If you say you are Christian, why are you sending your kids to Ivy League Universities?

It is documented that more people lose their believes in Christianity when attending most Universities. There are several reasons for this. Mainly though is the professors at these institutions. They brainwash those that attend their classes with leftist bull hockey and hate that allows these young adults to not only turn from God, but from Israel and the Jewish population.
Israel is the first chosen nation of God. They are even now under a period of trail and tribulations. As Christians, the thirteen tribe of Israel, due to Jesus telling Paul to teach unto the Gentiles, we should always 100% support the nation of Israel and the Jewish populous through the world. Many professor though teach your children to hate Israel. They also teach that the nation we live in is corrupt. At this time I would say it is but not due to our past, but our present and made by those that teach the garbage that removes crosses from football helmets and crosses to honor dead soldiers that sacrificed their life’s for our freedoms.
Many of these universities is also a seen of depravity. Parties of alcohol and sex, nudity days, Homosexual day and the list can go on and on of all the sin they are introducing your children to on your money.
You should seek out a collage close to home or one that represents the values you said made your home. Values of thinking of others before yourselves. Christian believes like that there is a God, which is the opposite that many universities now shove upon our children. Colleges that teach values and education are how they use to be. In fact most colleges were geared toward theological teaching once upon a time. Now God has been kicked out and all that is left is corruption and sin.
The last great decision a parent has in their children’s life is where they will attend a university. Let that choice truly show what if you call yourself a Christian that you make it a college that reflects your believes as they were just seventy year ago.
Who knows you may actually save money as well.

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