Why was a song like “Where are you, Christmas?” ever made?

It has been an ongoing process as humanity tries its best to deny the real reason why people originally desired to celebrate this particular holiday. As a result to this departure from the truth the heart and soul has left this time honored occasion.
In the song “Where are you, Christmas?” the writers try to imply is all you needs is love. But where does the ultimate “love” come from?
Does it not come from the desire to sacrifice oneself so that which you love is allowed to live?
Does this not qualify?
In addition wouldn’t deeming yourself and submitting yourself to torture, pain and anguish not also qualify?
So let’s say you are an perfect and immortal being, you allow yourself to put on the imperfect and mortal form. Forcing you to come into a temporal existence to grow from a baby to adulthood.
You then for the sake of those you love allow yourself to be beaten and whipped to appoint that your very bones are exposed for all to see. So they place a robe upon you to hide this horror. You allow your hands and feet to have nails forced through them. Sending a new pain throughout your already tormented body. Then you are lifted upon the cross. To breathe you must endure more pain. Then when you know you have suffered enough to allow those you love to live you die.
However, you are not done. You go into the place of the dead where you comfort those there. Then you take the keys to hell and death. There are the actions of someone who truly and ultimately loves.
So when the question in the song is asked: “Where are you, Christmas?” It is because those asking this question have forgotten that we are celebrating the being who is the only one to show any true and ultimate love.
This time is for acknowledging that the Son of God took on human form out of love for all humanity.
It is too bad most of humanity denies or had forgotten this greatest of acts of love ever recorded in history.

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