Your mission if you should choose to accept it………… this message will never destruct especially not in 5 seconds

One thing that gets to me is this mentality within religions is that if you are not of this certain religion or come dressed into their place of worship a certain way you are something to be looked down upon. Jesus faced this same problem when he walked upon this earth in ancient Israel. It is something that I see everywhere and in every religion.

It is also wrong.

Jesus challenged the Pharisees over this behavior. Their reaction was to have Him hung upon a cross. They did not know that was his plan all along. Nor did they know He would rise from the dead three days later.

One of the main things Jesus taught and showed was that those of the faith should not sit in their little groups and hide from the world. They should not be looking down upon the world, thinking themselves better than others. That is not how it is meant to go.

Yes, there is a time when you need to stay within the church. This time is when you first come into your faith. Most have no idea what the Bible says. Therefore, they need to read it and be taught by those that have more knowledge then they do at that moment of the teaching of God and His Son.

We are not meant to stay there forever though. We are meant to become strong in the Word and our faith and then we are meant to go into the world and show the love of Jesus to others.

Too many times, I see titles to other blogs that are exclusionary. There are Bible verse; they say things like how to separate yourself from the world and other things that turn those not fully aware of God away. They see these posts and run away from God instead of toward Him.

Jesus walked amongst the sinners. He dined with them. Talked to them and taught them of the love of His Father. He was ridiculed for doing so. His reply was that they needed Him more than those that had already found God did.

If your feet are shod in the Word and you show your faith through kindness and caring. If you desire to walk among those of the world; then do it. We are the body of Jesus here on earth. If we do not share our faith by example; then many of these will have never seen what true believe and faith in something that is intangible to them, in most cases.

There is evidence that many have never even read the Bible. Especially in today’s world with the removal of God from the schools and from other places that were once available for all to see.

Don’t be a member of the religious clicks, be the Christian you were meant to be the day you knelt down and asked God into your heart and mind.