The distraction merchants

These are those that cause you not to place God at the center of your life. They cause you to think of you and of them, but not God.
They come in the form of music, television, movies, books, sports and themselves. They tell you to do as they do. To live as they live, to think as they think. They say “I am your god, for I know better than you. I am smarter than you!”
What is sad is that people worship them, as if they are God. They do listen, and they do live their lives under the edicts of these fellow humans, which in the eyes of God are equal to those they wish to lead and master. Making of them subservient slaves to their will and command.
It has been this way for centuries. There is nothing really new here. It is just wrapped in a newer and brighter wrapping.
We know of a few of them. For some were so horrid in their actions and demands that it caused them to be remembered. A mark upon the history of humankind that due to their blemish upon it none can forget. But most of those that seek dominion over their fellows shall and have been forgotten to all of humanity. Only God knows who they are or were. Yet those alive today think that they will be remembered. However they forget that only those that slaughtered were the ones remembered.
Yes we can partake of music, TV, movies, books and sports. But only in small portions. God must be the focal point in ALL that we do. God must be thought of and present in His light as we listen to music; as we watch TV and movies; as we read books other than the Bible. God must be the statistic we think of when we observe sporting events.
This is how we are to attack the distraction merchants and give all Glory to God though His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

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