Why was a song like “Where are you, Christmas?” ever made?

It has been an ongoing process as humanity tries its best to deny the real reason why people originally desired to celebrate this particular holiday. As a result to this departure from the truth the heart and soul has left this time honored occasion.
In the song “Where are you, Christmas?” the writers try to imply is all you needs is love. But where does the ultimate “love” come from?
Does it not come from the desire to sacrifice oneself so that which you love is allowed to live?
Does this not qualify?
In addition wouldn’t deeming yourself and submitting yourself to torture, pain and anguish not also qualify?
So let’s say you are an perfect and immortal being, you allow yourself to put on the imperfect and mortal form. Forcing you to come into a temporal existence to grow from a baby to adulthood.
You then for the sake of those you love allow yourself to be beaten and whipped to appoint that your very bones are exposed for all to see. So they place a robe upon you to hide this horror. You allow your hands and feet to have nails forced through them. Sending a new pain throughout your already tormented body. Then you are lifted upon the cross. To breathe you must endure more pain. Then when you know you have suffered enough to allow those you love to live you die.
However, you are not done. You go into the place of the dead where you comfort those there. Then you take the keys to hell and death. There are the actions of someone who truly and ultimately loves.
So when the question in the song is asked: “Where are you, Christmas?” It is because those asking this question have forgotten that we are celebrating the being who is the only one to show any true and ultimate love.
This time is for acknowledging that the Son of God took on human form out of love for all humanity.
It is too bad most of humanity denies or had forgotten this greatest of acts of love ever recorded in history.

The reason for the season

Shoppers’ shop, insult, curse and cause tension. People sing more songs from the “Sound of Music,” than of the person whose birthday we originally worshipped upon a certain day in the last month of the year.
Most den the reason. Fewer every year truly know the reason.
The importance of this day is the act of humility made real just over two thousand years ago. It was just two days ago for the Creator of this universe. Yet for us, many have lived and died. Some came to know God, must others never knew Him. It has been a short time for Him and there are signs that for us, His return is near.
However, most that know Him fear to share Him. Countless that seek to know Him don’t know how to see Him clearly and correctly. Many that know this soon to come day that signifies His willingness to die in our place are reluctant to show who He is.
However this Christmas is one of the most important in a long time.
This Christmas signals a chance to share the real reason for the season. For this Christmas is our chance to let all know that it is Jesus Christ who made our chance to not fear being called “Christian” possible once again, if only for a short time.
It is time to help more come to know that Jesus truly walked this earth. That He did so that they could know eternal life. Working for God, yet exploring all of the universe. His creation.
Helping them to understand that Christ did raise from the dead and it is not a myth or fantasy. As many have been led to belief by those who are the ones living within the true myth and fantasy.
This is why we are Christian. To be a light to the world and to share the truth. That Jesus Christ is a reason to remember the season.

God so loves you that He gave His only Son

That is the significance of Christmas. It is something worthy of celebration, true, but is also something to cause you to think strongly about.
For what good is it to celebrate if you do not personally know God’s Son.
To personally know God’s Son. You must not only ask Him into your heart, your mind and your soul, but you must honor why you are asking Him.
Humans are a corrupt and base creature. All that is within them is the desire to sin. This is affirmed several times throughout the Bible. Also throughout the Bible is the human desire to be selfish, self-serving and self-pleasing. All these desires lead to pain, anguish and sorrow. Yet that is not what is being taught. People are being taught that giving material objects is more important that the Son of God.
How many of us that are at least teens and at the most old people have every single present given to us at the age of seven?


That what I though. This is what being materialist means. This is what the world can give you. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
But what can Jesus Christ give you?
An eternal life is the serve of God and Jesus. This is not a fairy tale this is fact.
We are promised to see the creation of a new earth where the Oceans are gone.
We are promised to see a city so huge that it will rise into space itself.
We are promised that all our pains and sorrows will be taken away.
Will these promises happen immediately? No.
For we are required to accomplish certain goals.
The primary goal is the strive to live our lives as Jesus Christ did when He walked upon this earth before He took our place upon the cross.
Yes… took your place, my place, your parent’s place, your child’s place upon an object meant to ridicule and disgrace you as you struggled just to breath before you died in agony and pain.
We are to repent of our sins.
To repent means to turn away from, abandon, to end. That means if there is something in the Bible that is called a sin, then you must never do it again. But I tell you this. Time to time you will slip up, because you are a human and you will commit a sin. It will give you true emotional anguish if you are sincere in your belief in Jesus Christ, but if you strive again to be a reflection of Christ you will refrain from repeating this sin. This is an act of repentance.
If someone has said it is ok to live in something that is called a sin in the Bible, then they are not only committing that sin with you but have made themselves more worthy of death in the eye of God then you are as you live in this sin.
For by placing the sin above God you are disobeying God and in so doing reject God

A glimpse into Charles Dickens the Christian

I have only seen the works of Charles Dickens. “A Christmas Carol” is my favorite. I have seen David Copperfield and Nicholas Nickleby. I did some research and found Mr. Dickens to be a very religious person. He disliked those that practiced extremisms of the faith; the Bible to a degree supports this. On things that are important in the faith is to keep Jesus with you daily. This is not extremism and I feel Mr. Dickens would agree. Especially since the Bible states to place God first in all that you do by loving Him with all your heart, mind and soul.
One think I did note in his stories was in how corrupting money was and the power associated with having and seeking after money. In the Christmas Carol Scrooge becomes a philanthropist, giving his acquired wealth away for the good of all and himself. In the other two titles, I mentioned above. David and Nicholas both end being gentlemen, but living modestly. This is how all should live and desire to live, but few truly seek this from life and it is sad to that those simple lessons are watched, but never really listened too or acted upon.
Most actually should live modestly, but most seek after the golden prize. Stuck in a maze seeking the prize at the end only to be shocked when they reach a dead-end, which forces them to go back and try a new route. Not realizing that as they do the maze grows longer and longer, never allowing them to truly reach the goal of the golden prize. That is unless they sell their soul to the devil, becoming selfish, self-serving and corrupt like Nicholas’s uncle.
It is due to this chase that many lose their way and forget that it is not earthly rewards they should be seeking but Christ and the promise of the eternal reward.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the grudge

There is a young lady I work with that has been indoctrinated heavily into the liberal mentality. One of the strongest is one is that everything must be done their way or they will hate you and hold a grudge against you. There is other points that show how she thinks and believes, but that is not necessary for me to share with you, just know that I have no doubt about how she believes and thinks.
Now I have to admit since I am human there have been a couple of things that we have butted heads about. The last being me playing Christmas music from Thanksgiving till Christmas Eve. Now I admit I did not behave well on that issue and did apologies. Was just not in the mood to have to challenge my believe in God over secular Christmas music. Trust me there is a bit of difference between Christian Christmas music and secular. As it is it was clear she does not believe in Christmas or the REAL reason it is celebrated.
It is obvious that she hates me. Now I really have not done anything against her, but due to her brainwashing I am evil incarnate. Which is truly sad that she thinks this way.
Now like I said we have butted heads, but unlike her I greet her with a smile and a hello and goodnight. I do this to all, for it is the correct thing to do, especially when you say you are a Christian. She turns her head, refuses to talk and has hate written all over her face, but I will not let this deter me from doing what is right. I will continue to be nice to her, and it will be as Jesus has told us to act. Treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated, a better phrasing is the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
This is the teaching of Christ and so I feel obligated due to His salvation of me to do this and so I shall.

Review: A Christmas Carol (1938, 1951, 1984)

A true classic of the holiday season. The weakest of the years listed is the 1938. Originally supposed to star Lionel Barrymore he injured his leg which effectually led to him being wheelchair bound, instead stared Reginald Owen. The main redeeming factor of this film was the Lockhart family. Gene Lockhart (the judge from the 1947 version of “Miracle on 34th Street” [another true classic]) his wife Kathleen and uncredited was June Lockhart (Lassie [1954], Lost in Space [1965]) their daughter who played “Belinda.”
1951 and 1984 had the better scripts, but to me the 1984 version is the best of the all of them. Starring George C. Scott, I highly recommend they all be watched and each person seriously think about their own behavior and actions as they do, because there are a lot of Scrooges out there in the real world today and it is saddening.

Base story: 2 out of 5 swords
Acting: 3 out of 5 swords
Special effects: 3 out of 5 swords.
Overall: 2.66 swords out of 5 swords

Base Story 3 out of 5 swords
Acting: 3 out of 5 swords
Special effects: 3 out of 5 swords
Overall: 3 swords out of 5 swords

Base Story: 4 out of 5 swords
Acting: 5 out of 5 swords
Special effects: 3 out of 5 swords
Overall: 4 swords out of 5 swords

Review: A Christmas Story (1983)

Out of all the Christmas movies out there, this one to me is the worst. Even “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” (1964), which my mother actually took me to see, which was horrid, is better than this movie. The story is so weak it has to have a narrator carry the story to keep you interested. The humor is demeaning and degrading and to me actually insults the season.

Base story: 1 out of 5 swords
Acting: 3 out of 5 swords
Special effects: 2 out of 5 swords
Overall: 2 swords out of 5 swords

Christmas is about you.

Now “you” can be taken many ways. There are those that would think it means to think only of themselves and what gifts they are going to be given. This is actually the furthest thing from what I am referring. There is a gift involved and it was given to and for you.
When you truly follow the teaching of Jesus Christ (the real meaning for the season), you learn to be humble. True humility means never to think of yourself. Is this possible? For the most part yes, but we are all human and time to time we will be selfish.
Christ said to love God first and constantly, then He said to love those about you as you would love yourself. If there is a gift you desire for yourself, give that gift to someone else. Humility is sacrifice. Humility is placing all others before yourself.
The ultimate example of humility was the very act of Christ going to the cross. A being so powerful He could move a mountain with just a thought, but He was so humble, so unselfish that He chose to take your place upon the cross. He so loved you that He died in your place.
Through this great humility and sacrifice it allowed Him to come back to live and with His resurrection our sins were shown be washed away if all we do is ask Him into our live and live as He did. Humbly, thinking of all before ourselves and loving and honoring God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ who dies in your place. The real meaning behind Christmas

Christmas is Christ, Christmas is love

People need to start remembering that Christmas is about Christ. It is only due to His gift, which was His life, and His resurrection from His death upon the cross. Without Jesus no matter what any say, those alive now most likely would not be alive.
The base nature of humanity leads to destruction not only of the individual, but also of those affected by this corruption. The United States, once filled with the teachings of Christ, was once safer than it is today. Our schools were safe, when we gathered in public areas it was safe. Evil feared to rear its head. All due to the teaching of Christ. The Bible gave us peace. Admittedly, not complete peace because we are all corrupt, but more so than today.
Now mass murderers occur nearly monthly, violent riots are starting to become commonplace. Organized and orchestrated by those that wish to cause and life in anarchy and chaos. The fear of terrorist attack lone wolf terrorist attacks happen. Why? Because God is no longer a key element in this nation, not all believe, not all that do believe do so as they should. This has always been true and always will, but the teaching of the Bible were taught and understood by all. Now it is not taught. People go about as they did in the dark ages, where mayhem and murderer were commonplace. It is this ignorance of the Bible that caused the Crusades and the hatred that has seethed on the back-burner for centuries are boiling to the top. All due to the removal of the full understanding of the Bible and its teaching of love.
It is true that there has never been true or complete peace throughout the world. However, as the Bible become accessible to everyone, violence diminished to a degree. Then God was removed and everyday violence increased. People take the word of others instead of reading and understanding the Bible themselves, as they should. This is what caused the Crusades. Some think in teaching hate and rage for that is what the person telling them says the Bible does. This is a lie. True there are wars shown in the Bible, but when you read the teaching of Christ all you learn is love for ALL humankind and when you love your fellow humans, you have no desire to harm them. So, remember that Christmas is for Christ, learn His teachings, and follow them.

Do you truly know the reason for the season?

It is true that the exact day of His birth is not known, but the year He came to be among the humans is known. It became the dividing of the term B.C. (Before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini is Medieval Latin, translated as “In the year of the Lord”). It is how the years are measured within history. It is something that will not be changed until Jesus sets foot upon the Mount of Olives outside Jerusalem. Why? Because He is real. No other has effected how we view time, not even by those that followed their teaching throughout the centuries. Why? Because He really is the Son of God.
It is true though that humans have merged the celebration of His birth with other celebrations. They try to say this for Easter as well, but it is documented which day he did die upon the cross. That is the day when Passover was celebrated by the nation of Israel. The think is Easter is truly celebrated the event that took place three days later upon the Jewish calendar. That would be the day Jesus rose from the dead and returned from paradise and hell with the keys to both. Alive, breathing yet changed. He still bares the wounds to this day, for He is still alive.
This is one of the facts that many cannot get their head around because they are not willing to think beyond what they can see and feel.
This is one of the core elements of faith, to be able to think beyond not only the world around us but to have a believe in God and His omnipotent power to create not only the universe we now inhabit but another realm of existence that is known as heaven and that there are living beings in this place. Not only that, but they have the ability to go between the two. These are the facts for they are shown within the Bible and all scripture is inspired by God.
God is real. Jesus is real and is alive and it is His birth upon this earth to become the sacrificial lamb for our salvation is what Christmas is really all about. We are promised that though Him we will receive an eternal live that is how we also know that He is alive this very moment. Is that not something to celebrate, for that is what this season is truly for and it is well worth it.