A lull in the storm

Do not become relaxed. Do not become complacent. To some degree the United States has entered into a time of where the storm of evil has been held back. However we should not stop praying, we should not stop watching and listening for acts and attacks by those that are evil.
Sin is still welcomed in this nation. The children of darkness still scream at the top of their lungs that they have been robbed of their dreams of darkness and corruption. The last act of the precursor of the little horn was again to show his disdain and hatred toward the chosen of God. Yet the true damage is already done. The last beast has risen from the sea. The beast from which the true little horn will arise is in play. The echo of the little horn has fulfilled the task given unto him in God’s eternal plan.
However the damage he has done to this nation has left a scar upon it. A festering wound that can only be healed with true repentance. A true awakening by more than those that now see the truth. The Word of God needs to be preached louder than ever. For the return of Christ is close, but before He does many will suffer and die. Both physically and spiritually.
More signs than ever before point to Jesus Christ’s soon return. He told those with eyes and those with ears what to look for and what to listen for. False prophets run rampant and cause the blind to think they are special and better than all others. Earthquakes are on the rise. There are wars and rumors of wars. Division between the races and the languages are on the rise, another aspect that the precursor was given power to do has been fulfilled.
The times of peace are behind us. Times will look to be improving but in actuality the darkness will still be just under the surface pushing and seething to rupture into the light once again only this time to totally engulf it.
All is under God’s eternal plan, but that does not mean we cannot act. Due to our free will that He bestowed unto all humanity we must take action. We must fight evil on all levels. Not just in prayer, but in denying power, money and control to those that would seek to follow their base human lusts and desires. One of which is the desire to rule, control and dominate those that they see as inferior and ignorant. This is the core desire of one party in this nation. The party that was denied its queen of darkness.
But do not be deceived. Darkness is in the other party as well and given time there will be those within that will try to twist what is right into something dark as well. This was made clear when those that sin against nature were embraced and welcomed into the fold. This is due to the festering wound that has torn this nation asunder.
This wound is an abandonment of a true understanding of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Too many hypocrites live daily in this land. Too many think they are one with God yet live within and of the world. Too many seek their rewards in the now instead of building their reward in the eternal life to come. Too many deny the true image of God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. It is due to this that when the storm returns it will be devastating and wreak havoc across the church and this nation.

As I look about me……..

For around 2600 years the time of the Gentiles has been heading down a journey. A journey toward the acknowledgement that God is the creator of everything. For longer than that they have rejected this believe because they do not wish to surrender themselves to the dominion of something above them. They make up fantasies which enable them to say “No there is no such thing as God.” Others go about saying there is a God, but they do not honor Him as such. They imagine Him to be a benevolent spirit that grants their wishes and allows them to live their lives as they please.
This is not what God wants. God wishes to have a relationship with us, not just as our Creator, but someone that will talk and share His creation with Him. There is only one way to accomplish this relationship with Him though and most of the human race has no real desire to do what is required of them.
What is required? Surrender. To turn over all that was, is and will be within us over to Him. To not only say He is God, but to truly follow what He asks of us. In the book of Daniel this happens two times. Once for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego when they are ask to bow to the image of Nebuchadnezzar and when those that were jealous of Daniel plotted to place him into the lion’s den.
What is the most important element in both instances is that these four men refuse to submit to what the world offers. They place more value in God over the world and all that is within the world including those in power.
This has been lost for the most part from those that say they are followers of God. They place more value in the world then they place in the Creator of all. They compromise too much when they should be standing their ground. They say that the world is grey when God through His Son Jesus Christ says it is black and white.
The compromising must end. Too much is happening too fast, must faster than we have ever thought would happen. Does this mean we are approaching end of times? More and more are saying yes it is, I am leaning strongly in the direction myself, but there are still things that must take place, more signs that were given unto us through the Bible. The handbook to salvation through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. But there are those that try to discount the Bible. Why? Because they still wish for humans to be the gods when they are not. So they blind themselves and other to the truth, for it is better to share misery than it is to share happiness.

The Plea to awaken for time is running out.

More and more in what I see and hear, as I look about me, I believe more and more that the end times are upon all humanity. In Acts2:17 it states:
And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:
I have no question that I am a dreamer of dreams that deal with the Body of Christ. I know of those that have seen visions. As of yet I am aware of any that have prophesied. There are other things occurring that meet what the Bible tells us to watch out for and I see them increasingly every day.
Events are taking place I never thought possible a decade ago, but now I see them and know ever more that God is real, that Jesus is real and the Son of the Creator of the universe, including this tiny speck of dust on the edge of that which He created.
Too many are lukewarm and I have been tasked to attempt to get these to hear, to awaken once again to the glory of God. I am praying and hoping some have heard and are endeavoring to fix their ways and their place with God.
The Bible says people will listen to false teachings. The newest craze is the “God Loves all” false teachings. The thing is they mix just enough of the truth into what they are saying to confuse and befuddle those that are not aware of the full gospel. Yes God does love all, but there is a “but.” (Couldn’t resist doing that sorry)
Here is what the Bible does say. Yes God loves us, why? Because who wouldn’t love that which they have created. If you write something, if you make artwork, if you build something, do you not love it? The answer is yes, but don’t you just feel there is something you could have done differently to make it just a bit better than it is, yet you leave it alone.
That is how God sees humanity. The think is the little difference needed is already placed within us. We just have to act upon it.
“What is it?” you ask.
It is accepting that Jesus is your Savior and committing to a FULL relationship with God through His Son. To do this you must stop sinning. If you live in a sin and place that sin over everything else, especially God, then you are not repentant, you have no real desire to serve God, for the is sin more important to you than God. This is living a lukewarm life.
We are to place God first in all that we do. To do that you must fully honor His instructions, which are given within the entire Bible. If the Bible state that something is a sin, then you must turn away from this sin 100%. This is living hot for God.
Now all true Christians know that we do commit ourselves 100% mentally, but there comes times when we falter and fall. We trip over our sins, but here is the difference, we feel remorse, we feel sorrow, we feel regret. That is because we realize that God is real, His Son is real and we have, even for a very short time, place God second to our sin nature.
Being human we are stuck in this body, this corruptible, until we are finally called into the presence of God, and it will be then that we will finally put on the incorruptible. It is then that we will finally be able to fully and completely be free from the taint of Adam and Eve’s rebellion against God.
However, do not mistake what I am saying as permission to still live in sin. It is not, you must fight against it, you must pray to Jesus for strength to overcome your weaknesses and seek His forgiveness and glory.
You must leave your sin behind. You cannot serve two masters. It is either the sin or God. The Glorified Jesus Christ makes this perfectly clear in Revelation 3:15-16. God would rather you be cold or black for Him or hot and white for Him. It clear states that for those that live both in their sin and say they are for God will be spit out. “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”
In 2 Peter 2, in John 15 and in the verse above it makes it clear. That there are those that came to Christ, but turned their back upon Him. This believe of once saved always saved which is a man-made doctrine. So is going to confession, another man-made contrivance into lulling you into sin. For anything made of man is corrupt and ultimately leads back to its roots.
This is what Satan wants. He wants all to fail so none will be higher than he. He still believes that he shall defeat God, unaware that he has been living within one of his own lies. The father of lies caught within his own lies, the irony of that is just mind-blowing.
You have to understand that below that Holy Trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost will be those within humanity that overcome their sins and fully commit to God through Jesus.
The Great White Throne Judgment will literally weed out the rest.
Those that overcome will be in the service of God, as it should be for we are His creation, but we will be given wondrous tasks to fulfill in this service to our Creator. Can you get your mind wrapped about that?
The end is closer than many think or believe or fear to believe. It is important that you think now, that you act now, that you turn from your sin now. Understand that yes God loves you, but also understand that due to this love He is willing to allow you to live with your choices. If those choices due to free will that leads to the darkness then so be it, but know that is not where He wishes you to be. He wishes you to come to the light, live in the light, and know that if the Bible states a sin is a sin, that it is never meant for the light. Leave the darkness and come to the light and to the glory of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: I see it now, I understand

But that does not mean I have to set back and allow it to happen without making some effort to help others to know that God is real. I have been a glimpse into His plan. It is sad. It is joyous. It is horrifying. It is miraculous.
What is going to happen will allow the book of Revelation to occur as stated. God said He would use even those that do not know Him to accomplish His goals. His plans. His destiny for humankind and I have never seen such evidence of those that do not know Him being so proud and open to do so.
I will not share what I have been given. For I know it would not be accepted or seen for what it is, but it will allow me to move forward. It will allow me to understand when it is time to move on to the next chain within the promised eternal life.
The writing is clear as day for those that are willing to accept God. That which must take place for the return of Christ is going to happen and it will involve many to suffer.
There will be those that protected and stood up for others and they will find out too late that they supported the wrong people. They will learn too late that they too should have seen the truth as it was shoved down their faces over the last decade.
Never since the time of World War II has the world so quickly and eagerly changed for the worst and hardly any see things for what they truly are. In that war God used it to bring His people home, to fulfill prophecy. Now more prophecies are to come to pass.
It is all there, before us all, but very few listen, very few see.
For prophecy to be fulfilled it must happen soon, but how long is soon? Only God knows the answer to that one, but still the writing is on the wall for all to see yet very few will open their eyes.
So go ahead and compound your sins against nature. For who created the natural order? Who said it must be a certain way and no other? Yet many in humankind have embraced the mentality that they themselves control their own destiny. Many others will say that their god is the true god and only through what they say can things truly go as planned, all the time unaware that the true God has set certain events in motion per His design, per His purpose, and most will never realize it till it is too late.
Most will continue to live in their little world of their own creation. Supplanting the true Creator with their “human” god and they will see the horror that they have unleashed upon themselves. Never realize it was they that caused it. For God shall turn them over to unrighteousness. A word that has multiple sides and all are sharp and painful to the touch.
I can say no more. Yes it is cryptic. Yes it is vague, but that is how it is to be. I will still try and reach those that are willing to tear the scales form their eyes and for them I am joyous for when all is said and done. ALL will know the true God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, just not all will be able to celebrate this realization.

The time of earth’s judgment (a few facts from the Bible)

We are told no man can name the day it will occur, however we are given signs and events to look for and know it is near. There are many of these signs now by the way.
First, there will be what is called the rapture. People everywhere will vanish. Support for this is in Acts when Philip is transported hundreds of miles in the blink of an eye.
Those left will be sinners and Israel. The latter due to they being special in God’s eyes. Many left will be those that thought themselves to be Christian. Several of these will realize theirs error and fix themselves with God. It will be at a horrific cost though. Those in power will insist upon a chip being implanted and a mark placed upon those that remain upon the planet. Those that have made themselves right with God will refuse and be beheaded. We now know, due to recent events, how these beheadings will be done.
This will last three and a half years until the last to truly accept God dies. What will be left are those that deny and hate God, and also Israel.
Then Enoch and Elijah will return to earth as witnesses against those upon the entire earth at this time. They will try to kill them repeatedly but fail. This will last for nearly the next three and a half years, when they finally succeed in killing the two witnesses.
At this time, Israel will finally have the scales fall from their eyes and call Jesus the true Messiah and as they do Jesus will answer their cries and return to the earth with those that were called in the rapture behind Him. Those that denied God will mostly be killed.
Then Jesus will make His home in Jerusalem for a thousand years. While those from the rapture will join Christ and co-govern and become priests unto those left upon the earth in this millennium. Then once again, Satan will be loosened upon the world to tell his lies and see who will falter and fall.
When it is done, the Great White Throne Judgment will transpire. At this time any not taken in the rapture must stand before God. This will cover all that ever lived upon the earth if they knew God or not. They will be judged upon all their actions throughout their lives. What is important to understand, that it will be easier upon those that never heard of God, but if you know of God even if you deny He is real, it will be hardest upon you.
For you were given an opportunity to accept God, but you turned your back upon Him and so He will do the same for you upon that day. Those taken in the rapture were given an immortal body the moment they were called into heaven. When the White Throne Judgment takes place as you are risen from the dead to stand before the throne, you too will be given an immortal body. For we are all promised an eternal body.
What is different though is where you will spend the coming eternity. I will leave it to you to find out which you would rather live for the billions of years to come.