An awakening is called for.

The Bible says that God would use even the evil of man to accomplish his plan. This not only goes for the actions of those like Hitler which helped enable the re-establishment of Israel, but it goes to other things.
I mean look at the title of the new Star Wars movie: “The force awakens.” Yet even now more and more are awakening to the truth about the government of this nation. There are many though that are allowing anger to cloud their judgment. It is this same type of anger that allowed Hitler to commit the horrible acts that he and his followers did.
Yes awaken, but do not awaken to anger, turn to what is righteous and true. But what is righteous and true in the world we live within today? The answer is thousands of years old and has seen the rise and fall of many governments and countries. Always at its core is that which is true. To place all others before yourself, especially if you wish to lead them.
It is this which we must awaken to. It is the teaching of Jesus Christ and all that is found within the Bible. We must honor all life, but we must be willing to defend what is right and righteous. For too long those with the power have been breaking the First Amendment of the Constitution. The government cannot form a religion. Yet the government is shoving more and more Islamic teachings into our schools to the point of making our children copy Muslim text and play Muslim songs during the presentations designed to honor the birth of Christ. Now I have no problem with Muslim practicing their religion, for that is the next part of the first amendment, but on the same lines that the does allow the government to remove Christian or Jewish symbols yet allow Islamic symbols to stay.
It is this which many are awakening too, but they are over reacting as they do. We cannot over react or we will be going the way of 1930s Germany, but a line must be drawn that cannot falter or fail.
Now, to be honest with you. I do not see this going well for Christianity. ISIS is here to stay, it is too late to remove them and any that support them in the United Stated either with full knowledge or with a mistaken understanding of what they are truly doing will most likely be held responsible for their actions by God All Mighty Himself.
There are events that need to happen, per the Bible and the way things are looking we are heading down that road. Those with eyes will see and understand at least partly to what I am referring. Understand also that God still has a purpose for the United States, if this were not so what has happened in the last eight years would not have caused the awakening to begin. God punishes those He loves to force them to change their ways, for He truly loves the people of this nation. He that spares the rod hates the child, he that chastises the child loves the child and wishes the child to grow in glory and love.
The United States is being spanked and those that are natural citizens need to realize this and turn their face to God and hear what He is trying to tell them. Soon though things are going to get much worse if we do not fully and correctly awaken. The next election will be how we show where we stand with God.
If we elect another Democrat, those that deny there is a God, then we are lost.
If we vote out of anger and elect Trump again we are lost.
If we support and vote for someone that is a servant of God then we may have a chance to redeem ourselves. Could this be Dr. Carson? Could it be Senator Cruz? Could it be Senator Paul?
These are the only three that deserve our attention and of these I personally distrust Cruz the most. Dr. Carson as shown true Christian values. While Dr. Paul as shown real fiscal knowledge and understanding. Maybe a Paul/Carson ticket?
Whatever happens this next election is extremely important to those that profess to be Christian. It is time to stand and be counted. It is time to make sure that those that have been in office for more than twelve year to be removed from power no matter the party.
Pray to God and awaken. Pray to God and vote.

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