The Hollywood black list

Now this is not about the black list that came about due to McCarthy in the 1950s, this is about now.
If you develop or have conservative and/or even Christian values and views, you are black listed from Hollywood. This is seen time and again and none can question this. Hollywood is at war with conservatives and especially Christianity and the values and ideals that come with this faith. Even some who portray “Christian values” really don’t in many cases.
Due to the Scientology debacle we now know that those in Hollywood do in some fashion desire to find something greater than themselves. Yet most of their ideas revolves upon the “self.” They are so locked into the satisfaction of the self that if any challenge this they are attacked and they do so visually.
It is time Christians stand their ground. Those in Christianity have been surrendering ground for far too long. It is time we unite against those that lust for power and control. To the point that just because they entertain us that they can dictate to us.
It is time to turn off the TVs and not go to movies or the theater. If we must watch TV, watch re-runs or classic movies, especially of the people acting within them have passed on from this temporal plain of existence. It is time hurt those in Hollywood in the one place that will scare them. Their pocket books.
Black list Hollywood!
Boycott Hollywood!
Boycott mainstream news media!

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