The murderer of Christianity

It is not a quick death, but a slow poisoning. The poison is not only being ingested from an outside source, but it is within the Body itself. Many that profess to be “Christians” do not live as Christians and so many fall away not seeing any difference between the secular and the non-secular.
Some buildings that call themselves “churches” are nothing more than gathering halls to spread the latest fade for the month. Self-improvement seminars, how to become wealthy lectures as well as other wonderful meetings are held at these wondrous places that say they worship God. When in reality they serve only human needs and desires, not those needs and desire that God Himself requested of us as we profess to be His children.
It is these types of behavior that shows to the world that maybe there is no God. For they are seeking what those that call themselves “Christians” seek after, but this is not what true Christians truly seek.
When those that truthfully try to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ they many times find themselves standing alone. Wondering why no one else desires what they do. They talk to others of the “body” and these folks look at them funny and make the one truly seeking after God feel awkward and uncomfortable. This usually happens early in the person growth for God and so they fall into the trap and feel they are the ones in the wrong when in reality they are the ones in the right. And so another child of God is led down the poisonous path of destruction fully unaware that they are doing so. Blinded by the material world and distractions buried within it.
Am I just spouting words out? No. How do I know this is real? Because I lived it and found myself falling from God’s grace till I nearly came to loss His protection and love. I witness it about me as I searched for a church home form mega-churches to little ones, and most were found wanting, especially the former of the two.
Yet most do not even realize they are not really living for God as one generation to the next continues the cycle of ignorance to the truth within the Bible all mainly due to the fact that none truly read it. Letting the leader of their group spout out message after message of rhetoric never acknowledging that they too have no true concept of the Bible themselves. All living the life of the Pharisees placing all but God first.
Learn the Bible. Honor God and turn from sin and do not allow sin into your places of worship unless they do so to repent and forsake the ways of the world, which we are taught within the Bible that we must do!

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