Christmas is about you.

Now “you” can be taken many ways. There are those that would think it means to think only of themselves and what gifts they are going to be given. This is actually the furthest thing from what I am referring. There is a gift involved and it was given to and for you.
When you truly follow the teaching of Jesus Christ (the real meaning for the season), you learn to be humble. True humility means never to think of yourself. Is this possible? For the most part yes, but we are all human and time to time we will be selfish.
Christ said to love God first and constantly, then He said to love those about you as you would love yourself. If there is a gift you desire for yourself, give that gift to someone else. Humility is sacrifice. Humility is placing all others before yourself.
The ultimate example of humility was the very act of Christ going to the cross. A being so powerful He could move a mountain with just a thought, but He was so humble, so unselfish that He chose to take your place upon the cross. He so loved you that He died in your place.
Through this great humility and sacrifice it allowed Him to come back to live and with His resurrection our sins were shown be washed away if all we do is ask Him into our live and live as He did. Humbly, thinking of all before ourselves and loving and honoring God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ who dies in your place. The real meaning behind Christmas

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