The P.C. police…. the killers of a nation

The challenges of being a Christian in today’s world is something that can be a struggle. An assault is going on. Not only in nations where Christianity is not the main venue of believe. It is also under attack within countries that say Christianity is the main faith.
In the United States, an ongoing molestation continues daily to remove any statement, simple, or action that identifies that this nation as Christian to is very roots are being removed for the sake of not hurting someone’s feelings. The main problem with this is their actions are hurting the feeling of the majority, but the majority, being Christian at their heart are placing these others before themselves, as it should be. The problem though is that this minority only cares for themselves and their desires.
Most that came to this nation in the early colonial years came here so they could worship God without the government’s involvement in how they practice their respective faiths. Why is this? Because King Henry VIII wanted to get a divorce, so he made the Church of England to be run by the government i.e. himself.
William Penn the founder of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia as well as many other towns and cities throughout that state, was a religious leader whose influence was still understood and felt by the founding fathers of this nation. This was a factor in picking Philadelphia for the constitutional congress. It is why Philadelphia was the capital of the United States for a short time until the District of Columbia was established.
The United States is the second nation created placing God over it. Israel is the first, which is why these two nations are so closely bound together.
Yet the P.C. police (“political correct” which is a total misnomer) seek every way to remove God from this United States. What this P.C. police do not realize is that they are acting like totalitarians. Their actions are not making the United States better, but they are destroying it. The thing is they can see this. Why? Because all they think about is themselves. Those that study the Bible know that those that wish to govern must be a servant to the people, not dictate to them. Being a servant to the people means, you do not think of yourself, but of the others, or this case the nation. Humbleness and scarifying self over the majority are what should be gained to further one’s self in the journey through faith. If someone thinks, “how will this affect ME” then this is the wrong method of thinking.
Millions of people died to protect the United States from fascism, socialism and communism.
Millions died to allow people to worship God or if they chose not to worship God. Yet today thousand say that the billions that now live in the U.S. cannot worship God as those that founded this country intended.
Those colonist; those in the military that went through hardship and horrors to allow all to live in a country where they could worship as they wish, talk as they wish. Yet the small group that seeks only to serve their own desires sue cities, schools and people just so they can worship the self. They say they are doing it for all, but most of those they are doing it for would rather honor God. For when you honor God, you place others before yourself. You make quality products. You teach children to be better than yourself. You created business to allow others to live better. Without God, you lead a nation toward destruction. Why? Because without God, you have those that are selfish and self-serving and all they will seek out is things to please themselves and not those about them. Therefore, all things will fall apart into decay.

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