Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the attitude of feeling special/elect/above others

I need to start this article with a situation I have observed in my life:

At my job there are different sections of a process to make a very large product. Three to be exact.
The first two are found within the same building and the workforce coexist very well, even though you can see the divide between them. Not just physically, but in a visceral sense as well. The other section though is off by itself. Most of those workers have been at this place of employment for a long time, and they for the most part make the highest salaries, and there is good cause for this.
In the last two years though there have been layoffs and the workforce has shrunk. This has resulted, due to this being a union a shop, that some of those in the separate area have been demoted and moved into the main building with the rest of the workforce.
I like to say “hi” to folks. Its the way I am, mainly due to spending most of my live in the south. For years the office workers, who are not included within the workforce I have described above, would turn their heads or avert their eyes to avoid eye contact and thus avoid a “hi” from me. Now the people that were moved into the main building do the exact same thing. Now on some level I can understand the office personal, even though deep down I know their behavior is incorrect, but now these folks? No. they are like me. We make the same money and work on the same product. Yet they see themselves as special, above the rest of us.
Now I went through this to make a point. All of humanity is exactly the same, especially in the eyes of God. Yet there are those that see themselves as better, different, special. Above all others.
I see this from those that think humans must rule humanity. I also see it in those that feel they are special because they see themselves as being “saved.” However their actions are those of the unsaved. To be more exact. Their actions and behavior is like that of the Pharisees. Why this comparison?
Even though the Pharisees were the religious power in Jerusalem in the time Jesus first walked amongst us. They did not follow the laws set forth in the Torah. They added rituals and works to draw attention to themselves. All they sought to do was gratify themselves. Jesus called them out this, which started the ball rolling to His crucifixion and resurrection. Because both God and Jesus knew this is how they would react, for it challenged not only their authority, but their selfish lust and desires to be the focal point of the people.
Proverbs says this:
18:12 – Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour is humility.
Too many fall into this trap of haughtiness. I myself have fallen into this in the past, but I awoke to my sin and have sought to correct it.
No human is better or greater than any other. Be they the same or different if form, color or language. All humanity is equal, and any who seek to be above any other sins against God.

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