Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Why the warning?

I looked again at 1 Peter, and my mind flashed back to the last month and a half that I have been working in the area I am now working in, at my job. As I read verses 14-16 of the first chapter. I just was reminded, first that how imperfect I myself am, but of how blinded the one co-worker I have mentioned before truly is. For he screams (not literally) at the top of his voice how holy he is, and how he lives. When even those that deny God see just how hypocritical he truly is. It is heart breaking.
We are told to obey. But obey what if there are no rules or regulations as many imply. There are things we are told not to do to be holy. It is the same for all. If they ask Christ to be their Savior they obey. Not out of duty, but out of love.
I see now that some can feel they see the truth, yet are still blind. They still act for the self. For their own rewards, their own glory. I do not seek this. I seek anonymity. My name is not shown outright in my blog. It is “Dreamwalker1960” for those that do not research further and I like it that way. For God and His Son are my focal point. As it should be.
We are His servants, and so we must obey all the teachings the Bible has given us. From how we treat God, our family, all others and even the government of the nation we live within. As long as they do not challenge the Bible.
Anything that allows the self to placed before the Lord is a sin. If it is a son and we stay within it we are of the world. Any of the world is against God. Anything against God leads to damnation. Anything that leads to damnation leads to the eternal death. This is why we are told to obey. To not sin. To not please the self, but to please God.

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