Let’s look at legends. We have Hercules. We have Troy. We have Atlantis. We all agree that they are legends.
Troy for example was described in the Iliad. The fall of Troy was around 1100BC and the Iliad was written around 750BC. Per scholars this is enough time for it to become a myth, a legend.
This however was not the fate for the Bible and the story of Jesus Christ. Within the book of 1 Corinthians is found what is called a “creed.” This creed has been surmised through study and evaluation that it could have existed within two to five years after the crucifixion. This removes the legend theory. For there were those that still lived that would have discounted it. Examples: The Pharisees and the Roman government. Also those that had actually seen the events in the Bible and none countered the “creed.”
So if the accounts within the Bible are not myth or legend, but are in reality, facts. What does that state about Jesus? Where do you stand with Him?

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