Are you going to cause World War III?

I was just watching “Battleground” (1949). The first movie to be made about the Battle of the Bulge. In part of it they had pastor talking to the troops and he asked the question was it necessary for them to be there. He said that when ever someone with the believe of a super-race or a super-believe threaten the rest of society then yes it was necessary.
Now we have ISIS. Men who act exactly like the followers of Hitler if not worse. It is something that needs to be stopped before it causes 13 million to die horrible deaths in concentration camps in addition to 22 to 25 million military death. It is said that nearly 80 million dies in total in World War II.
In that time many saw how Germany changed, and they tried again and again to talk the Germans into not pursing what they ended up doing. Now we have an identical if not worse threat to the freedom of the world before us.
Today though we live in different world. A world that easier to travel within and also more dangerous. More dangerous due to weapons that can be made these days. Weapons we are allowing people to make that would willingly and gladly use upon us due to their super-believe that only they are the children of God when in reality their very actions and behavior say the opposite.
They are a threat to the world. They are a threat to all those that call themselves civilized. ISIS has made it clear that all that do not fanatically do as they do will be put to death. These men cannot be treated with. They will only answer to the same exact violence that they give out. They will grow like a cancer that can only be cut out of the human race so the human race can return to growing.
But it can only grow with God at the head. Part of the reason it has become so virulent is because people are turn away from God. People have forgotten or never really taught what it is to be Christian. That is the total opposite of how these men within ISIS are being taught. They are the true meaning of the word fanatic. While many if not most of those that call themselves Christian are the antithesis of these men. If people do not awake quickly than 80 million will be a drop in the hat compared to all those that will die in the war to come.
The lines are already being drawn. The radical countries are teaming up already while those are the other side are fragmenting. The fanatics smell weakness, and the weakest is the USA, due to poor leadership and lack of proper education. It is time to turn to God and realize that all human life is important and stop those that think they only they should exist.


It is cold and raining as I write this. So sick of the cold, but that is not the point. The goal of this posting is believes. Be it my own for the most point. One of my strongest is that people, even those that believe, limit God.

Me? Maybe I give God too much power, but I would rather He have too much then the little some think He has to the point of thinking He does not exist.

The greatest evidence is the big bang. I mean think on that. At a single point at the core of the universe, a massive eruption of matter goes in a nearly unmeasurable distance in all directions. Making billions of galaxies and within each of these is millions of solar systems, and here we are within one of these systems upon a planet.

Here is where many Christians like to limit God, by stating that this planet is the only planet with intelligent life. That in itself diminishes God. If God is truly all-powerful, and all knowing then placing live on other planets is the only logical conclusion one can make. By denying this, Christians give power to those that do not believe God is real. Or should I more accurately say: wish to deny God is real, since they have heard of God. It states clearly in the Bible it is better for those that have not heard of God then for those that have heard of Him.

By denying God, this allows them to deny the teaching given to us by Him and His Son Jesus. This denial allows them to live in sin. If they accept God as real, they must then realize that certain live styles are not acceptable in His eyes and this scares them.

Do not get me wrong. I am Christian, but I DO sin. I go through regret and sorrow. I pray for forgiveness. Then I try not to repeat that sin. Usually it works, but there are some sins I repeat. Some I truly regret, but I believe that I will be forgiven when I regain my strength of will and after prayer.

However, back on topic: The Big Bang.

Science states that all matter has mass and that mass is constant. It can be transformed but it is still constant. You burn wood then there are gases, water that then turns to steam and carbon. All these add back to the wood before it was burnt.

So how can the mass required to form the universe come from nothing? Yet that is exactly what scientist say has taken place. Some theorize that it was as small as an atom, but since none but God was there we truly do not know. Recently I read that science has documented the shock-waves that confirm the Big Bang. Thus, they have confirmed God is real. Since only God can create something from nothing. Or if you wish can open a hole in one reality to transfer mass to another reality.

Now look at the creation has shown in the Bible. You will notice that once the universe exists it is then that God follows the rules of equal mass. He created man from clay as an example. Some may counter with the creation of woman being make from a rib. I will counter with God applied the DNA from the rib and still used clay as well, even though not written that way. Since the best source of DNA comes from the bone marrow, so again proving of the existence of God. The first chapter of Bible is pure science. Science written several thousands of years before the word “science” was coined.