Month: May 2014

Dream 3 part 2

Once again I have a dream that defies the common stance upon dreams. I mean really how can you see something that is not a product in the reality we live in. Yet there it was; an item that you could tell was manufactured. It was functional and made sense it how it was being used. I could see others actually using it.

As to the interpersonal activates within it. Again the conversations show friendship and long term interactions between all involved within it. The details are not important. The fact that the realism was beyond that of other dreams.

I have has dreams and knew that this all they could be, but these dreams that I write about are more. There is too much occurring not only in the personal interaction, but in the places. A mind is extremely powerful, but to image a water park with manmade rocks and places setup up to sit and talk or to have other area setup up for shopping or eat. I don’t see the mind going through that much need to make that type of detail just for REM sleep.

I mean really, wouldn’t you think details like that would make you tired instead of rested when you awaken from a dream like. I would think so, but that is not what happens

Selflessness and the final reward

I witness daily the deterioration of a nation. I watch, as people show no true work ethic or common courtesy for their fellow people. When I was raised, I was taught to place others before myself. When you live this way, you do your best work because you are thinking of the person you are doing the task for. This allows you to make a quality product or give someone service that makes them feel you care for their satisfaction, which you do if you place others before yourself.

Now though I see that vanishing more and more. People only think of themselves and as a result, you get products that fall apart and customers who never return. Then people wonder why their businesses close or people start buying products from their competitor.

This is all due to the removal of God from our world. God is the focal point of ethics. Many try to say otherwise. Saying you can achieve the same goals without God, but as you examine these other ways you will see the ones that survive have at their core desire of placing others before themselves. Thus, people are living God’s rules without realizing they ever did.

However, here is the catch in today’s world. Most if not all in the United States has heard of God. Many deny Him. Many do not want to know Him. Many have forgotten Him. They in turn live a life where they seek self-satisfaction, and seek self-worth and most find it lacking. Therefore, they turn to drugs or some other form of an emotional quick fix, which gives them a short escape then they find they are even in worse shape than they were before they tried to escape.

Now I can tell you as a Christian there are times I feel I have not done enough, and my self-worth feels lacking. I turn to God and it gets me to the next moment. I also realize that through all the setbacks and trails I face now I know I will have a greater reward later.

Now here is an interesting area to deliberate: our future reward.

One thing that has always existed for as long as I have been alive; and what I have witnessed through reading history. All belief that once we die we go to heaven and that is it. I must also add that there are those that think there is nothing beyond death, which gives them power to live in sin.

Well I hate to destroy both of these images. Yes, at the moment those that have accepted God go to a heaven or paradise. Those that deny God go to a dark place. Is it on fire there? I do not think so.

What is certain is that once Jesus returns all those called before God, be it in death or the rapture, will return to earth in God’s army; right behind Jesus as he set foot upon the Mount of Olives. Will we return to heaven? If memory serves me, no. We will remain on earth, for a thousand years the earth will mend, and we will teach those that are born in this time of God and His Son.

Then as the Millennium starts to end Satan will be loosed upon the world once again. This will be the final perching of evil from earth. Once this is done, we will stand before God in the final judgment. It is here that the pit of hell comes into play. It is here that a new earth will come to be and those faithful to God will walk upon it ALIVE, not dead. Not on clouds or have wings; just new bodies, which were given before Jesus returned to Jerusalem.

Dreams 2

How is it possible to have dreams that are so real and I have had so many. Could they be real? Just in a world, we can only access through our dreams. Quantum theory says that for each decision we make another reality is formed, taking the opposite choice, but to me that is still to limiting. I have been at the command of a rebel force that used tigers and triceratops as mounts. I have flown through the air without anything but my will. I have flown in space in a ship and battled other vessels in the blackness. I have made love to women that loved me in return, but I have usually never known them in my waking world.

The last women I dreamt of had short light brown hair. Her soft skin felt so real. Holding here slim form was as if she was right there with me at that very moment in the real world, but she was not. Our discussions had meaning that had shown events had happened in the past between her and I. The room we were in was familiar and yet I have never been there. Additionally, I do not know any slim women with short light brown hair.

I have felt a knife being buried into me back as I felt the presence of the blade within me. This took place when I was a child, not a man. By the way, I have never been stabbed.

I have witnessed the flash of a nuclear bomb exploding and then dying within its blast wave. I have seen tornadoes many of them all at the same time devastating fields and towns and then within a few days tornadoes hit actual places in the waking world.

Along these lines, once when I was a child I dreamt I was on the school playground. I was walking along the concrete curb when I slipped. As I looked down, I saw a shiny black volcanic glass rock. I picked it up and looked at it then looked up at the saddle back of the mountains that my school and home were next too. The next day this actually happened for real and as it did, I remembered my dream from the night before. Talk about deja vu.


It is cold and raining as I write this. So sick of the cold, but that is not the point. The goal of this posting is believes. Be it my own for the most point. One of my strongest is that people, even those that believe, limit God.

Me? Maybe I give God too much power, but I would rather He have too much then the little some think He has to the point of thinking He does not exist.

The greatest evidence is the big bang. I mean think on that. At a single point at the core of the universe, a massive eruption of matter goes in a nearly unmeasurable distance in all directions. Making billions of galaxies and within each of these is millions of solar systems, and here we are within one of these systems upon a planet.

Here is where many Christians like to limit God, by stating that this planet is the only planet with intelligent life. That in itself diminishes God. If God is truly all-powerful, and all knowing then placing live on other planets is the only logical conclusion one can make. By denying this, Christians give power to those that do not believe God is real. Or should I more accurately say: wish to deny God is real, since they have heard of God. It states clearly in the Bible it is better for those that have not heard of God then for those that have heard of Him.

By denying God, this allows them to deny the teaching given to us by Him and His Son Jesus. This denial allows them to live in sin. If they accept God as real, they must then realize that certain live styles are not acceptable in His eyes and this scares them.

Do not get me wrong. I am Christian, but I DO sin. I go through regret and sorrow. I pray for forgiveness. Then I try not to repeat that sin. Usually it works, but there are some sins I repeat. Some I truly regret, but I believe that I will be forgiven when I regain my strength of will and after prayer.

However, back on topic: The Big Bang.

Science states that all matter has mass and that mass is constant. It can be transformed but it is still constant. You burn wood then there are gases, water that then turns to steam and carbon. All these add back to the wood before it was burnt.

So how can the mass required to form the universe come from nothing? Yet that is exactly what scientist say has taken place. Some theorize that it was as small as an atom, but since none but God was there we truly do not know. Recently I read that science has documented the shock-waves that confirm the Big Bang. Thus, they have confirmed God is real. Since only God can create something from nothing. Or if you wish can open a hole in one reality to transfer mass to another reality.

Now look at the creation has shown in the Bible. You will notice that once the universe exists it is then that God follows the rules of equal mass. He created man from clay as an example. Some may counter with the creation of woman being make from a rib. I will counter with God applied the DNA from the rib and still used clay as well, even though not written that way. Since the best source of DNA comes from the bone marrow, so again proving of the existence of God. The first chapter of Bible is pure science. Science written several thousands of years before the word “science” was coined.


Are dreams just dreams?
Or are they something more?
I have had many dreams in my over fifty years. Many I remember.
I have watched a city I have never been to grow and change throughout my five decades of life. So how can I see the same place, know it is the same place, and yet see it change?
Could it be real somewhere else?
It is thoughts like this and many others that I will be posting.
Some will be like this. Some will be about my believes and faith since I am a Christian. Some may even be about politics. Depends on my mood at the time. Let us just see where it goes together.