Christmas is Christ, Christmas is love

People need to start remembering that Christmas is about Christ. It is only due to His gift, which was His life, and His resurrection from His death upon the cross. Without Jesus no matter what any say, those alive now most likely would not be alive.
The base nature of humanity leads to destruction not only of the individual, but also of those affected by this corruption. The United States, once filled with the teachings of Christ, was once safer than it is today. Our schools were safe, when we gathered in public areas it was safe. Evil feared to rear its head. All due to the teaching of Christ. The Bible gave us peace. Admittedly, not complete peace because we are all corrupt, but more so than today.
Now mass murderers occur nearly monthly, violent riots are starting to become commonplace. Organized and orchestrated by those that wish to cause and life in anarchy and chaos. The fear of terrorist attack lone wolf terrorist attacks happen. Why? Because God is no longer a key element in this nation, not all believe, not all that do believe do so as they should. This has always been true and always will, but the teaching of the Bible were taught and understood by all. Now it is not taught. People go about as they did in the dark ages, where mayhem and murderer were commonplace. It is this ignorance of the Bible that caused the Crusades and the hatred that has seethed on the back-burner for centuries are boiling to the top. All due to the removal of the full understanding of the Bible and its teaching of love.
It is true that there has never been true or complete peace throughout the world. However, as the Bible become accessible to everyone, violence diminished to a degree. Then God was removed and everyday violence increased. People take the word of others instead of reading and understanding the Bible themselves, as they should. This is what caused the Crusades. Some think in teaching hate and rage for that is what the person telling them says the Bible does. This is a lie. True there are wars shown in the Bible, but when you read the teaching of Christ all you learn is love for ALL humankind and when you love your fellow humans, you have no desire to harm them. So, remember that Christmas is for Christ, learn His teachings, and follow them.

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