A comment on attempting to date in your 50’s

The wonders of having to start dating again in your mid-fifties. What I find the most amazing is how many people live in a fantasy world. Guys want a skinny woman with a hard body (Not me by the way). Women want men with six packs. Over fifty percent of men over fifty are overweight. From my own personal observation, a good deal of men that are not overweight have other issues that make them skinny. Me I am overweight. Am I proud of it? No, but it is fact.
Another thing is I am brutally honest, and a lot of ladies can’t seem to handle honesty.
Again this is all subjective, personal experiences.
I look forward to my retirement as it looms ahead of me. I know exactly how I wish to spend that retirement. I will see a lot of the nation again. That is something I really miss. I love to travel on the road. I thoroughly enjoy going into national parks and see bear, moose, elf, and bison roaming about within them. It is something that needs to be shared.
I try to impress this upon those I talk to and some get it, but known have gotten to the point of wishing to join me in these adventures.
Well I still have time. There is someone out there, and I look forward to meeting them.

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