The reason for the season

Shoppers’ shop, insult, curse and cause tension. People sing more songs from the “Sound of Music,” than of the person whose birthday we originally worshipped upon a certain day in the last month of the year.
Most den the reason. Fewer every year truly know the reason.
The importance of this day is the act of humility made real just over two thousand years ago. It was just two days ago for the Creator of this universe. Yet for us, many have lived and died. Some came to know God, must others never knew Him. It has been a short time for Him and there are signs that for us, His return is near.
However, most that know Him fear to share Him. Countless that seek to know Him don’t know how to see Him clearly and correctly. Many that know this soon to come day that signifies His willingness to die in our place are reluctant to show who He is.
However this Christmas is one of the most important in a long time.
This Christmas signals a chance to share the real reason for the season. For this Christmas is our chance to let all know that it is Jesus Christ who made our chance to not fear being called “Christian” possible once again, if only for a short time.
It is time to help more come to know that Jesus truly walked this earth. That He did so that they could know eternal life. Working for God, yet exploring all of the universe. His creation.
Helping them to understand that Christ did raise from the dead and it is not a myth or fantasy. As many have been led to belief by those who are the ones living within the true myth and fantasy.
This is why we are Christian. To be a light to the world and to share the truth. That Jesus Christ is a reason to remember the season.

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