God’s promise

The eternal body

What will it be like having a body that will last for all eternity? That is one of those questions that occur to me every once in a while. What will it be like? I know it will not be overweight, that I have no doubt. I know there will be no need for glasses. To live for millions of years will be interesting. Will we be able to travel throughout the universe with just a thought and suddenly we are there? That is one of those things we will have to see.
There are those that believe that the human race can in time reach the next evolutionary step, which can include an eternal body. Many of these though do not want to reach this next step through God.
The thing is it is promised to us already. Long before many even theorized the concept of the next evolutionary step is was already promised to us in a book many would deny is the truth. Even those in the church call the book of Revelation just a story.
I remember that day like it was yesterday, but I know I was nineteen at the time. I decided to go to a church that had been built directly behind my parents’ house where I still lived at the time. I will not mention which denomination. As I sat in the pew and joined in the service I wondered if I could make this my church home. Then the minister finally started to talk. The first thing out of his mouth was that Revelation was a fairy tale. I was dumbfounded. He went on to tell all those there that it was just a story filled with things can cannot happen. It is true that the event within the book of Revelation may not have happened yet, but I know the difference between fiction and prophesy.
The Bible has many prophesies. All that deal with events in the past have come true. Is there evidence that the prophesies in Revelation are starting to happen? Yes.
This then leads to those that desire for the day when we will receive our undying bodies. Bodies promised to us in the book of Revelation. Bodies that will be upon the new earth for all eternity, but there are those like me that desire to travel throughout God’s vast creation of the universe. Serving the Lord in His immense creation that is beyond measure.