot quite remember what they are doing.

Now here is where it gets weird. They are floating above the waters of the Gulf. There are new crews there and others observing trying to understand this strange phenomenon.

Trip to Grandma’s

There are things that just stick with you throughout a life. You can forget friends you once cherished. You can forget some places you have been. There are times though when something just glues itself to your memories. Something that is minor to other that are with you, but to you it becomes a building block on your personality.

One of these blocks for me was on a trip to grandma’s. Many of us had trips to a grand parent or parents. Then many of us have not had that opportunity, or their grandparents live close enough that within a few minutes your are there.

That was not how it was for me. Mine meant traveling for a couple of days. Traveling form the high plains of Montana to the lowlands of the Missouri River. Traveling through Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas.

On one of these trips is when my memory was set, and the building block was formed. It is funny I do not remember how old I was exactly, but I must have been about six. It was a cloudy grey day that I am certain. The grasses of the prairie were yellow upon the rolling hills that surround the interstate we were traveling on. Back then seventy-five was the speed limit. For all I know it may have returned to the limit, since several states have ended the need to go fifty-five.

I was looking out the window setting behind my father who was driving, and as I did, I saw them. A herd of Pronghorn Antelope, they crested a hill and curved in over it and then started to run parallel with the highway. I do not know how long they did, but it felt like forever that they did this. To be honest it was most likely nearly two minutes. To watch these animals running has fast as our car and at the same time running up and then down the hills mesmerized me. Then they arced away from the road cresting one more hill and they were gone. I remember looking back trying to still see them, but they were gone.

Yet here I am writing this, and sharing it. They are here, and yet it has been a life time since they were here. It had made it where I love to travel upon the road. A goal I plan to pursue once I retire. A clock I am watching nearly weekly. In time, it will be daily that I watch this clock. Then I will be free to wonder the highways once again and look upon the beauties this nation has to offer. It is something I cannot wait to share.