It is time for Christians to adapt

Not to change, but to adapt. Why would I say this?
We have to understand that due to those that oppose God and the Bible are succeeding at destroying a generation. In today’s hectic world and due to the removal of God from the schools this generation has no true concept of God, the Bible or of Christ. The same in away could have been said during the time of the Crusades when common folk had to depend on those that could read and the rich to tell them what the Bible said. As is evident by the fact that there was the Crusades shows that these few and rich lied to the commoners and made them accept the lie as truth and that the lie came from God when it did not. It came from those men. The same is now true today due to our chaotic lifestyles.
Many have been told lie after lie until they think there is no God and we exist by pure chance. The thing is if those who teach these believes and lies would actually look at the mathematics behind their theory they would quickly learn that they should not even exist. The pure math says that we are a creation of God; just by the mere vastness of the universe, itself shows that they have no idea of what they are talking about.
We need to approach this generation at a different angle. Still telling the truth of the Bible, which includes making them understand that a sin is still a sin. However, for this to happen those of us that are called to teach of and about God and His Son, we need to bring our believes in line with the evidence before us.
Each time there was a change in the believes of the Bible it was met with struggle and anger. Not necessarily from outside the faith, but from within it as well.
They called teaching that the earth revolved about the sun instead of the other way around was heresy and meant at the least imprisonment and the most being burned at the stake.
Now we accept that the world revolved about the sun because it has been proven.
Now we know there are other solar systems, and there are other planets within them.
Many in the church still insist that this is the only planet and that it is only five thousand years old. Yet there is enough evidence to counter it. I am not saying that how the world was created per the Bible is not correct. Quite the opposite. I am saying it is correct. How long is a day to God? I know it is longer than a day as we know it. There are those that say one day to God is one thousand years to us (2 Peter 3:8). This is my point. When we do not have concrete evidence we must stay with the Bible, but when there is concrete evidence we need to at the very least consider it and if need be to correct our viewpoint. It has been done before why cannot we do the same now.
It is this lack of willingness to change that is chasing away the younger generations because they see the evidence and it has been proven.
It makes those in the church look like liars and to a degree, they are. Not only to those outside the faith, but to themselves.
They limit and diminish God, which again causes this generation to turn away from God. For if those in the church diminish God why shouldn’t they do the same.
The Bible clearly states that he created the heavens, and then earth. (Genesis 1:1)
The heavens is not only this universe, but heaven, which is in another dimension. Multiple dimensions is something that is being thrown out to the world to hear. They cannot prove it, but the Bible does prove it since it shows that heaven is in another plain of existence, which is another dimension. Yet many in the church deny it and as they do, they deny the Bible and God, not intentionally, but they do it all the same.
The Bible supports this as fact, yet those in the church call it a lie.
It is not a lie it is fact. God created the universe. The entire universe where there are millions of galaxies and solar systems, millions of stars and millions of planets about them.
Is there life on these planets? That even the Bible does not say. So even I can go no further without speculating, which in turn would be an untruth since there is no known evidence, and it is not stated in the Bible.
The facts I have stated above need to be accepted by all that follow God. They need to realize just how powerful God truly is; for when they do, they will become even more humble and realize that God wishes to call upon us to serve and worship Him and His glory and creation.
I heard a pray by an Atheist the other day, and he accepted the creation of God more than Christians do and yet he still denies there is a God.
Just think on that for a bit.

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