All liars

In Revelation it is made clear the fate of certain types of sinners (Rev. 21:8), it is not a pleasant one.
When John penned his vision he placed more emphasis upon liars for he says “all liars.”
Liars in the Greek is pseudes psyoo-dace’; untrue, i.e. erroneous, deceitful, wicked:–false, liar.
Not only are liars considered tellers of falsehoods, but they are called wicked and they deceive. It is these people that lead others down the wrong paths. Paths they themselves know lead to sin yet they willingly do so for their own selfish wants and desires.
Many are seen nearly daily on television, many govern nations.
They are caught in their lies yet few say a word against them and many follow them eagerly into an eternal fate I wish upon no one.
We have the power to stop them, yet most would rather sit home and do nothing. This is not what stewards of Christ are to do. We are not to sit and let the liars rule our nation or our airwaves. We are to spread the Word of God and to show them the errors of their ways and to replace them with God fearing people that will honor the ways of God through the teachings of the Bible.
I am but a leaf upon the wind of the internet. I catch the eyes of a view here and there, but when they do see these words they need to act, they need to respond. They need to get out there and shout for the glory of the Lord and not allow the liars to lead more towards an eternity that will not be filled with the glories and wonders of all of God’s creation.
Liars are destine to eternal sadness. A sadness that is too horrible to even comp template. What in this temporal world is so rewarding so gratifying that you would knowingly turn your back upon God and with this same insight lead others to a fate nearly as bad if not as bad as your own?
A lack of understanding of what is in store for all with their eternal everlasting bodies that will be given to all be they a sinner or not. The only difference is where our bodies will be located. In one spot upon this planet in the backwater of the universe or throughout the entire universe exploring the magnificence of God’s power and intelligence.
So why would you willing continue to be a liar? I was one myself, but I am no more, for I have learned of the love of God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

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