Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Opening up to the fact that you may be wrong

First and foremost, I must say that I have been wrong in my interpretation of the Bible in the past. For all I know I may still be wrong. Why? Because I did not study the Word of God correctly. At first I just read it. Not understanding that what I was reading was a translation made by humans. Who interpreted the Bible the way they saw it. This is shown as fact when you read the NIV Bible. It has important phrases removed or changed, which we are told in Galatians 1 not to do. However this post is not about me or those that have sinned against God by not translating the Bible correctly. It is about those that do not wish to see the truth.
I interact with many. I interrelate with Catholics, and those that think they are the “select.” I interact with atheist and homosexuals. One think that always stands out is an unwillingness to say: “I am wrong.”
I have also seen what the cause of this steadfast is. Selfishness.
They do not wish to hear that how they think of God and the Bible is wrong. Simply because they are happy with where they are with their beliefs. It allows them to live their lives the way they want.
They see that if they see the truth and accept the truth, they will have to follow the Word of God. Which will cause them to have to stop living the way they wish to live. They enjoy their sin. They live in and for their temporal happiness. Not even acknowledging that this live we now live is fleeting and simply a test to see that we will see and recognize and then follow Jesus Christ and His Father our Creator.
To them this acceptance is too humbling. They must abdicate their throne as king or queen of their own lives. Too many place the self before anything or anyone, especially God. However the Bible makes it clear that God and the teachings of the Bible are to be first in the lives of those that submit to His will. It is something too much for most to concede and accept. Which is a very sad statement when you truly realize the truth.

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